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Comic Book TV Shows I'm Most Excited For


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  • The more and more I hear about this Netflix adaption of Daredevil, the more I get excited! I can't wait! Daredevil is one of my favorite characters and the main public is finally going to get a real taste of the Man WITHOUT FEAR!

  • Watched the pilot. Really looking forward to the first season!

  • SEASON 3. LOVE me some more ARROW.

  • Huge fan of the comics. I just hope they do it justice. I'm a bit scared that the show is on AMC. Preacher is more fit for Showtime or HBO. I do have trust in Seth Rogen.

  • SEASON 5. The trailer looks promising.

  • I heard they MIGHT cast Terry Crews as Luke Cage. yes. YES. YES!!!. YESSS!!!!!!!!!! DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Watched the pilot. It was not not bad, and they got the character Constantine just right! Sucks that he can't smoke :(

  • I really hope they take some inspiration from Immortal Iron Fist. This could be awesome.

  • God damn DC!!! How many TV shows are you going to make!?!?! It seems all over the place with so many DC shows being all over different channels and networks. Hey, I will still take a Teen Titans TV show. THe more stuff related to comics, the better! I'm not complaining.

  • Really liking the comics series so far. Looking forward to the TV adaption.

  • This show is unnecessary, but it kind-of looks decent. Let's see how it turns out.

  • I'm not really familiar with this character, but I trust MARVEL they will make it interesting.

  • I really don't know whey she is getting a TV show. I'm a big fan of Hayley Atwell, the woman playing Agent Carter, so I'll watch it.

  • Not a huge fan of her and it's going to be on CBS. Network TV sucks. It could be good. Who knows.

  • Liked the comic series, but got bored of it after 30 issues. I'm kinda looking forward to the show.

  • I'm currently reading the comics, and they are great! The comics would make a good show, BUT I heard the CW show won't be like the comics. Well, there goes my interest. I will still give it a chance though.

  • The comic series was good, but SYFY? They don't have a good track record. SYFY has some of the worst shows and programming. I'm indifferent.

  • Really was bored by season 1 and gave up after couple episodes. I DID check out the Winter Soldier episodes. Still disliked the show. I'm willing to give season 2 a chance though, but I'm not expecting much.