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My 10 Least Favourite Comic Book Characters

I figured it was time I made something to show which comic book characters I strongly dislike. And cue the controversy...

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  • Seriously what happened to this guy? He went from the good natured field leader of the X-Men to a twice cuckold who created a team of killers, encouraged a child to take the life of another for 'the greater good' and has generally hindered the cause for mutant equality rather than helped it. Oh and he's just succumbed to the Phoenix Force and killed Charles Xavier. Whatever went wrong with Scott Summers?

  • I absolutely detest Superior Spider-Man and I hate that Otto is being rewarded by Slott since he can relate to the tubby guy with social issues lashing out as a sociopathic anti hero. Octavious was once one of my favourite villains but now he's become something I despise greatly for ruining the mythology of Spider-Man.

  • His blazen lack of morals and lack to change his ways has completely put me off Frank Castle. Other characters have sought redemption and a better way of living but Frank keeps spiralling down a self destructive path where nothing good can come of it. That may be the appealing thing about the Punisher but not to me it isn't.

  • A real witch (can't use the word I want to use). She's a spiteful, deceitful character who has yet to redeem herself by siding with the X-Men. In fact some of the worst things she's done (cough adultery cough) have been whilst she was an X-Man. Emma and Scott make for a complementary couple and one I can despise easily.

  • It's the Storm fans on here that have put me off this character. It's seriously bugged me about the inane questions asked about Storm on here. Ororo is an alright character but as far as the fanboys/fangirls go for Storm, they do a lot to put me off this character.

  • I'm really hoping she doesn't show up ever again after AvX. She's acted irresponsibly ever since coming to the present and didn't adjust well enough to being the 'mutant messiah' Now all this trouble has come about as a result of it. Typical troublesome, stuck up teenager.

  • This guy is a whiny idiotic character who possesses an unruly child's personality. His character, actions and unreliable powers make him a pathetic excuse for a comic book character.

  • Completely redundant and pointless. Didn't add anything to her possibly being the Riddler's daughter nor did she have a colourful personality. A complete waste of time was spent on her during Tony Daniel's Pre New 52 run on Batman.

  • The Marvel equivalent of Chuck Norris. Seriously how do squirrel powers help someone beat Dr Doom, let alone frickin' Thanos? This character is so darn annyoing not just in the comics itself (Who in their right minds would let Squirrel Girl be a nanny) but also the result of her PIS feats on battle forums across the Internet. And for that, Squirrel Girl deserves to be on here.

  • This character is on here more for his Young Justice role rather than anything but seriously, listen to what the guy says and how he says it. You can't help but hate him for the drivel and manipulation he puts into every word he says. Particularly when he plays a chatshow host type of role. In that role, he represents a lot of things wrong with modern society today.