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Broken Home

Luna Hawk shifted a little, watching Solar Hawk take care of her child. She sighed softly and stood up from the edge of a bed that had been missing one of its occupants for more than two months now. "Sha..." She started.

"No." Solar Hawk said firmly. "Stop." She added, putting the baby gently back in its crib. "Just stop."

"He hasn't contacted you in months. He hasn't contacted one we know has seen him...the President hasn't even seen him. I think it's time to accept that something has happened." Luna Hawk said. They had had this conversation every day for weeks and Luna Hawk assumed it was going to go as it usually did...Solar Hawk would start ignoring her and she'd leave to go do something useful in Gothic.

Instead, Shaeyra turned around to face her, putting her hands on the crib rail behind her.

"What if he's dead?"

"I..." Luna Hawk trailed off, she knew that pain, knew it all too well. "You have to keep faith that he's alive. You have to trust his abilities and determination to come back home...but you can't pretend he's not missing."

Shaeyra knew Luna Hawk too well to buy any of that. She glanced back at the baby and then back to Luna Hawk. "He'll never know his dad..." She turned her back on Luna Hawk, looking in on the child. "How wonderful he is, how intelligent and he saved you from your own depression. He'll never get to meet him and Alexander will never know his son...boys need fathers." She said softly. Her hands tightened on the rail, the wood splintering a little beneath her grip. "What the hell am I going to do?!"

Luna Hawk stood and strode across the room where she placed a hand over one of Shaeyera's own. "You're going to do what we've always done. You're going to move forward come hell or high water, you're going to raise that child with my help and you're going to hope Alexander is alive and returns to you. I'll put out some feelers about trying to track him down...but you know how it is when he goes on these deep projects."

"Kendra..." Shaeyra said softly and looked over to her younger double. "Is it going to be ok?"

Kendra nodded. "It's going to be ok."

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