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MiB's Top 20 Movies of 2016!

(Excuse my unprofessional and limited vocabulary)

I used to be very active on Comic Vine but since I kind-of lost my love for comics and this site, I don't really come here often. I still keep up with film a whole lot. I did a list like year on here also so check it out: MiB's Top 25 Films of 2015

As for 2016, many people thought it was an underwhelming year for movies. I disagree. Yes, 2016 sucked for blockbusters. Most of them were a huge letdown. 2016 was the year I decided to stop getting hyped for any film just based off of a trailer or who is attached to it. Though, 2016 was a GREAT year if you are more into indie and non-blockbusters. I watched about 160 films from 2016 to finally compile my Best-of list. There were so many good stuff this year.

SOME CAUTION BEFORE I START: It is all just my OPINION. It is all based on what I loved instead of which is objectively the better film. Don’t be rustled if 1) your favorite movie is not on my list 2) A movie you hate is on my list or 3) You don’t like my placement.

A lot of the films on my list are movies that you never ever heard of or seen. I will link the iMDB of each of the films if you are interested in any of them… just click on the name.


Some Documentaries since I did not include them in my list- Tickled (MUST WATCH!), Weiner, Jim: The James Foley Story, 13th.

Train to Busan, I Am Not a Serial Killer, Loving, Deepwater Horizon, Captain America: Civil War, The Ones Below, Hidden Figures, Eye in the Sky, & Land of Mine.

20. Fences

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I had to have it in my top 20. I knew I was going to like this right from the trailer. That one scene where Denzel is telling off his son absolutely sold it for me. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis are the stars of this film. They steal every scene and bounce off of each other so well. The themes behind the movie really affected me. Having a father like Denzel’s character really got to me.

19. Patriots Day

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Peter Berg was on a roll in 2016. I enjoyed both of his biographical movies this year: Patriots Day and Deepwater Horizon. Patriots Day hit me more than the other one. It is also a better written and directed film in my opinion/ There was so much tension during the second half of the movie. I was on the edge of my seat even knowing what has already happened. It can take a lot to invoke that much suspense of a recent tragic event. This movie accomplished that. Berg’s golden boy Marky Mark does well in portraying all these biographical characters. Maybe he should stick to these type of roles instead of Transformers and other blockbusters.

18. 10 Cloverfield Lane

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A lot of movies that came out earlier in the year got knocked out of my list since so many good movies come out at the end of the year. It is a testament of how solid 10 Cloverfield Lane that it still made my top 20. It was pretty much a bottle film. The suspense was also through the roof thanks to John Goodman. His character and acting was brilliant in this. It was also refreshing to have a protagonist who wasn’t a goddamn idiot unlike in so many horror/thrillers. I also loved the mystery and its connection to the Cloverfield series. I can’t wait for the next installment.

17. The Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book is the only big budget movie to make my official list. I simply adored this remake.The voice acting, animation,cgi work was spot-on. All the song renditions were not good as the original but they are still fantastic. The world they created in this was so vibrant. Jon Favreau did everything right with this.

16. The Handmaiden

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It is a travesty this got ignored at the Oscars. Well, it isn’t exactly their fault. South Korea did not submit it to be nominated. This absolutely deserved more recognition. Everything about this movie was breathtaking. It is beautifully shot. Not even some big hollywood movies can look this good. The twists and turns are amazingly written. It this was cut down by 25 minutes it would have been higher on my list. All I’m going to say to convince you to see this is: Sexy Asian lesbians.

15. Aligarh

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Aligarh is a Indian film that tells the real life story of a gay University professor who was berated and suspended because of homosexuality. Aligarh is such a heartbreaking film.Majority of Bollywood movies are made for mindless entertainment with song and dance. Though every year there is a small portion of real authentic films made in India that challenge the viewer. This is one of them. It is nothing compared to a lof the Middle Eastern countires but homesexulity is still looked down upon. That is why this is such an important film. Major Bajpayee, who portrays the professor does an amazing job making you feel deeply empathic with the character. THere is so much emotion that he conjured with this role. The resolution of this film is a real tear jerker. You will even get teary-eyed knowing what happens.

14. The Red Turtle

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I’m extremely picky when it comes to animation. My tastes are quite unorthodox for that genre of film. I’m typically not a fan of a lot of animated films that are generally loved by most people. That’s why movies like Zootopia, Moana, and even Kubo & the Two Strings aren’t on my list. Not a lot of people heard of this but I decided to check it out after seeing some buzz for it. I was pleasantly surprised. This film contains almost zero dialogue. Everything is conveyed through the animation and music. The art style is uniquely gorgeous and expressive. The music score is epicly moving. Within 80 minutes, it tells such a simple and touching story that leaves you captivated. I always have love for creative one a kind films. The Red Turtle deserves more love than the typical Disney/Pixar films we get every year.

13. The Wailing

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Asian cinema was on fire in 2016. The Wailing was another great film that really showed how kickass South Korean films are.The plot of The Wailing is so complex and convoluted. It is one of those movies where you need to look up explanation articles and videos. THere is this one long possession scene in the film that gets your heart racing. After it ends, all you can say is “Holy $#!+.” The movie is very long but not a single scene is wasted. This is another film with so many twists and turns. If you are a fan of horror, this is a MUST WATCH!

12. Swiss Army Man

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How to make a deep, heartfelt, and funny movie out of a dumb premise 101. This movie proves that there is no bad premise, just bad execution. Swiss Army Man takes you into a journey of discovery and identity. It takes a special kind of writer to put together such a wonderful flick out a farting corpse This was also one of Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe’s best roles. We need more original and unique movies made in Hollywood like this.

11. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

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Taika Waititi has to be one of my favorite filmmaker today especially in the realm of comedy. His movies never fail to make you laugh. Eagle vs Shark and What We Do in the Shadows are his other two films that I really enjoyed. This was also nothing short of great. This is such hilarious and genuine film.The duo of Sam Neill and Julian Dennison’s Grandpa-Grandson relationship was a treat to watch. That is why I have no doubt that the next Thor film will be great under Waititi.

