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Luna Hawk: Response to the Ares Speech.

Luna Hawk removed her helmet as reporters swarmed her at the local mall, intending to the candidate's response to her new opponent's latest speech.

"Makes a lot of speeches doesn't he?" She asked with a smirk. "Sounds good too right? Law, order, authority...I'm all for law and order, under the Constitution and following its structure...but this guy? We've all heard this before haven't we? Look carefully at his words and you'll see what I mean. He mentioned possibly stopping the act in France for example. Well listen, we're a country right? France is also a country. If we start meddling in French affairs, and make no mistake, the action in France started out as a strictly French affair, then we're in no better position now than we were four years ago. The United States should stand ready to help France, it should stand to offer aide and if needed military support, but France is not American's not our job to go and bust up protests for the existing government...which I'm beginning to think this guy supports."

She paused and took a drink from the slushy she had been carrying.

"So where do you draw the line right? Do you just...jump in everywhere there is a crime? Send in a wave of armored powered individuals loyal to a government to another country to handle something? There are certainly times to do that, times like when it threatens to wipe out a nation, or destabilize a region. That's why we have STRIKE, that's why we have agencies that operate outside of government control because, make no mistake, as soon as you have an agency like that operating under the control of the government, it's now a weapon, not a peace keeping organization. The man uses fear in everything he says and does. When will Reynard attack the White House? etc. Yes, obviously people are going to fear that to some extent, but come on, you can't promote fear of the future, you have to promote solutions for the future. Reynard is someone we can do something about, he's an American citizen and we can go after him here in America. Outside of the US we can send the CIA to track him and provide the information to the Meta Human Court or to STRIKE."

Luna Hawk shook her head.

"I leave it to America to do a gut check on this Areas Law Center thing...It sounds unreal, it sounds...disturbing. Can I put my finger on it and say this guy is doing something he shouldn't be? No...but I can tell you this...when is the last time you heard of a super villain turning over a new leaf? When is the last time you heard of that happening after they went to some...secret camp? It feels like brainwashing and it feels more than a little creepy. Security is important but so is freedom. When is the last time you heard him talk about Freedom? He sounds more like the candidate that supports a police state."