DCAU for Aidan

I'm gonna list the dcau series in the order u should watch them which is the order they were made. Most of these series i havent seen all of or seen in order or that type of stuff but i have seen a lot of it and im going back and watching all of it rn its good

List items

  • (Free on Amazon Prime)

    I've seen a bunch of this and its fucking amazing like so good and has a lot of obscure batman shit that i love. This show was so revolutionary that it influenced the comics? Like damn.

  • (Free on Amazon Prime)

    I have seen next to nothing of this but I'm going to watch it and I've heard its actually really good and I know everyone thinks superman is super bland but hes actually pretty cool and his villains are interesting sometimes.

  • (On Netflix)

    This is the justice league show seasons 1-2 and just focuses on the 7 founding justice league members. All the episodes are multi episode stories

  • (On Netflix as Justice League Unlimited. Season 1 on Netflix is actually the first 2 seasons of unlimited I don't know why they're listed as one season)

    This is basically seasons 3-5 of the justice league show. After the events in the finale of season 2, the characters decide that the Justice League should be like a giant network of superheroes, so this series focuses on a lot of minor superheroes from the dc universe. Episodes in this are for the most part no longer multi episode stories.

  • (Not on any streaming site?? I can flash drive it for u though)

    This show is great and it technically is part of the DC universe but they chose to make it completely independent from justice league and stuff story wise which was kind of a great choice, they later do the opposite with Young Justice and it makes it amazing in the opposite way. This show was such a large part of my childhood u don't even know

  • (On Netflix)

    Not part of the DCAU canon but amazing. This series did a lot of really great original shit and ended up telling some great stories. Like I said earlier they decided to have the titans in this be much more involved in the mainstream justice league stuff which caused it to feel much more grand than teen titans.

  • This is a movie about the jason todd come back to life shit