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Madame Mist, who owns a blade that gave her the gift and skill of a fallen warrior, delivers her own brand of hard justice.

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Birth Name: Marian Harkness

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue.

Age: 22

Height: 5'6

Weight: 110 lbs.

Build: Athletic

Ethnicity: Caucasian

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Katana - Misty wields a katana sword that that has magical properties that allowed the sword to bless Misty with the skills of a mystical fallen warrior named Sayuri. When wielding the blade, Misty is gifted with knowledge of martial arts and fierce prowess. Though Misty may be overcome with blood thirst, she retains dominance over the sword.

Powers: None.


Marian Harkness, daughter of mob boss Pietro Harkness, saw her parents murdered in front of her eyes. Josef, an associate of Marian's father, turned on him and came into their house, while Marian watched through the slits in the closet door.

After mourning her parent's death, Mist was befriended by the an old family friend, Grigori. Unfortunately, Grigori wished to use the daughter of the Harkness legacy to his advantage and bestowed upon her the Madame Mist sword, a mystical blade, and she became a lethal killer as the new Madame Mist. Wielding a deadly katana, Misty sought out Josef to serve him a death sentence. She succeeded successfully, but the guilt of his execution still haunts her.

After nearly losing her life in an assassination attempt, Madame Mist broke free from Grigori and now dispenses her own brand of hard justice.