Batman Fan fiction: DC characters killed by CW's Arrow in the stake of being like the Dark Knight!

Arrow: Batman fan fiction on a weekly TV screen near you!!

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  • Rather becoming his own character with his own view on politics and quips. Oliver Queen has returned to the 1950s and has become a poor man's Nolan Batman.

  • Black Canary has had the ball dropped twice on her already from confusing her origins to making her a pathetic lawyer, Black Canary has become a joke, which hurts her status of one of DC's most popular heroines!!

  • Another popular character which has become something of a simple plot device rather than a soulless killer. At least Arkham Origins has saved him.

  • I don't care about the budget, that was one hell of an terrible costume. He was hardly threatening!!

  • Or Dark Archer as Arrow obviously decided to call him. He isn't exactly the Joker but turning something cross between Harvey Dent/Joker didn't help him.

  • First casualty of Arrow's writers using Batman's rogue's gallery instead of Green Arrows. He deserved a better live-action debut than being a crazed fireman. Arkham origins has also saved him.

  • Kept most of her intact, even if came across rather silly in the end. Again she was an casualty of being too close to Batman's world which Arrow desperately wants to be.

  • Name change and given a CW party pill popping attitude. Mia deserves better than that.

  • Third casualty from Batman's world. Only mentioned by name but you can already see where its going and its not going to end well.

  • Same as above.