New Idea - Toxin & Thor vs. Hulk

Here's the setting -
The Shield initiative managed to obtain Toxin and has merged him with a normal human form of Tony Stark.
Shield has figured Tony has the intellect to communicate with Toxin and give a greater degree of understanding on symbiotes.
At the moment, the rest of the Shield Initiative are away on a mission and Nick Fury with a few normal Shield agents, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and Thor are in the facility, which is an underground base.
Toxin goes into a rampage because Tony Stark has a serious attitude problem.
Tony Stark loses consciousness and Toxin takes over.
Shield were not prepared for this and Toxin easily takes out all their normal shield agents.
Meanwhile, Toxin has recognized that Tony Stark is weak and has merged with Thor.
He manages to communicate to him to help him to escape the facility cause he is scared and doesn't like it there.
Thor makes Toxin stop when he sees the Hulk charging at him.  Thor decides to fight because he has lost to Hulk before during an arm wrestling match.
Thor is merged with Toxin and in a closed environment can not call down any thunder abilities, but can swing hammer.
Hulk is more or less in a controlled state since Bruce turned into Hulk rather than having Hulk appear out of no where.
Who wins?