10. Paterson

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This is another movie which is not talked about much. It could have been nominated for an Oscar. Then more people would have known about it but the story of this film is too simplistic for the Oscars.There was just something that I absolutely loved about this film.Paterson is definitely not for everyone. It is essentially a movie where pretty much nothing is going on. It is a everyday life-of type of film. I probably would not have liked it either if it wasn’t written so well. I give major props to the filmmakers of Paterson for making about nothing so much interesting and engrossing. That is why I had to have it in my top 10. Just a simply peaceful film that finds the beauty in everyday mundane life. Also, Adam Driver is becoming one of my absolute favorites. He did a outstanding job in a leading role here. He has only been acting for couple of years and already has one hell of a filmography.

9. Your Name

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I usually am not a big anime guy but I am glad I checked this one out. This has a lot of the Studio Ghibli qualities that I typically love. What an emotional film with unbelievable animation. Man, 2016 was a great year for the romantic genre that are not the typical cheesy rom-coms. I was glad to see a film like this being such a box office hit worldwide. It made boatload of money.

8. La La Land

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How can a movie look this good? How can a movie sound this good? Damien Chazelle that's how! Probably the most beautiful looking and sounding film I have seen! I had very very high exceptions for this film because Whiplash is probably my favorite film of all time. I thought it lived up to it for the most part though I did not think it was near a masterpiece of a film.I wasn’t into the story as much as everyone else. That is the most important structure of a film for me.Then, it could have been in my top 3. I also have to command the hard work that went into making this movie sound and look that good. Especially the lead actors Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Jesus, these two were phenomenal. It's crazy that how much effort they put into these roles. Not many actors could have done their roles. I just overall loved the melancholy vibe of this film as a jazz lover and lofi hip hop music producer. I would be fine if Chazelle just continues to make different genres of film surrounding Jazz and music. The Man is a master at it. All in all, you can not just hate this movie. Everyone will find something to like about this. That is why it has such a high score on imdb, RT, Letterboxd etc.

7. Arrival

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I was on-board with the film right within the first 5 minutes. What a ride this was. Denis Villeneuve might be my favorite director currently working. All the movies I have seen from him, I loved. Arrival is yet another one. This might have not been much as good under a different director. The screenplay was also very original and smartly written. It took me a couple hours to realize this after watching the movie, but the way the whole story wrapped up with THAT ending blew my mind. I’m excited to smart sci-fi films being made. Last year, we had The Martian and Ex Machina. This year was Arrival. Amy Adams really deserved to be nominated for this or even Nocturnal Animals.

6. Hacksaw Ridge

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God damn Mel Gibson knows how to direct. LOVED this one! This one might have not been popular among some people due it being a bit cheesy, violent, another World War 2 tale and a Mel Gibson movie. None of that bothered me. I was into it all the way through. When the war and battle scenes kick in, it is an adrenaline rush. Definitely one of the best war films I have seen. Gibson really deserves props. it is extremely well directed and toId where you really root for Andrew Garfield’s character. Haven’t seen a more lovable character from last year. It was also quite hard to believe that all that was in the film really happened. I’m glad they told this real life story of a hero through this motion picture.

5. Manchester By The Sea

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Manchester by the Sea will just leave you sad and distraught. Such a heavy film but I absolutely loved it. God damn what a depressing ass movie this was but the dry Boston humor complimented it so well. Felt like such a real authentic film. I was worried about this film being 2 hours and 20 minutes. It is quite long for a drama film but I had no problem with the pacing. The writing and screenplay was perfect. I was into the film all the way through. I also wasn't sure if Casey Affleck would live up to all the hype and praise he was getting for me. He was incredible. You keep waiting to find out why Affleck’s character is so somber all the time but when the reason is revealed, it hits you hard. You can totally sympathize with him. Michelle Williams was also brilliant. She stole the small scene she was in. My one issue was the music placement in one of the major scenes but it is just a minor flaw.

4. Anthropoid

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In my Opinion, Anthropoid has to be the most underappreciated film of 2016. You probably never even heard about this movie. GO SEE THIS as soon a possible. when I thought I was getting tired of Nazi war movies, came along this one. Anthropoid left me with goosebumps! This movie is even underrated by the critics. After the first act. This was a 3.5/5 film After the second act, this was a 4/5 film. And after the final act this is definitely a 4.5/5 for me, which I don't give often. It just got better and better. The third act is one of the most intense experiences I had watching a movie. Also, brilliant performances from everyone involved. This film deserves to be seen as much as Hacksaw Ridge.

3. Captain Fantastic

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Captain Fantastic was my number 1 throughout the whole year until all the Oscar contenders came out later in the year. In a way, this was the most heartwarming movie I have seen from 2016. The dynamic of Captain Fantastic is such an interesting premise. I absolutely loved Viggo Mortensen playing a father who raised his six kids away from society and how it all plays out throughout the film. It had me glued to the screen right from the opener. Majority of the cast is full of young actors. They are all directed fabulously well by the director, Matt Ross. I was shocked to find out that the actor of Gavin Belson from Silicon Valley wrote and directed this all by himself. The dude is hella talented. I can’t wait to see what else he makes in the future. This still could have been by #1 favorite film of 2016, but the last 5 minutes kind-of brings it down a bit.

2. Lion

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I was debating if this one should be my #1 or not. It is definitely my favorite film if I only counted the story. There was just another film that fit on all cylinders for me. Lion is nowhere near the best film of all the Oscar nominees but it definitely hit me hardest. It is the only film that got me close to shedding some damn tears last year. I guess I connected with it more also as a brown dude. The first first of this film is incredible. It is almost like a horror movie set in India seeing a little kid wandering around trying to find a way home. It slows down a bit in the middle but it ends the film with a real tearjerker. Dev Patel was great in it. It might be his best role. But the real star of this film is the little kid Sunny Pawar. He plays the young version of Dev Patel’s character. That kid gotta be the cutest kid in the damn world. It’s like seeing a puppy. Give all the Oscars to that boy!

