So I'm two weeks into this site, and...

I've decided to start this blog so I can 'jot' down some ideas, but not as statuses. (Statuses? doesn't sound right, but neither does 'stati' ! lol) I'm still loving it, still addicted to conquering as many quests as quickly as I can, more for being done with them than doing it in any amount of time.

I've learned a lot through the quests. Feeling better about some knowledge I've gained. Going to Steel CIty Comic Con today; my first Comic Con excited.

My newest challenge is I'm eager to get into the battles. I know I've played things like it before, I'm just not grasping it at the moment. So I'll browse through the battle forums tonight and see what's up.

And I need to come up with some kick-ass info about my Super-Bio

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Totally new to this...feeling like an idiot

ok, so I just joined this site and actually have just really started to try and get submerged into comics. I'm not a blogger & not much for posting on other's blogs, and I'm not sure I know enough about this stuff to answer questions. Anyone else have these problems when they started?