My Idea for Hickman's New Avengers Roster

So basically I'm leaning towards picking up New Avengers in January rather than Avengers in December. Partly because I'm hoping it won't be bi weekly and also because I'm hoping it'll be $2.99 or £1.75 in UK currency. Anyway no official info's been released yet so I thought I'd make this list proposing my idea for Hickman's New Avengers roster. So what do you think?

List items

  • Since the Avengers roster seems to reflect the Avengers movie and there's no sign of Hank in the promo image, I figured he would make a good leader for this team. His stint as the leader of the Mighty Avengers shows he has the capability, genius and experience for the job. With Avengers Academy finishing, he should be available to lead this team.

  • Another Avengers Academy teacher who's also served with Hank in the Mighty Avengers. It would make for nice character development if he returned to the Avengers line up. Plus a speedster who's not too fast would make for some interesting stories.

  • It was rumoured Shang Chi would be joining the Avengers but with him not being on the promo, I plonked him here on my list. Who would turn down the Master of Kung Fu to be on their team?

  • She's made a few cameos recently but now would be a good time for Monica Rambeau to make a well deserved comeback.

  • This guy's mostly here to represent good ol' Britain where I hail from but after serving on the Secret Avengers, I hope Britain sticks around to help out the New Avengers. Plus there could be a nice backstory with him and Psylocke's recent behaviour?

  • I know a few die hard Thunderbolts fans are saddened that Songbird isn't on the new Thunderbolts team and this inspired me to add her to my list. It would make for great character evolution for Songbird to go from supervillain to fully fledged Avengers member.

  • This lady once guest starred on a cartoon series in the 80s! Does anyone remember that? Like Pulsar, Firestar's been lost in obscurity and her recent appearence in Spider-Island got me thinking about her being an Avenger again. Plus another lady on the team never hurts.

  • You might think this option is down to Spider phobia taking over. I mean Spidey's been on the New Avengers and the Avengers, Venom was a part of the Secret Avengers but Kaine's struck out on his own in a good way since his resurrection in Spider-Island. I personally think he'd make a good addition to this team. Maybe he gets found by the Avengers after they want to know who the mysterious other Spider-Man was that helped destroy the Queen in Spider-Island?