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Luna Hawk Concession Speech

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Luna Hawk looked out over the chanting crowd. She'd just finished a concession phone call and had made her way from the apartment she lived in to the election tracking party that was so typical of major candidates. The AP had already announced she was projected to lose and her fans were variations of distraught and angry. She let them shout and chant and call for a recount for awhile before she held up one gloved hand, bringing the group to silence fairly swiftly.

"The election is over. We lost and it sucks." She said, being honest. "My opponent ran a campaign based on fear, fear of the future, fear for the present, fear and of meta-humans gone out of control. He's a racist and a coward and it will soon be clear to everyone." Like everything else in life, Luna Hawk spoke what she felt, she was more diplomatic than Solar Hawk by far, but she wasn't going to pretend her opponent was something he wasn't just because most concession speeches did that. Her phone call had more or less been 'you won' *click*

"So what do we do now?" She asked. "We realize that enough of America was convinced by that message to elect the man. We already knew though that many Americans live in fear and instead of take the path of healing, they have taken the path that they feel leads to security. I understand that, it's happened repeatedly throughout history. So now the rest of us wait, we wait until our fellow voters need support and we provide it. We wait until meta-humans need support and we provide it. We wait until the police state tendencies of Brutus become obvious and we speak out against them. We protest, we fight for equality through the legal system and finally, we do what is legal to oppose what may not be."

Luna Hawk lifted her helmet from her head and looked directly into the cameras.

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"And if soft tyranny becomes hard tyranny, we will be waiting. If Meta Humans find themselves persecuted beyond all legal means we will be waiting...and if The Republic itself is threatened by a man out for his own gains? We will be waiting. Fight democratically, fight legally and push back in the greatest traditions of America...but don't stop fighting." She put her helmet back on, its eye lenses still locked on the camera. "If Brutus breaks the law. We'll be waiting."