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With a blaster, Leia or Padme takes this. Rey doesn't have much experience with a blaster. Physically, Leia doesn't have as many feats as the other two. Rey is probably the best fighter and her stick helps her plenty. But, Padme has shown to have physical superiority in every way. Her skin is stronger than some metal as a Nexu was able to take out droids with a single swipe and it only left marks that didn't even go through the skin. She also can fall from seemingly any height without the slightest discomfort. So would Padme be at risk with Rey and her weapon? Well, Padme’s body is able to endure injuries that are well above Rey and her weapon. Padme wouldn’t be affected much by Rey’s stick and it would be impossible to take her down in a such a manner. However, Padmé’s skin can obviously be penetrated by a lightsaber. Even though a Nexus could only leave superficial marks on her skin, it caused her obvious distress and the marks pierced a few layers of skin. Even Padmé’s powerful body cannot protect her from a lightsaber so she couldn’t rely on her durability. Although Padme has proven to be vastly stronger, faster, more experienced, and durable. Padme could potentially lose if Rey has a lightsaber, however as Rey is no slow poke in comparison. That’s the closet in physicality. Padmé’s amazing endurance would ensure she can outlast Rey in a long fight, but would a long fight happen? This is where the battle is about even.

Padme vs Leia vs Rey (with no weapons): Padme 10/10 times. Her body is too durable to be hurt in such a manner.

Padme vs Leia vs Rey (blasters): Padme 6/10 times. Leia and Padme are both excellent markswomen, but the latter’s virtually endless stamina and amazing threshold for pain gives her the slight majority.

Padme vs Leia vs Rey (Rey’s stick): Padme 10/10 times, if a Nexus can barely penetrate her skin and the same animal destroys metal casually, Rey’s metal weapon cannot harm her.

Padme vs Leia vs Rey (Lightsaber): Padme 5/10, Rey 5/10. Padmé’s powerful body can give her the victory, but even a novice with a lightsaber is incredibly dangerous.