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Presidential Election Coverage at Vine News Network

The race had begun, ballots were being cast and the talking heads had their maps setup. Information scrolled freely across the bottom of America's screens as Drew Rosenhause kicked off the round table discussion and tracking for the night.

"Karren, where do you see the states falling in for the different candidates? The days of the old red and blue state map seem to be largely at an end. Most of the two party system is focused on Congress this year."

Karren, a middle aged woman who'd spent her life in politics smiled and motioned to the map. "Well, I've been discussing this with fellow political strategists and we're all pretty much in agreement that the West Coast is likely to go for Luna Hawk, her controversial history doesn't play well with religious voters but the more liberal West Coast doesn't factor such matters too strongly into their considerations. She has some conservative views that may turn off the liberal voter, but many of her domestic policies lean more left, at least more left than the other candidates so far. She'll likely also win New England for the same reasons, which means she needs to get Virginia, Florida, the Carolinas and Pennsylvania to really anchor the East Coast, some of those, particularly Virginia and North Carolina, could be difficult, though she polls well in the major cities. Her problem then is going to be the traditional south and the swing states. If she can't secure the South, I just don't see a path to victory."

Drew nodded and motioned to her fellow strategist, Daniel Vanderson. The elder man adjusted his round glasses. "To me, the midwest and large portions of the south are really the swing states in this election. Assuming Luna Hawk secures the coasts, it's the middle of the country and the south that will define the outcome. Where we differ is that I actually think Alfred Hamilton, who has consistently polled low, could actually decide the election for the other three candidates. If his stronger conservative views pull in say...Texas or Virginia, it could take away electoral votes from the two candidates who need them the most and sway the election in one direction or the other. The same goes for this Severrus fellow. If he can also grab a state or two, both of these men could change the outcome of the election."

"Interesting, interesting. We have an update on the close race in Texas. The AP is now projecting Texas as a win for Luna Hawk. It seems California and Washington are also in for Luna Hawk...Virginia...remains too close to call. Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia have all gone for Brutus."


"This just in everyone...the AP is now projecting a Brutus victory in Florida. Florida as you may recall is one of those states we discussed as potentially critical for Luna Hawk to secure a victory. Without Florida she now needs to gain victory in the ever tightening polls in Virginia and Pennsylvania. If she doesn't secure one of those two states, Brutus may take the 270 votes needed to win the White House."

As the talking heads discussed the numbers coming in county by county, portions of each candidate's speeches were played in the background. Eventually Rosenhause broke in again.

"Another state has been called. New York has gone to Brutus, giving him a strong electoral lead going into the later evening. Luna Hawk's path to victory seems narrow."

"I agree." Karren said with a nod. "But that has always been the case. We knew people in this country wanted a strong and secure state, but that doesn't mean other issues won't fall by the wayside. Frankly, I think Luna Hawk's past is just a little too hard to swallow for many more socially conservative Americans."

Rosenhause glanced at her and bit his lip to prevent a smirk at her word choice.

"I think one of the things that really has cemented this lead for him is that Brutus was the first security Candidate to come out with full on projects, already prepared to be considered by Congress. Luna Hawk's stance on France was a refreshing 'no more foreign wars' sort of approach but Brutus has what you might call 'rivet ready' military projects that will, at least to the voter, immediately strengthen our security." Vanderson said.

"I apologize for the interruption..." Rosenhause said as he interjected into the conversation. "We can now declare Illinois has gone for Luna Hawk, along with Alaska, Arizona and New Mexico. Brutus however has claimed Hawaii, New Orleans, Kentucky and West Virginia. Virginia, a state we have been watching as a potential swing state all evening, remains too close to call. Brutus still holds a projected lead in the Electoral voting if the map falls the way pundits have been predicting for the last few days. I wonder if it will be impossible for Luna Hawk to secure the more conservative southern states?"