1. Moonlight

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Last year, my favorite film was Room. This year it is MOONLIGHT. I knew this was going to be good, but I had no idea it was going to be THAT GOOD! This film is close to a masterpiece in all category. The trailer for this reeled me in with the incredible melodramatic string soundtrack that reminded me of Max Richter The Leftovers soundtrack. It is crazy to think this is Barry Jenkins first full feature film and he already made something so special. This is close to a perfect film that deals with some heavy subjects about race, sexuality, class etc. The story takes you through three periods of the protagonist' life how he deals with it. This was definitely the best character study from 2016.The three actors who play the main character of Chiron are so well casted. They all look so much alike! I thought they made this movie similarly to Boyhood for a second. The supporting cast also were tremendous especially Naomi Harris and Mahershala Ali. Ali truly was huge breakout actor of 2016. First House of Cards. Then, Cottonmouth in Luke Cage. And now Moonlight. Can’t wait to see more from him in the future. Also can’t wait to see what film Barry Jenkins takes on next. People have been debating over Moonlight and La La Land for a while now They are both different types of films but they also had lot of similarities. The colour blue was heavily emphasized in both films. Also, the cinematography and music in both films were out of this world. The big debate is about which film should win the Oscar. I would be happy if either one wins because they are both deserving. But I would love to see Moonlight win Best Picture while La La Land wins most of the other awards. La La Land is a technical masterpiece but Moonlight just had a deeper story over La La Land. Story is the most important part of a film for me.


MiB's Top 25 Movies of 2015

(Excuse my unprofessional and limited vocabulary)

2015 was the year that I really really got into film. It was the year that I watched the most movies EVER! Over 150 of them. There were a LOT of great movies. At first, I wanted to do Top 30 films because there were simply too many good movies that I saw. Then, I had to cut it down to 25. There is no way in hell I can do only top 10’s. Plus, there are still some few movies that I need to see. It disappoints me to not give attention to some of the movies that got cut out so I will just mention them here: Dheepan, Dope, Goodnight Mommy, It Follows, Spy, Talvar, & Youth.

SOME CAUTION BEFORE I START: It is all just my OPINION. It is all based on what I loved instead of which is objectively the better film. Don’t be rustled if 1) your favorite movie is not on my list 2) A movie you hate is on my list or 3) You don’t like my placement.

A lot of the films on my list are movies that you never ever heard of or seen. I will link the iMDB of each of the films if you are interested in any of them… just click on the name.

Lastly, no Star Wars since I’m not a fan...YET. Go ahead, revoke my nerd card!


ANOMALISA: A very authentic and profound piece of stop motion from the genius mind of Charlie Kaufman. Anomalisa had the most realistic sex scene in film history and it’s not even live action!

THE OVERNIGHT: A humorous awkward low budget film with a bit of mystery. The comedy actors such as Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, and Jason Scwartzman did a fantastic job.

SLOW WEST: Shot beautifully. Solid story. Last 15 minutes were astonishing. It would have made my top 25, but few plot holes irked me. If you are a fan of Michael Fassbender, definitely check this one out.

THEEB: Very well deserved Oscar nomination. Theeb is an Arabian western survival film. It is like the middle eastern version of The Revenant. Breathtaking cinematography with a great soundtrack. most of the people from the cast aren't actually actors

VICTORIA: Victoria was actually all shot in one take unlike Birdman. That takes a lot of skill. This takes you through a 2 hour long realtime journey of a simple Spanish girl’s one chaotic night. Amazing accomplish for a film.


No Caption Provided

The Prophet is based on Kahlil Gibran’s novel with the same title. Roger Allers, the director of Lion King, handled this project. Salma Hayek was also the producer of the film. This is the most recent film that I have seen that landed on my best of list. Really surprised this movie didn't get much attention. It's heavily underrated even by critics. It's a must see film for all animation lovers. The story kind of took a backseat, but it is still solid. It has a great message behind it. It also has Liam Neeson's voice narrating some deep poetry $#!+. How can you not love it? This is a movie that both kids and adults (especially stoners) will enjoy. A love letter to animation.


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Don’t roast me, brothers. I did not love Creed as most others, but it’s still an exceptional entry to the Rocky franchise. Like most others, I was also surprised by how good this was. Everything just clicked and worked. Michael B Jordan must be thankful after the failure of Fant4astic. He killed it here. Sylvester Stallone played a fantastic coach figure. The romance plot was very refreshing. A perfect “passing of the torch” film. Kudos to whoever put together the soundtrack. The Conlan entrance with “Waste My TIme” playing in the background was one of my favorite movie scenes from 2015.


No Caption Provided

H8ful needs no introduction. It is Quentin Tarantino's newest picture. What a fantastic cast. Everyone did a wonderful job even Channing Tatum. The reason this isn’t higher is because I found the first half of the film really slow which dragged down my enjoyment quite a bit. The last half of the film is so outrageously amazing that it made up for the first hour. I ate all the twists and turns up. This was very much a bottle film that looks like it was made 30 or 40 years ago. Ennio Morricone’s beastly soundtrack added that throwback flavour to the film. Tarantino, you did it once again you inglourious basterd!


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Brooklyn is a romance flick about an Irish Immigrant who finds love as she adjusts to life in New York. Then, she falls for another guy another she returns home for a period of time. I usually do not find pleasure in these type of films. It’s a romantic period piece. It’s totally not my thing. Somehow, Brooklyn was one of my favorite from last year. It is remarkably written, directed, and acted. Saoirse Ronan was excellent as the lead actress. There is love triangle, but they handle it so smoothly. Really dug how romance was written in this. Overall, a superb flick.


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Another romance film, but this one is quite different. I saw this on Valentines Day and holy $#!+ this was a perfect movie for that date. Watch this with yo girl/guy and you’re set. Spring possessed the perfect mix of horror, romance, and beautiful Italian cinematography. The main actress is hot as hell. The main actor was decent but could have been better. A few cliche scenes/dialogue but overall very creative and original. This is a film that I will remember for a while.


No Caption Provided

Ex Machina is a sci-fi A.I. based film from one of my favorite writer and creator, Alex Garland. We will start to see more and more movies like this involving A.I. Garland is one of first to tell a very captivating and inventive tale in this genre. The three main characters from this movie are all hollywood’s rising actors. They all had a fabulous 2015. Domhall Gleeson with Star Wars, The Revenant, and Brooklyn. Oscar Isaac with Star Wars and Show me a Hero. Alicia Vikander with The Danish Girl and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The small cast of characters all played well with one another. There is a cryptic feeling throughout the movie. You don’t know who good or bad. The sequences that occur in the last 15 minutes of Ex Machina is so twisted. Also, dat dance sequence tho.


