DC characters who deserve there own Animated TV show

Why does Superman and Batman get all the fun?! Here are some characters who deserve some animation spotlight with their own series!!

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  • Again like Plastic man she received some lovely animated Japanese style shorts. However like Etrigan, she could have a huge animated style show mixed with endless mythology!!

  • Both Mr Miracle and Big Barda have made appearances across numerous DC animated projects but they deserve their own, both on New Genesis and on Earth!!

  • Same as above!!

  • Why does Superman and Batman get all the fun when it comes to multi-media?! Wonder Woman deserves an animated show, think of all the Ancient Greek mythology and the fish-out-of-water scenarios!!

  • Same as Wonder Woman above, Hawkman due his connection to Ancient Egypt also deserves some sort of mythological/modern day animation show!!

  • Same as above!!

  • Just figured he needed one since he's so cool!!

  • Not only a character who could represent diversity but also an kid that we could've known once. And he could also been used as a character to comment on comic books.

  • The hero of the 25th century could also have his own animated show much like Blue Beetle he could also be used as an commentary.

  • He already had his own shorts and had made numerous appearances in Batman: The Brave and The Bold but with his humour and madness he deserves an solo animated show.

  • I find it very odd that Warner Brothers hasn't used The Flash in any form of incarnation to its full potential. And yes, we know he might get his own live-action show. But due to the Silver Age zaniness of The Flash, an animation show and a big budget movie might suit him better.

  • Yeah, I think he suits animation better than live-action.

  • I'm thinking Etrigan/Jason Blood deserves an Gargoyles type of show, crossing it with present day and the historical past. Endless mythology!!

  • Magic, tricks and everything in between Zatanna has been recognised within DC animation but her own show could be fun. Think of sequences.