The Avengers Roster I'd prefer to see instead of Bendis' Line-Up

Admittedly the members of the main Avengers team is an improvement than it was before given that it mixes classic, popular and unknown members. Having said that, there are a few tweaks I've made to Bendis' roster and some members have been replaced with others.

List items

  • The perfect leader for the Avengers. No one is better suited to the role of leader of Earth's Mightiest Heroes than Steve Rogers.

  • The team's resident genius and gadgeteer. Plus he is one of the founding members and deserves to be on the team.

  • The Avengers' Powerhouse. Given his status as arguably the Avengers' most powerful consistent member as well as being one of its founders, it's a good thing that now he's back (again) Thor will return to the Avengers.

  • I quite like the fact Rulk is on the Avengers now. They could do with some extra muscle and the military tactical intelligence Ross brings in conjunction with Hulk level strength make him a great member of the Avengers.

  • Again it's great to see a classic member back on the line up. Although Vision's role hasn't been greatly explored as of yet, his versatility coupled with his computer brain should make him a vital team member.

  • Having a relatively unknown character on the team is a great move. Her earthquake powers coupled with her SHIELD training and state of mind make Quake an interesting member of the Avengers.

  • Now this is where the changes come in. As well as being a female member and bringing ethnic diversity to the group, Photon's energy absorption powers would be incredibly useful to the Avengers given the threats they face. As such, I would put her on the team if I were writing the Avengers.

  • Despite his deceased status, I felt his potential as the new Sorcerer Supreme had been wasted. I'd retcon Bendis' mistake and bring him back to act as the Avengers' mystical member.

  • OK I know he's not a comic book character but ever since the Heroic Age, the team has had a SHIELD liason. And to be honest this guy deserves to be incorporated into the Marvel Comic Book Universe. His humour, role in superhuman affairs in the film as well as being a 'Cap fanboy' would play out really well in the series IMO.