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hello im your friendly neigbor hood geek i read comics obiously play pc and console gaming my room is decorated with collectiblesand things for example special edition lotrs dvd boxes alined on my shelf and grey hulk action figure . im a shy but quick to get angry person saturdays if im not gaming im out with my friends .i go nuts for starwars lotr's ,and harry potter come look at my room and see. even though im middle class and on a budget i still find a way to read the comics i love

favorite comic book characters : wolverine,gambit,night crawler colossus ,rouge ,boom-boom,x-23,psylocke, mystique, jean, hazmat,mettle, finesse,veil,hulk,tigra,spiderwoaman,valkerie,black widow, all the she hulk's ,ironfist ,deadpool,magnetto,cap america

dc: harli quin, joker,catwoman,talia,jason todd, Damien, bruce wayne,dick grayson,poison ivy, green lantern kyle, aroctius ,bleez, star saphire,king shark,wonder woaman, superboy, black canary, martianman hunter , Megan, kid flash ,flash