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Oddballs of the DC universe I love!!

The oddballs whom I love and think need respect by comic fans.

So what were the requirements to put these characters on this list:

Outsiders: Don't fit within the superhero norm

Despite all of them appearing in superhero books and some but not all could be considered "superhero," by how the word is deemed. Etrigan the Demon is certainly not one and either is the Creeper. They are outsiders and on the fringe of what superhero books are all about.

They represent potential and great ideas that have yet to be fully explored.

Again some of them have already been explored. Vic Sage/The Question was explored thoroughly within a shaded grey area by Dennis O'Neil and Black Orchid, was given a sort of Vertigo make-over by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, they explored what it meant to be human within a natural environment and they can affect each other. Plastic man was basically making the way we see comic books today through Jack Cole, such as storylines as "Forest of Fear," which saw Eel O'Brien reveal that he was in fact a criminal not a hero to a bunch of cops and scientists. Paul Dini used Bat-mite in The Batman: The Brave and Bold to explore geek and comic culture complete with references to comic-con and the constant re-invention of Batman (apparently he voted to have Jason Todd killed.) And then Grant Morrison took him as a metaphor for Bruce Wayne's own madness within the RIP story line.

However there are some on this list who deserve more of an potential comic-breaking stories, Hourman for example, why hasn't any comic book writer explored the consequences of taking his pills that only provide him for an hour of power and that he could feel empty without them. Is B'wanna Beast's power really that silly or could it be devastating? Does Creeper represent the madness of news media and the state its in;surely there must be a phone-hacking/NSA story in there somewhere? Why hasn't Doctor Fate gone power mad and changed the universe in his own image? All of these characters need a bigger voice than they already got.

They deserve a Vertigo title

While DC is everyone, Vertigo does allow for creativity. Some of these characters especially Dr Mid-Nite, Creeper, Etrigan the Demon need a different outlet rather than playing second fiddle to Batman and Superman. I could already a Creeper Vertigo comic in my mind.

They've been animated

Yes, its a strange a requirement but at least they've been acknowledged by mainstream media in some form does help get these characters across to people whom might know who they are.

List items

  • Jack Kirby's not exactly odd ball creation but still weird enough. I loved him in Bruce Timm's universe and in Batman: The Brave and The Bold! Who rhymes like no one's business.

  • Is he mad as the Joker?! Who knows! But Steve Dikto's creations could be seen of how news sources are just plain mad and untrustworthy.

  • A being whom sits within the balance of chaos and order. Cosmic power at its greatest.

  • Is she human or plant? Got a great makeover by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. Always a mystery.

  • Jack Cole's Plastic man broke new ground before there was ground to break.

  • First example of disabilities within superheroes and original member of the JSA. Always liked how he seems a bit Harry Potterish and I'm talking about his owl.

  • The original Question and constantly questioning what makes people and the world do what it does.

  • A hour of power. Could this happen to all of us?

  • Extraordinary human from an seemingly ordinary girl.

  • Human version of the old Microsoft game, Impossible Creatures.

  • The representative of Batman fans in Batman: The Brave and The Bold, The madness of Bruce Wayne and The Child when comics were considered just "kids stuff."