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The Thieves Den

Fellow swindlers!  Welcome to the den of iniquity where I will share with you my Lupintic treasure trove and all its latest additions.  If you have a similar love for all things Lupin or have any questions regarding the King of Thieves sound off and let me know.

My most recent haul:

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This month I picked up two new DVD's, a fairly common mirror figure and a not so common disco figure with a light-up stand (seriously).  My favorite acquisition though was the sketch card I received from my friend Raven0207!  I like it so much I've decided to add a "Fan Created" category which will fit nicely under the doujinshis I think. ^^

My Collection

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  • The Castle of Cagliostro [Manga]
  • The Castle of Cagliostro (Special Edition) [Manga]
  • Dead or Alive [Funimation]
  • Episode 0: First Contact [Discotek]
  • Farewell to Nostradamus [Funimation]
  • The First TV Series Box Set [Chinese Bootleg]
  • The Fuma Conspiracy [Discotek]
  • Island of Assassins [Funimation]
  • Movie Pack: First Haul [Funimation]
  • Movie Pack: Final Haul [Funimation]
  • Strange Psychokinetic Strategy [Discotek]
  • Vol. 6: Lupin the Target [Geneon]
  • Voyage to Danger [Funimation]

  • Action Pose Figure Castle of Cagliostro: Lupin A [Banpresto]
  • Chair Case: Lupin [Banpresto]
  • Disco Figure: Lupin [Banpresto]
  • Key Holder: Fujiko Opening Version [Banpresto]
  • Lupin & Inspector Zenigata Action Figure [Yamato]
  • Lupin Mirror Figure [Banpresto]
  • Panson Works DX Figure #2: Lupin [Banpresto]
  • Panson Works DX Figure #2: Zenigata [Banpresto]
  • Super Action Pose Figure: Lupin [Banpresto]


Fan Created