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Stygian Days

"While #Metoo controversy threatens to tear apart Moon Bird Studios and Luna Hawk herself is under attack as an enabler of the culture of sexual harassment and misconduct at her own studios we at CVU New Network, the most balanced face of news, have caught up with Luna Hawk' father, Mr. Munoz Sanders outside of Barnes Jewish Hospital in St.Louis."

The same reporter that had interviewed Luna Hawk earlier in the week now stood outside of the hospital and was all smiles as she approached a tall, slender man in a tailored suit and introduced herself as he exited the building.

"Mr. Sanders, do you have any insight you can share as to why your daughter may have supported and even encouraged the sexual misconduct that has been reported at her very own Moon Bird studios? The people would like to know what could drive a woman, a hero even, to entrap young women into a ring of debauchery and predatory behavior run by and for the Vice President of her company. Luna Hawk has long been touted as a hero of the people and yet, it seems we were wrong all a long. What can you tell us about her thought process, about how she was raised that might have led to this?" She asked without a trace of tact.

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"You people are pathetic, can't you leave people alone? My wife is wasting way before my eyes and you hunt me down to ask some insane question about a daughter I haven't spoken to in six years? Here is some insight fr you, her mother is dying and we haven't had so much as a phone call." His voice bit deep, like a man who had long grown tired of other people's crap, there was an edge to his tone that suggested the reporter had progressed suddenly and unexpected into dangerous territory.

Taking a breath, the reporter nodded and pressed ahead. "Why do you think she has put such distance between you even while she speaks fondly of her childhood?"

His eyes narrowed dangerously behind his glasses and he scowled with such ferocity that the reporter took a noticeable step backwards. "She's busy being a Hawk Lord." He said with air quotes. "The Kendra I raised loved family above all else. I don't know this Luna Hawk any better than you."

"So you're saying fame and position have corrupted her?" The MeToo zealot asked with visible eagerness to have her biases confirmed.

He snorted. "I said nothing of the sort, only that since she became Luna Hawk I do not know her. Please, I have work to in order to try and save my wife since modern medicine and government health care have failed. You are annoying and I do not wish to waste any more time on a simpering worm such as yourself." He moved to walk past her only for the woman to step in front of him again.

"Sir, please, do you think Luna Hawk has been corrupted by her success?" She asked fearlessly.

Munoz scowled again and placed a hand on her shoulder. He turned her around and pointed to a black sedan across the street. "Do you see that car? That car contains my bodyguards who I didn't think necessary to bring to see my wife. Get out of my way or I will have them move you aside by force and detain you until the police can arrive and arrest you for harassment. Do not. Make me say it. Again." He said, practically snarling each of his words at the end.

The woman reluctantly obeyed and turned to the camera. "There you have it folks."

Unseen by camera or reporter was the smirk on Munoz Sander's face as he crossed the street, or his fingers toying with a jewel around his neck. He entered the car as one of his guards opened the rear door for him and once it closed activated the built in phone. "Adrea." He said simply. The phone dialed and a woman's voice answered.

"Yes sir?" She asked.

"Have that woman fired, in public."

"Sir? We don't own the media company that..."

He cut her off. "The owner owes me a favor." He hung up and tapped his driver on the shoulder. "Take me home...I have a theory to test."