No Caption Provided

Leo back at it with another award-worthy performance. The Revenant has been a huge critical and box office success. It might even sweep the Oscars. Wow, what a movie. It’s an experience watching this film. The unbearable hardships the crew had to face to create this film is unbelievable. Alejandro G. Iñárritu is one talented-@$$ director. The gloomy cold cinematography is breathtaking! All the side characters did a nice job, but let’s talk about DiCaprio. Leo had to eat a raw heart, sleep in a carcass, and get sexually assaulted by a bear. God damn! What will be do next if he doesn’t finally win the Oscar this year? Crawl Leo Crawl! My only issue with this movie is the length. It is 2 hours and 40 minutes. It is kinda unnecessarily long in my opinion. A lot of scenes cut have been cut down and shortened.


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Matt Damon stuck in space. Someone has to save his @$$...again! We get at least one of these space movies every year. This year, it was The Martian. It was entertaining seeing Matt Damon overcome obstacles left and right. Often, these type of movies are all doom and gloom. I appreciated the little comedy thrown in their. I don’t really have to say about this except that it’s just great. The film was even mostly scientifically accurate according to sciencegawd Neil Degrasse Tyson. That’s a plus in my book.


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The Walk is the dramatized film based on the real life event of high-wire artist Philippe Petit played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This movie went under the radar and unfortunately failed at the box office. It deserved to make more money. This is such a well made film from the legendary director Robert Zemeckis. The visuals are incredible. The first hour of the film is decent with a dose of cheesiness, but the last 45 minutes just got better and better. It was so pulled into the story and special effects that I was sweating. I knew he wasn’t going to fall performing his act between the twin towers but I still got scared every time he walked on the wires. It was also great seeing the Twin Towers again.


No Caption Provided

In Sicario, a FBI agent is pulled into the harsh world of the cartel. This picture is directed by one of my favorite modern director Denis Villeneuve. I will watch anything he creates. I wasn’t completely blown away by Sicario but it is still an outstanding motion picture. I was confused at many parts of the movie just like Emily Blunt’s character. I believe that feeling is intentional. Roger Deakin’s cinematography is exceptional. The music is Sicario is incredibly heart-pounding. Benicio Del Toro is the sleeper star in this. His story arc until the end is bloody and brutal. Such a fascinating character.


No Caption Provided

Phoenix is a German film that not many people have seen. It is about a disfigured concentration camp survivor who goes searching for her husband who sold her out to the Nazis. This is great, but the ending ascends it into an amazing movie. Nina Hoss is the main actress. This is her movie. I don’t want to say or reveal too much. It’s best to go into Phoenix without knowing much about it. All movie buffs should absolutely check this film out.


No Caption Provided

At this point, I think almost everyone has seen this movie. Who would have thought Mad Max was going to be the most talked about and loved movie of 2015. Everybody and their mother is praising the $#!+ out of this. It is even on #1 favorite film from last year. If you are one of those people, don’t kill me for putting Fury Road at #14. I fancied the movie but not much as everyone else. What can I say about Fury Road? It’s a 2 hour action-packed non-stop joyride. George Miller returned to the franchise after many years and made it even better than it already was. I would give the best director award to Miller. The movie was just never-ending fun. We also were introduced to the breakout character of 2015, Charlize Theron’s Furiosa! Miller also gave us more memorable characters such as Nux, Immortan Joe and the guitar dude! I am a person who enjoys story over action/substance. Fury Road’s plot was very simple. I wish there was more of story but all the crazy action was enough to satisfy me. It’s a masterpiece of a fun action movie.


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The dramatized story of the rap group involving Dr. Dre, Eazy E, Ice Cube, MC Ren and DJ Yella. Even though I’m a huge hip hop head, I didn’t have much expectations for this bio-pic. I’m glad it turned out to be so fantastic. This is like the Avengers for hip hop heads. I loved seeing the formation of N.W.A. play out on screen. The actors portraying all the rappers did a phenomenal job. Ice Cube’s son as Ice Cube is spot on. Jason Mitchell as Eazy E was the best performance in the film. One thing I didn’t like is that they left out some things that would make the look bad. I get why. They wanted the audience to be more sympathetic towards them.


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The Voices was quite the underrated gem from last year and I loved it. This film was basically Ryan Reynolds preparing himself for Deadpool. It is royally messed up. Reynolds plays a character with mental illness who loses himself once he stops taking his medication. Reynolds also voices two animal characters in the film. He is so good at it that you won’t even realize it’s him. The director Marjane Satrapi did her best with the available budget. The Voices also had two of my favorite actresses Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick. Wait until you see what happens when you see this movie. A very mature, graphic and bloody film. You will love it if you love Deadpool and Reynolds.


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Kingsman is film based on another one of Mark Millar's comic. Who knew this would be that good? I’m glad that this also did well at the box office as rated R. This was probably my favorite blockbuster from 2015. There were decent amount of spy films released last year and I think this was the the best. The newcomer Taron Egerton was a great spy-in-training. Samuel Jackson as the villain was superfun. Colin Firth was terrific. Everyone did a good job in this movie. Kingsman also had one of the best scene from the year. That church scene was insane! I’m looking forward to the sequel.


No Caption Provided

I never ever saw the show. I don’t know why or how I enjoyed this so much. It was just so good. Inside Out and Anomalisa are all good and all but Shaun the Sheep is the best animated movie I have seen from 2015! Loved every minute of it! There were so many small jokes and references that made me laugh out loud. There is a scene where all the sheeps break out into a musical. It was glorious.


No Caption Provided

A high school kid and his friend befriend a girl with cancer. I am always put off my these type of films. I always proclaim, “Oh god, not another teenage coming of age movie.” I finally watched it. I will shut up now. What a heavy flick. This a quirky and emotional movie that totally pulled me in. The way their friendship emerges is told so adequately. It felt natural. Earl was a great side character also. I really dug the way the narration was presented. The main character and his friend make parodies of classic films. It’s a gimmick that I really liked seeing. It didn’t make me cry because I’m a savage but it will atleast get you teary-eyed by the end.


No Caption Provided

What We Do in the Shadows is about 4 distinctive vampires who live in a modern New Zealand. This list would not be complete without an excellent comedy. They are very rare these days. This movie is hilarious. ALmost every joke lands. The way the characters deal with living as a vampire is comical. I love that it is done in a mockumentary way just like one of my favorite show Parks and Recreation. It gets more and more absurd but never stops being funny.

