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Characters Who Had a Great 2015!

There's a lot of characters/brand that had an awesome 2015! I had to cut some of it out of the list since there were too many!


List items

  • Like it or not, she got her own show on a big TV network.

  • Got himself a new rebooted comic.

    That old Ben Affleck movie is now a thing of the past!

    Made his gritty awesome debut in the MCU through arguably the best comic book TV show.

    It was a good year for the Devil in Hell's Kitchen!

  • Finally got some shine in the New 52 with his own solo series.

    Got to make his live action reappearance through Supergirl while looking like a boss!

  • Finally got a new comic series just like Martian Manhunter!

    Finally got to make his live-action debut in a slick fashion!

  • Back from the dead and back with a book!

  • She's relevant again!

  • She's relevant again!

  • Anyone who gets to call themselves Batman and put on the cape & cowl deserves to be on this list!

    His show is still going strong!

  • Hey, she's frickin popular!



    She's so popular, Marvel gave her a variant cover month!

  • DC's Deadpool!

    This year, she jumped to being one of DC's most popular character.

    Look at them sales!

    Finally gets to make her live-action debut through Suicide Squad film!

  • First Guardians of the Galaxy. Now Ant-Man! Marvel studios did it again!

    Hank Pym got the shaft, but Lang took the promotion!

    A successful fun film and a hilarious awesome comic series!

  • There's no doubt that 2015 was the year of Star Wars.

    They owned 2015 left and right. Everywhere you look, people talking about Star frickin' Wars!

    Making so much $$$ through comics, video games, cartoons, toys, merchandise, and movies!

    Not to mention, the film is breaking all kinds of records! ALL KINDS! Critically and financially a HUGE success!