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The Human World Cluster: CVU Space Location

Despite common belief on Earth, Humans (though native to Earth) are not restricted to it. Over the centuries many humans have been abducted from earth. Initially they were taken to a small cluster of worlds on the western fringe of the Milky Way and placed into arenas to fight. What the aliens local to this world cluster underestimated was the Human ability to quickly populate an area and further, they underestimated the very reason they had seized Humans, their ability to adapt and overcome. Some centuries passed but eventually the human captives began to organize and with organization came a greater understanding of just how many of their fellow Humans were in the Avanel World Cluster. By Earth year 1860 the humans of the Avanel World Cluster had over thrown and exterminated their former slave masters.

Armed with ideas from a culture they had just destroyed and ideas from Earth the Humans set up their own governing body, called the Star Council. The Star Council immediately set about creating a military force capable of defending the newly conquered Avanel World Cluster. The Avanel Humans had all been trained in one manner of fighting or another but the Star Council wanted more, they wanted a military force that lived, breathed and died for the defense of the Avanel World Cluster. Armed with their alien knowledge and stolen technology they created a first rate genetics program and at the same time created a scientific branch and technical branch slaved to the military. These three branches worked together to create the first of a new line of war machines called Battlemechs or just Mechs for short.

Since the early days of what became the Human World Cluster the Battlemechs and their genetically engineered pilots have been at the forefront of battle, leading the way in defensive campaigns and offensive engagements alike. The Humans of the Avanel World Cluster are not peaceful, they are xenophobic to an extreme. Their trade with other races is limited to a few races they have come to trust over the years but most aliens are treated with hostility and mistrust, if not outright conflict. The forces of the Human World Cluster frequently raid or invade alien space and have though they typically keep their fighting localized to military zones and away from civilian populations, even alien ones.


The Human Worlds Cluster is ruled over by the Star Council. The Star Council is voted upon by the leading generals of the World Cluster military and consists of members of said military. The council is comprised of 35 members, one for each of the military districts the cluster is divided into. The Star Council is overseen by The Observer, who speaks only when order needs to be restored, when a tie vote needs to be broken or when mediation is necessary. The Observer also keeps record and wears an animal mask associated with whichever of The Clans he or she was elected from. Observers are elected by The Star Council every four years. Although the position has no political power it is seen as a voice of wisdom and experience and is a position of great prestige.

Though only elected by the military the Star Council has total control over the World Cluster and because of its military bent, sometimes ignores other aspects of life. Although infrastructure is kept at top notch level, social welfare is almost non-existent and a vast majority of economic resources goes to the military. The genetically engineered members of the military do not get paid, their needs are provided for them.


The military is divided into 35 Districts, each controlling 40 star systems (roughly). Each district is governed by its elected member of the Star Council and defended by a combined military force with a heavy emphasis on Battlemechs. Each of these District Defense Forces (DDF) is actively competitive with other DDFs and is represented by a totem animal. It is not completely unknown for DDF forces to engage one another in open warfare over some slight on their honor (perceived or otherwise). These conflicts are generally allowed to play out to settle the issue. If they grow out of control the Star Council steps in and uses the threat of force from all of the other Districts to settle the matter.

The follow is a list of the most prestigious and powerful DDF forces:

Clan Storm Falcon -

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Military strength: Extensive.

Military tendency: Mech forces.

Culture: Clan Storm Falcon members tend towards slightly controlled anger, they are quick to act and often respond to an attack with overwhelming force. Individually members of Clan Storm Falcon, though quick to anger, stick to a strict code of honor and often resolve issues between fellow members of the clan with honor duels that are not resolved to the death. Their mech pilots prefer offensive strategy to defense.

Clan Shadow Wolf:

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Military Strength: Extensive.

