Shadow Strike

Having read the first 3 issues of the New 52 version of Stormwatch along with following reviews of X-Force on a particular reviewer's blog coupled with my interest in Secret Avengers led me to think who I'd have in a covert superhero team that had to handle the secret, dirty missions that mainstream superhero teams like the Justice League and the Avengers couldn't go near. The following are my personal choices:

List items

  • Admittedly this is borrowing a lot from the role of the Engineer on Stormwatch but I like the idea of someone who runs the headquarters of the team, keeping them all in communication with one another whilst also acting as a guard to the headquarters. Jocasta is the only character who I can think of that fits all these roles other than the Engineer.

  • Team field leader. The years he's spent under mind control acting as an assassin and spy make him the perfect member to lead this covert team.

  • The team's consultant on possible magical threats, Constantine was chosen for his expertise on the occult as well as his willingness to do what must be done in many situations. He has killed friends and loved ones before.

  • One of the world's finest sharpshooters, I've always wanted to see him as team marksman on a team besides the Suicide Squad.

  • Team swordsman. The soul storing in the sword make Katana a more interesting and diverse team member like the Eminence of Blades in Stormwatch.

  • Team powerhouse. Lent by the Global Peace Agency to serve on the team.

  • This is the Age of Apocalypse version I'm talking about. His teleportation abilities provide the team with someone who can do effective recon and his different attitude along with his resemblance to Kurt should stir up some interesting reactions from the team.

  • The tech support and pilot of the team as well as adding a technological powerhouse to the team.