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Luna Hawk Foreign Policy Speech

Appearing at a political rally in North Carolina Luna Hawk had another large crowd. She had been giving a speech about the campaign, her opponent and the general state of things when she determined to turn the subject to something she had only briefly touched upon before. She waited for a moment for the noisy crowd to grow a bit quieter and then shifted the subject. "I want to talk to you about something important to all of us...and to the world we live in. France, long a bastion of western democracy and republican ideals, has fallen to a tyrant. We don't know much about the man who's seized control of France...but we can point to some of his actions since taking office. First, he's destroyed one of the healthiest republics in the world and most disturbingly of all, he has done nothing to stem the sudden tide of meta-human harassment and murder within his own borders. If France is still a nation of laws, then it is quietly ignoring certain laws, laws involving human life and decency."

Luna Hawk shook her head. "The last man to do this did it with the Jews...and the common saying was that they aren't coming for me, so I won't act. Well...they aren't coming for us, but it is our duty as the leaders of the free world to act, because when good nations fail to act, evil spreads and when evil spreads...we are confronted with cataclysmic war. If I am elected President, I will immediately cut off diplomatic relations with France. I will take the issue directly to the United Nations where I will propose international actions, starting with sanctions that target the highest levels of government. We will lock out the finances of their leadership, we will close off France from receiving international financial aide and we will cut it from the heart of the European Union."

She allowed he words to sink in before she continued. "We will seek these measures because they are just, because they will bring France's government to its knees and it will either adjust its thinking or be remade by the people of France herself. Make no mistake, it will mean hard times for the people of France, but when the sanctions are lifted, when the government is changed, we will stand here with open arms and offer all the aide they need to rebuild their lives and their nation, because once upon a time France did the same for us. If there is a rebellion, we will arm it, because once upon a time, France did the same thing for us. We must meet the government of France with harsh reality until they stop these crimes against humanity. What begins as accepted violence all too frequently escalates into state funded mass murder. We must act now...or we will face another Holocaust and at the end...we will once again ask ourselves...why did we wait so long to act?"

She once more paused, after a moment, she resumed with a look of grim resolve.

"We will not go to war." Luna Hawk said firmly. "Not unless France attacks us or an ally first...but if war comes, we will be ready. If I am elected President, we will no longer be a country of regime change through military force. I will seek every non-military means to allow the people of France to over turn their own dictator and rebuild their own republic...but I...we...will stand with them when they need us, we will help them when they need aide...but we will not invade, we will not show traditional arrogance in telling them how to rebuild."

She took a breath, looked out over the crowd and resumed. "It has come time to tell ourselves and the world, to be leaders in fact on this very issue...that it is no longer acceptable to treat meta-humans as something other, as something to be feared and reviled...because if we don't, if we don't stand up and say we will be united and strong...we will be divided and weak...and we will perish for the mistake." Luna Hawk said, jabbing at the podium with each firm statement. "The relationship between humans and meta-humans is the defining relationship of our time. If we lead, we can help all people, not just in America but everywhere else...if we do not lead...who will? France? Venezeula?" She shook her head. "It's time to stop leading from behind."