Military tendency: Balanced

Culture: Slow to anger and sometimes slow to act, Clan Shadow Wolf is a direct rival to Clan Storm Falcon who they view as belligerent and too swift to act without thinking through their actions. Never ones to be concerned with honor Clan Shadow Wolf often resorts to ambushes and sneak attack style raids. The members of Clan Shadow Wolf focus heavily on defensive tactics.

Clan Infernal Horse:

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Military Strength: Strong

Military Tendency: Tanks

Culture: Tasked with defending a District on the frontier Clan Infernal Horse is constantly assaulted by various alien pirate groups and raiding forces and is frequently thrust into offensive campaigns set to destroy their bases of operation. The Infernal Horses lack the economic resources to build a strong mech force and must rely instead on more readily constructed and easily maintained tanks. As a result they have come to see the tank as still a militarily vital unit in a military dominated by people who view mechs as the only mainstay to warfare. Members of Clan Infernal Horse view the other Clans as coddled and have little time for those not willing to join a fight.

Clan Vapor Jaguar:

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Military Strength: Average

Military Tendency: Light and Medium sized mechs.


Among the oldest of the Clans, Vapor Jaguar has long held a tradition of hit and run tactics. Refusing to be pinned down, the forces of Vapor Jaguar often take on armies much larger than their own. They divide into trained raiding forces and run hit and run operations that confuse and frustrate their enemies to no end. Vapor Jaguar pilots view heavier mechs as virtually useless and are themselves often mercurial and tend to avoid large gatherings.


Human World Cluster technology is...mixed. Much of their original science and technology was stolen and some of it so far in advance of what they actually understand that their current systems are far less efficient than those they started out with. The greatest sign of this is the mechs themselves. When the Cold Fusion production facilities were destroyed in early in fighting they had to resort to Hot Fusion reactors. Instead of cool, easy functioning battlemechs the mechs fielded by DDF forces run hot, forcing their pilots to wear outdated cooling equipment and as little as possible while inside of a mech. Internal cockpit temperatures routinely go well above 100 degrees

On the other hand computer and medical technology are often years ahead of their counterparts. Mechs are controlled by joysticks and neurohelmets that allow the human pilot's own sense of balance to balance the mech, dramatically reducing the number of mechanical controls necessary to pilot the machine. When a pilot loses a limb they are replaced with artificial limbs as useful and effective as the original, some pilots (those willing to try new things) have begun to have control technology built into these replacements that allow them to control their mech (in conjunction with electronic implants in their brain) while outside of the cockpit. The balance system isn't perfect in the implants however and while in the cockpit a neurohelmet is still the preferred method of control.

A pilot with a replacement arm and control system
A pilot with a replacement arm and control system


All mech pilots are equipped with a codex, a computer chip placed inside of a small wrist band built from mech armor. The codex is a computer chip that can be read by virtually any device. This chip displays their genetic lineage (pilots are created from genetic stock chosen from the most legendary pilots), their military accomplishments and their age, name and rank. These are designed to survive even the destruction of the body so that they can be retrieved upon death and if the pilot has a qualifying record, their genetic material will be used for future generations. In this way, genetic stock improves with every generation. Pilots are considered "old" by age 30 and often retired to rear-ward deployments. The honorable thing for a pilot to do is die in battle before their 'advanced age' is ever an issue.


Mechs are divided by weight into different classes. Each is equipped with modular weapon systems that allow their pilots to swap weapon components and other systems for mission appropriate load outs. Unlike the traditional 'anime' style mechs often fielded by alien races or seen in human science fiction on Earth, these mechs are highly mechanical, brute force machines designed to unleash a maximum amount of firepower and survive withering fire in return. Though the scout level mechs are often fast and agile, they are not hyper maneuverable. Pilots must often balance output of fire power with internal heat temperatures. Excessive heat can slow a mech down, reduce its overall functions or even cause ammunition to explode. Extreme heat will result in the mech temporarily shutting down (though this can be overridden) and can kill or injure the pilot through heat exhaustion.

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