7. 99 HOMES

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Peter Parker and General Zod team up to evict people from their homes. I could watch them do this all day. Seriously, this movie has gone way under the radar. I wasn't a fan of Andrew Garfield after I saw him in the Spider-Man films. Now, I’m a fan. Garfield acted his @$$ off here. On the other hand, Michael Shannon is simply fabulous by doing so little. He’s a caliber actor. Shannon’s character is such a squirmy dude. You hate him but understand his motives. It is heartbreaking seeing people’s faces when they get evicted in 99 Homes. The Big Short covers pretty much the same subject matter. That film is getting all the attention but this movie deserves it also.

6. Creep

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Creep is about a dying man who hire a cameraman to document his final days. At the beginning of the year, Creep was my favorite film of 2015. It took a while until I saw 5 other movies that I loved more than Creep. This is the most low-budget film on my top 25. Creep was also directed by Patrick Brice. He also directed The Overnight, which is on my honorable mentions. Not everyone will his either of his movies. Only certain types will enjoy this movie. It is also a “found footage” film which will drive away more people. I’m one of few people in the world who actually likes found footage movies IF they are done well. Creep is not only done well, but it has a reason for being “found footage.” This is the creepiest movie that I have ever seen. Holy $#!+. Mark Duplass adopted this eerie persona and took it to a whole new level. There is no supernatural at play. Everything is down to earth. That’s the type of horror that really scares me. The ending is also super twisted. This movie is not for everyone, but if it sounds like something that you will like, check it out.


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Predestination is a time-travel epic starring Ethan Hawke. This picture came out over a year ago. Even if some people have already seen and liked it, they will forget how good it was. This one has stuck with me all the way through. The twist of this was so brilliant that I can not shake it off me. First off, I love the noir look this film maintained. The cinematography is stunning. The plot is unbelievably complicated yet fascinating. You really have to pay attention to grasp the whole story. Ethan Hawke is phenomenal but the true star of Predestination is the unknown actress Sarah Snook. She took her role and hit the home run. I can’t wait to see more of her in the future. I’m a sucker for time-travel films and this is one of my all time favorites.


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I was looking forward to Beasts of No Nation right when I saw the trailer and it did not disappoint. The main lead, Agu falls into a worthless civil war as a child soldier. We witness the distressing downfall of Agu’s life as he loses everything he loves. This is Cary Joji Fukunaga big netflix project that he put all his talent into. He was the factor that made True Detective’s season 1 great. He knows how to direct some beautiful sequences and he brings that gift onto this film. The cinematography is gorgeous. The subject matter is tackled appropriately. Abraham Atu, the actor that plays Agu, was another fantastic kid actor from 2015. I can’t forget about Idris Elba either. He was excellent as usual. This is a film that you have to reflect on after you finish watching. It took me awhile to realize how good Beasts of No Nation was. Surely deserved an Oscar nod.


No Caption Provided

Mustang tells the tale of five orphaned girls living in a small Turkish village where their lives take a turn for the worse due to an innocent playful incident..I think this is the movie that will stick me with the most from 2015. I used to live in a country where this type of things happens all the time. Even though it’s fictionalized, this movie was more than real. It is depressing. This is not a biopic but it might as well be. The story is told amazingly with a beautiful cinematography and score. Deniz Gamze Ergüven, the creator of this foreign film, went through a lot to get this movie created. I’m happy she succeeded. The girl actors are all phenomenal. Kudos on getting nominated for the Oscars. If Son of Saul doesn’t win, this film deserves it.


No Caption Provided

I don’t think anyone has this movie that high on their “Best of” list let alone at #2. For most people, this is just a good movie but I was blown away. This movie is based on a real psychological prison experiment that happened at Stanford in 1971. I never knew about this “study” until I saw this movie. It was insane what happened. This film retold the depiction very accurately yet every other scene is incredibly tense. All the young actors did a great job. It is shown how each of the prisoner and cop’s behavior changes causing raging conflict. The way the tension rises every 10 minutes is so well done. I was on the edge of my seat throughout.


No Caption Provided

We are finally here . Number one. My favorite film from 2015 is Room! No Lisa, not THE Room! You’re tearing me apart!!! Oh hai Mark. Room is adapted from Emma Donoghue's novel. She also wrote the screenplay for the film. It is about a boy and his mom who escape from the room he has grown up in. This is another film that you shouldn’t know much about. Go in fresh. This is the best picture nominee that most people will like out of all the others. It just has a story that most people will can connect to. It is absolutely one of the most emotional and heart wrenching film from last year. I loved everything about this film. The direction, visuals, acting, music, storytelling, pacing were all top-notch. Brie Larson is this year’s J.K. Simmons. She will win every award in the best actress category that she is nominated. She gave a performance of a lifetime. I can’t forget about the kid actor. I’m shocked at how many good kid actors were this year in several films. Jacob Tremblay, who plays Jack, was unbelievably amazing. He even blows away many adult actors. The way he behaves at different point of the movie is very realistic. I can imagine a kid going through the same thing in real life. His discovery of the world around him is such a joy to watch. It’s the must see film of the year for everybody.



MiB's Top 10 Comics of 2015

Honestly, 2015 wasn't such a great year of comics for me. I dropped so many titles especially from DC. There weren't many comics that blew me away. There were still couple of great books that I really enjoyed. Hopefully, 2016 is much much better.

NOTE: I'm not accounting all the ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT MARVEL NOW COMICS AND OTHER NEW COMICS that came out at the end of the year. It's too early to put those comics in a "Best of 2015" list.

Honorable Mentions: Archie, Ms. Marvel, Secret Wars, Saga, and Walking Dead.

10. Black Hood

No Caption Provided

The Black Hood is a revived series from Archie comics Dark Circle imprint. I'm always attracted to dark crime street-level noir superhero comics. The character Black Hood falls into that category. The writing and gritty atmospheric art pulled me in from the first issue. Swierczynski tells the dreary and destructive origin of the Black Hood that kept me intrigued throughout. Would love to see this creative team join DC Rebirth. They are perfect for dark street-level DC characters.

9. Starve

No Caption Provided

When I heard about this, my initial thought was "Hannibal Lecter?" Nope. Starved is about a popular retired, divorced gay chef who returns to take back his glory. He is put through tests to see if he still has his touch. Brian Wood's writing is fluent on Starved. The story is very restrained and grounded. Wood added plays with a lot elements without overdoing it at all. The art fits the tone of the book perfectly. It's a delicious comic.

