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Luna Hawk Campaign Rally 1

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Luna Hawk descended from the sky to land at the podium that had been placed there for the rally. She landed neatly behind it and folded her wings, waving to the cheering crowd that had gathered and smiling a bit. As ever, she made no changes to her wardrobe, a statement of who she was as much of anything. She was Luna Hawk, Kendra Saunders Hol and she didn't change just because it was tradition to wear suits (or the dreaded pant suit) as a politician. It was the same reason she arrived by flying in rather than walking out of a super expensive car.

"I want to talk to you, to America, about the underlying tension that has had this country on edge for the better part of a decade. We have been constantly harassed by the question of meta human vs human or in the more offense vernacular, mutant vs human. This conflict has informed our politics, it has informed our wars...and it has informed our own internal conflict. We have elected meta-human Presidents so I know things are getting better, but we aren't there yet, we aren't simply calling each other Americans yet. So it's time, it's time to heal the wounds, it's time to come together and together rebuild our damaged country."

She began pacing the platform, gesturing and speaking to the crowd as if speaking to her peers. "To do this, to heal these wounds we must begin a program designed to bring people together, to educate one another so there is no longer an unknown to fear. People like Maverick have long told us that non-humans, meta-humans or mutants if you prefer, are dangerous because a normal human can't blow up a city on a whim. Well...neither can most mutants and the ones that can? They're no different from anyone else except for their powers and those powers...those powers are really no different from a weapon. In the hands of a good person, they are harmless, in the hands of a bad person, they can be devastating. It's easy to forget that a human can actually blow up a city. A person can use nuclear weapons, dirty bombs and so on and in America there are also tens of millions of citizens, 'ordinary' humans, who own guns. If we're going to equate powers and abilities to dangerous weapons, then we must realize the obvious truth...a vast majority of meta-humans do not use their abilities to cause harm just as a vast majority of gun owners don't use their guns to cause harm."

Luna Hawk paused to let her words sink in and smiled to the crowd. "I propose a program that brings meta-humans and humans together to work on rebuilding our damaged or destroyed cities and planning a future together. This program will seek to hire equal numbers of meta-humans and humans for various projects across the country and more importantly, it will offer incentives to corporations that begin to treat their meta-humans and human employees as people, rather than labels. Companies that promote equally, that hire equally and that promote an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation within their ranks will receive tax incentives and so too will Universities that seek a diverse student body."

Luna Hawk smiled a moment, allowed the applause that followed and then continued.

"Finally...for every carrot...there is a stick. We must prosecute companies that violate the equal rights protections guaranteed all citizens. The Fourteenth Amendment applies to all citizens, there is no need for a special provision about's time we apply that law's also time we stop associating with countries that actively oppress their populations based on their genetic code. This includes, unfortunately, nations such as France. The international community must begin to treat these countries as the human rights violators they are and I will lead an effort through the United States and its role in the UN to begin treating these countries in exactly this manner. We isolate nations for systemic human rights violations already, it's time to stop pretending that because meta-human has a word in front of human, that somehow the explicit and systemic oppression of this population group is anything less than a crime against the entire species. Only by treating one another as equals, as people and not as labels, can we move past human vs meta-human. Once we do that, the extremism that plagues some factions of the meta-human community will begin to decline. Take away the popular excuses for extremism and it will begin to flounder. That is true also on the other side of the conflict...which is why I propose declaring the Humans First Foundation an extremist organization, just as I will declare well known but previously ignored 'mutant' extremist groups as precisely what they are, terrorist organizations. This will mean locking down their finances, blocking their communications and treating extremists, on both sides, as the enemies to civilization that they are. This world cannot continue to exist half-human and half-mutant...we must either unite, or one will destroy the other." She intentionally intoned and paraphrased the words of Abraham Lincoln. For Luna Hawk a peaceful future meant uniting people, not dividing them.