DC characters who deserve an cinematic debut already (especially the villains).

Figured these characters need the silver screen to shine!

List items

  • He could been speeding into a cinema near you.

  • Basically given. She is Wonder Woman after all!

  • Sure he's appeared on Arrow and recently in the Batman: Arkham Origins but he deserves an big screen debut.

  • She hasn't been around for very long but has made an impact. She came from a screen now it needs her on another one!

  • He's been on screen before but come he can solo!!

  • An Batman villain who was sort on Batman's own B-list has slowly been rising the ranks of the rogue's gallery. Maybe he can sort of creepy like Scarecrow in Batman Begins but with fire.

  • This magical woman has been in countless DC properties, she's considered by all standards a supporting character but she could potential lead somewhere.

  • Often considered lame in some accounts. Arthur deserves an most improved award with a film on screen.

  • Sorry, but I couldn't resist! And who doesn't love Ace!!

  • Roman Silas, a very good Batman villain whose always seen a surge in media appearances. Maybe a big screen debut in his future.

  • Preferable before Thanos but that won't happen.

  • Electrifying!! Static is street smart and a cool edge about him that would be an winning combination on screen.

  • Shazam! Has got Hollywood gold written all over him and he even inspired The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley! Unfortunately the Superman comparisons may weigh him down.

  • With the way special effects are gong the time is ripe for Killer Croc to come on screen. Get Ron Pearlman to do his voice again like in The Batman.

  • Orion and his fourth world is screaming out for an adaptation. If Guardians of the Galaxy can get one why can't Orion.

  • Surely she's gotta "protect," Lex Luthor sooner or later on screen.

  • Egypt! Aliens! Hawkman is screaming for an high flying adaptation

  • Not exactly the most evil of Superman's villains, when is he not fun!!

  • He's basically almost like a classic universal movie monster, so a cinematic presence should match them!