8. Sex Criminals

No Caption Provided

Sex Criminals barely comes out just like Hawkeye. It takes over 3 months for a single issue to release. (Y U SO SLOW FRACTION!?!?). I even forget about this comic exists sometimes. Then I remember why Sex Criminals is good whenever I read the newest issue. With every new issue, Fraction tackles every corners of sex stuff. It's hilarious, raunchy, fun and even heartfelt sometimes. Fraction and Zdarsky continues their slow and fantastic run.

7. Secret Six

No Caption Provided

I had to put at-least one DC series on my top 10 list even if it's the only DC ongoing i'm currently reading. I used to read over 25 comics from DC at the beginning of 2015. I dropped them all... expect for Secret Six. That says a lot how much DC has lost me and how good this series is. The first few issues were a bit rocky, but Gail Simone quickly reignited the magic she had with the previous Secret Six run. Simone is marvelous with villains and teams. She channels what she is best at thought this comic. I hope Simone gets to finish up this run or continues to write villain team books fro DC (Put her on Suicide Squad DC!).

6. Nailbiter

No Caption Provided

Joshua Williamson keeps on pulling twists and turns with Nailbiter. Whenever a mystery is resolved, a new one arises! Williamson is simply great at writing mysteries. Every issue is action-packed and entertaining drama. It is the most consistent series that I read. I still look forward to every issue every month.

5. Deadly Class

No Caption Provided

Deadly Class was my favorite comic in 2014. It dropped a tiny bit in quality, but I still love this series. Remender did the right thing leaving superhero comics to write indie comics. He's killing it. Marcus is always going through something. Heartbreak, death, betrayal and punishment. There is always something. Remender has built an extensive 80's world with distinctive characters that readers can grasp on to. It is still one of my favorite to read every month.

4. Howard the Duck

No Caption Provided

I never gave a $#!+ about Howard the Duck. Thanks to Chip Zdarsky, he is one of the favorite character right now. This series kicked ass for the short period until it was relaunched for ANAD. I think the writer Chip Zdarksy deserves all the credit for the quality of this book. It shouldn't work but it does on all levels. You know a comic is incredibly funny when it makes you laugh out loud multiple times every issue. All the small references and jokes are hilarious. Not only is Zdarsky a good artist, he is also a fabulous comical writer. Joe Quinones and Rivera's artwork is wonderful also.

3. Ant-Man

No Caption Provided

Just like Howard the Duck, never cared about Scott Lang. Now, he's one of my favorite. Nick Spencer also deserves most of the credit for making this comic so enthralling. I love heroes that are majorly flawed and not a clear cut good guy. Scott Lang is that character in this book. I like that he has to start from the bottom. Much like one of my favorite character Animal man, Lang is a hero with a family. Langs's side and supporting characters are also great. Spencer brings the spirit of Superior Foes of Spider-Man through smart hilarious writing. The art is also reminiscent of Superior Foes. I adore everything about this series. It's funny, joyous, heartwarming and everything in between.

2. Big Man Plans

No Caption Provided

I described Big Man Plans as the mini-Punisher. It is exactly that, but much more more brutal. It is a one big revenge story that is insanely violent and graphic. Each issue just got crazier and crazier. Eric Powell carefully crafted this mini-series to perfection. The opening issues tells you the sad origin and character transformation of Big Man. His motivation for revenge and violence is amide clear. It's an incredible read from start to finish. Cast Peter Dinklage as Big Man and this into a film.

1. Southern Bastards

No Caption Provided

Last year, this was my 2nd favorite of the year. In 2016, it just got better and better. This is another book that takes a while to come out. When a new issue arrives, it's an instant read. Jason Aaron and Jason Latour are a perfect match. I just can't get enough of the southern mood and tone those guys have created. We thought we had an idea of who the main character of the book was, but the villain is the lead of the series. The coach is such an intriguing character. Aaron gives a backstory of the coach and it's an engaging tale. Often, Southern Bastards shifts from the main story to transform into more of an anthology book. All the side characters get an issue to tell their backstory. They are all amazingly written. Aaron is a master. I don't know how he is writing so many books and they are all good! Hope this book a long awesome run.



MiB's Comic Soundtrack of the Week #2 (Grayson #16)

This is where I will take a comic from my pull list or any other comic that comes out that week and try to add soundtracks to it. I'll try my best to match the tone of the book and the particular issue.

You should try to read the comic while listening to the songs I selected or you can simply enjoy the music.

This week, I picked Grayson #16.

No Caption Provided

This issue of Tom King's Grayson was very action packed and chaotic. Grayson reminds me of all the spy action films, so I selected a lot of James Bond like soundtracks.



MiB's Comic Soundtrack of the Week #1 (SILVER SURFER #1)

Trying something new.

This is where I will take a comic from my pull list or any other comic that comes out that week and try to add soundtracks to it. I'll try my best to match the tone of the book and the particular issue.

You should try to read the comic while listening to the songs I selected or you can simply enjoy the music.

In this first installment, I picked the first issue of the all new all different Silver Surfer.

No Caption Provided

This Dan Slott and Mike Allred Silver Surfer has been very psychedelic and adventurous. To match the spirit of Silver Surfer, I picked 5 tracks that are very mellow with a dose of fun to them. I picked songs that will make you feel like you are surfing through the galaxy with headphones on.



MiB's Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

2015 has come and gone! Time to move forward to 2016. I have been looking forward to this year. One specific reason is for all the glorious comic book movies coming out this year! What a time to be alive. Being a nerd must be the most rewarding these days. 2016 will be an amazing year for CBMs but let’s not forget that there are also other great looking films coming out. Here are all the films I’m excited to see this year.

Honorable Mentions: Girl on a Train, The Jungle Book, Midnight Special, Bleed for This, Hand of Stone, The Legend of Tarzan and Silence.

Sorry about the formatting. Comic Vine messed it all up.

10. The Magnificent Seven

No Caption Provided

A remake of the 1960’s film which was a remake of Seven Samurai, Magnificent Seven is a classic tale of seven badasses who come together to help a village from savages. It seems like Westerns are making a comeback. Last year, we had several westerns: Hateful Eight, The Revenant, Bone Tomahawk, Slow West, Ridiculous Six (I know it sucked) etc. I’m down for more from that genre. Antoine Fuqua is back again with Training Day actors Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. Chris Pratt, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Peter Sarsgaard are also in it. These are all fantastic actors. It's going to be a treat to see all of them interact in this film.

