Masterchief's powergrid if he was a Marvel superhero

So I was having a discussion with my friend about how awesome Masterchief was in comparison to some superheros that exist in Marvel. So we ended up getting stuck on what powergrid the chief would have. In the end, we came up that it would look something like this -

This is for the chief when he is wearing Mjolnir-


durability - 4 (regens shields), 5 (shields are up)

energy - 1 (unless shields are put in this category?)

fighting - 4 (experienced fighter)

intelligence - 4 (gifted, as a child, it was shown he could already determine how a coin will land before it even lands)

speed - 2+ (definitely superhuman, but limited to being peak human speed)

strength - 4 (can flip a 20 ton scorpion tank into air)

Any comments to update these stats would help greatly.