9. X-Men Apocalypse

No Caption Provided

This was my third most anticipated comic book film couple months ago. My enthusiasm has dropped quite a bit recently. I’m still looking forward to it very much. I’m just not sure if it will be a great film. The trailer was solid but it didn’t quite blow me away as I expected it to. Coming from the excellent Days of Future Past, I still have faith in Bryan Singer. I’m also thrilled to see more of the young X-Men and characters that haven’t appeared in live-action yet. Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of Apocalypse has received mix reactions but i’m sure he will knock it out the park. Isaac had a big breakout year in 2015 starring in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ex Machina, and Show Me a Hero. He’s a talented actor.

8. Doctor Strange

Art by AdzArtz
Art by AdzArtz

I’m not the biggest Doctor Strange fan. The more I hear about this film, the more I get excited. Benedict Cumberbatch looks tremendous as Strange. Marvel studios nailed the look perfectly.This movie will also introduce the magic corner of the MCU. I’m down to see some trippy $h!t! Marvel has the chance to make a comic book film that is unique to the genre. One of my favorite actor Mads Mikkelsen is involved with this film. Rachel McAdams and Chiwetel Ejiofor are also great addition to the cast. I’m looking forward to see this come to life on the big screen.

7. Hail, Caesar!

No Caption Provided

Coen Brothers. ‘Nuff said

6. 10 Cloverfield Lane

No Caption Provided

Wow. This came out of nowhere. I can’t believe they kept this movie secret all this time. It’s coming out in less than 2 months! More movies need to be announced like this! We have seen big musicians drop their albums out of nowhere after they are complete. I love that. Of course it would not work for small/indie films, but blockbusters or movies from big directors could be revealed like this film. This is a great route to go. The trailer was excellent. It barely revealed anything yet made you want to see the movie! 1 trailer is fine for a movie while keeping everything ambiguous. It will be great to see John Goodman in a very serious role alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr. The creator of Whiplash co-wrote this film. That just ramps up my hype level. I loved the first Cloverfield. This is taking a totally different direction from the first film. It’s not found footage. The tone is completely unlike Cloverfield 1. It seems this will be heavily story-based instead. It could just be a bottle film also. It doesn’t matter, I’m on board.

5. Deadpool

No Caption Provided

This is it! It has been a long time, but we will finally get a faithful portrayal of Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds has been campaigning for this project for a long time. It is finally his time to shine! Reynolds was born to play Deadpool! He had too much of a bad luck with many movies he picked, I consider him to be quite an underrated actor in my opinion. Check out Buried, The Voices, and Mississippi Grind. I’m not even a big Deadpool fan and I’m super stoked. Both of the trailers have been f’n delightful. The marketing behind this film is also brilliant. Everything about this movie is ON POINT! There’s very little chance they can f**k it all up. Just a month away!

4. Suicide Squad

No Caption Provided

For the first time ever, a CBM where the villains are the main characters. It also finally tackles main characters which are not Batman or Superman in the DCCU. This a big test for DC. I can’t wait to see how this turns out...hopefully good. The debut of Harley Quinn and the return of Joker starring Jared Leto on the big screen. Quite a marvelous ensemble also. THE SECOND TRAILER BUMPED THIS WAY UP.

3. Captain America: Civil War

No Caption Provided

The debut of Black Panther. Introduction of Spider-Man into the MCU. That’s all I need! Everything else is just icing on the cake!

Art by JurassicKevin
Art by JurassicKevin

2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Art by MessyPandas
Art by MessyPandas

I’ve been waiting. We all have been waiting since the announcement at Comic Con 2013 . I don’t care if if it turns out to be good or bad. I will be nerding hard while seeing it. This was going to be at #1. After seeing the 2nd trailer, I bought it down a peg. Even with all the unnecessary revelations and faults, I still enjoyed the 2nd trailer. I just can’t wait to see DC’s trio kick some ass together live action. Ben Affleck’s Batman just looks phenomenal to me. Not many people seem to like Zack Snyder but I’m a fan of his work. BvS looks grandiose than any other comic book movie.I have seen. It’s so close. I’m hoping it doesn’t fail with the general public and fans

1. Triple 9

No Caption Provided

Right after I saw the trailer, I was sold. It might be one of the best trailer I have ever seen. Triple 9 is a heist thriller directed by John Hillcoat which involves cops and robbers. John Hillcoat also directed one of my favorite movie called The Road. This film gives me a vibe of Heist, Training Day and Sicario. It looks like a crazy intense picture. THe cast is amazing also! Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Woody Harrelson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet, Anthony Mackie, Gal Gadot and Casey Affleck. God damn what an ensemble! This is definitely my most anticipated film of 2016. Doesn’t need any comic characters to make me see this instantly.



MiB Reviews: Mr. Robot TV Series Pilot

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It is known that Fall is the TV season. It is the time when most of the major new and running TV shows start. Even though TV is not that jam packed in the summer time like fall, there are still a lot of great shows during that time. The highly acclaimed and underrated Hannibal just came back for season 3 with a fantastic first episode. True Detective will be back very soon along with many other old and new shows. One new show that is debuting is Mr. Robot. Mr. Robot is a brand new series coming from USA Network. The first episode will air on June 24th.

This new crime drama series is about a programmer in his 20s Named Elliot who works at a cybersecurity company, but he also is a vigilante hacker roaming at night. When I first started seeing promos for this show, I was intrigued to find out what it was. It looked interesting from the beginning. At the same time, I was also skeptical when I saw this was USA network. I’m not a follower and fan of most of the network’s programming. I found it quite odd that USA would pick up a show like Mr. Robot because it is not the type of show they usually air. US Network is more known to show dramedies. Mr. Robot is a straight up drama and full-on serious. I was also surprised to see a lot of adult language on USA Network. It looks like a show that would air on Showtime, FX, or AMC. I’m glad the network is trying something new and it looks like it has payed off.

Even though I was skeptical at first, I decided to watch the pilot after seeing that it has 9.4/10 rating on iMDB. The first episode was released on May 27th via youtube and VOD. I’m so glad I checked this out. I was not disappointed at all. I was gripped after 5 minutes. One of the main reason was Rami Malek, the actor who plays Elliot. The character he portrays has social anxiety disorder and chronic depression. He is quite fascinating and relatable in many ways. One way to describe is that he is Dexter Morgan is he was a hacker instead of a killer. Rami Malek plays this Elliot individual so well with the way he talks, and the movements of his eyes, face and body. It quite brilliant acting.

The episode was elegantly shot in a style that mirrors other high quality television shows. The cinematography is beautiful. The music and sound design fits the mood of the episode perfectly. Another positive I have about this show is the way they portray hacking realistically. I am guessing the creator and writer of the show, Sam Esmail, did a lot of research into hacking to create the show. The writing and plot of this pilot keeps you glued to the screen wanting to see what happens next. I won’t reveal anything that happens in the episode so you can experience it yourself. I can not specifically find anything bad to say about the show except that I hope it does not start to go downhill in the next future episodes and ultimately turn out to be a disappointment.

If you combine Watch Dogs, Fight Club, and Dexter, you will get Mr. Robot. This is one of the best pilot I have ever seen. Most who watch will be hooked within the first 10 minutes and the ending will keep you wanting more. It’s a must see for the summer. I just hope the show continues to be this excellent and does not go down in quality. I highly recommend it!!! 9/10.

You can watch the full episode right now on Youtube.

If it doesn't work, watch it here:



MiB's Most Inspirational Hip Hop Artists Besides Biggie & Tupac

I know this is Comic Vine but there's still lot of fellow hip hop/raps fans on here, so this for you my hip hop heads.

This was a school newspaper article I did so it's more formal.


When you ask someone who the most inspirational hip hop figure is, most would say Tupac or Biggie. More young listeners would say Drake or Eminem. There are many other names in the hip hop industry who numerous inspirational qualities that can inspire different types of people. Before I reveal my most inspirational artists, here are some honorable mentions: Afrika Bambaata, Immortal Technique, Brother Ali, Eminem, Tech N9NE, Puff Diddy, DJ Premier, Mobb Depp, Nujabes, Tribe Called Quest, Guru, 50 Cent, Outkast, MF Doom, N.W.A, Run DMC, Dead Prez, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell, Grandmaster Flash, Wu Tang Clan, Mos Def, Jay Electronica Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. Now it’s time for the real list……………...

Dr. Dre

Dre has spent most of his career as a record producer but he has been a spitter since his N.W.A days. Straight outta Compton, Dre has had an iconic career working alongside with Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Eminem, Ice Cube, Eazy E, MC Ren, and currently Kendrick Lamar. He has a prolific career but one thing that separates him from the others is his success outside of music. Through smart business decisions, Dr. Dre has become one of the wealthiest musicians in history without putting out barely any new music. His brand headphones, Dre Beats, have become immensely popular and successful. WHile we still wait for Detox, Dr. Dre’s intelligent approach in business is something to admire to.

Dr. Dre - Still Dre

Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe Ft. Doctor Dre


Not many people know Rakim nowadays, but he is a hip hop pioneer from New York. If there was a hip hop Mount Rushmore, Rakim would surely be one of the four. Rakim came to prominence in the Golden Age of hip hop while working alongside Eric B. He is considered one of the all time best lyricist by hip hop enthusiasts. Rakim’s musical technique and style has been influential to many top rappers over the years like Eminem, Nas, Biggie, Tupac, 50 Cent and more.

Rakim - When I B on Tha Mic

Rakim - Bring It On


Not many know this name at all, but he has made quite a name for himself in the underground scene in just couple of years. Lowkey is a conscious and political rapper from UK. He has released numerous mixtapes and music videos under the label GlobalFaction and gained quite a fanbase. His music speaks about many political and social issues in insightful perspective. Personally speaking, Lowkey was the first MC who got me into hip hop and opened up a whole new world. He has participated in political activism and has been outspoken about his support for Palestine. In 2009, he visited Palestine and performed to fundraise the rebuilding of Gaza Strip. He has taken part in many other ANti-war coalitions. In 2012, Lowkey retired from music to focus on his studies. Many fans were disappointed but cherish the message he has left behind.

Lowkey - Something Wonderful

Lowkey - My Soul


“Rap is something you do, hip hop is something you live.” Those are the words of the teacher, KRS-One. He is arguably the most intelligent figure in hip hop. KRS is another rapper who was notable during the golden age. He has released many albums and mixtapes. Even though he does not release much music nowadays, he spends his time doing other important things. KRS has been sharing his knowledge on hip hop and many other subjects speaking in universities, colleges, and venues. He also participates in anti-violence movements as a political activist like Lowkey. Young people can learn a lot from the teacher himself.

KRS-One - MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know

KRS-One - Aztechnical


Like him or hate him, Jay-Z is one of the biggest figure in hip hop.of all time. From Brooklyn, New York, Jay rose to fame and has put out hit songs in a consistent bases. While continuously putting out stellar albums, Jay-Z ventured into other brands as a businessman and entrepreneur. Now he is one of the richest rapper in hip hop alongside Puff Daddy and Dr. Dre. The youth can benefit looking at Jay-Z’s career path.

Jay-Z - The Blueprint

Jay-Z - People Talking


Billed as one of the greatest, Nas contributed to putting the east coast on the map alongside the west coast. Nas is one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed musician in history. Nas 20 years old when he wrote and released Illmatic, the album that fans claim is one if not the greatest hip hop album of all time. He has mastered the art of hip hop and still continues to release excellent music today. Just like Jay Z, Nas is also quite a businessman. If someone is an aspiring rapper, Nas the perfect figure to look for inspiration.

Nas - Loco-Motive

Nas - It ain’t Hard to Tell

J Dilla

People know the musician. They know the face of one who raps and holds the mic, but don’t know the real masterminds behind the music. They are the music producers and beatmakers. They are the ones who put together the tracks and instrumentals. Without the producers, rappers wouldn’t even exist. Hip hop isn’t hip hop without the producers and one of the greatest is J Dilla. Dilla has created infinite numbers of beats for artists like Common, Slum Village, A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Mos Def, Jay Electronica and many others. Sadly, J Dilla passed away slowly from sickness in 2006. J Dilla has such a huge discography that his music is still being released after his death. He is the inspiration of many producers today. One interesting fact is that J Dilla was born on the same date as another notable and similar hip hop producer Nujabes. That’s quite a coincidence.

J Dilla - So Far To Go

J Dilla - Purple

J Dilla - Fall in Love


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