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Please, we don't have to do this...
Please, we don't have to do this...
Oh yes we do.
Oh yes we do.

John Wick has killed many men to avenge the death of his dog, and best friend.

But can he bring himself to kill one of his friend's own kind?

John Wick vs Cujo

The fight takes place at the end of the first John Wick, animal help center. He's recovered a bit, but he's still winded, and all weapons aren't working. The environment is still in play though.

30 feet apart and no tools, battle is to the death. Who comes out on top?


Or his best friend?

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I had her, I had absolute faith that I had her in my sights. Perhaps I was too overconfident, maybe I had overshot. Whatever it was, my mistake proved almost fatal. Being unable to properly maneuver in the air, I didn't take into account that Thunderfist would be able counterattack my abilities. I didn't know how she figured out where I had been, she had seem to suddenly just look up, aware of where my presence was. Precognition? I would need further information, but now wasn't a good time for that. My runic blade was parried aside by the mercenary, her first sword pulling back for a critical blow. I twisted my form as far as I could, hoping to lessen the damage, but it wouldn't be enough.

I felt the blade slip past my armor, the metal plate offering no protection against the mercenary's adamantium might. A torrent of blood parted my maw, a strained gasp desperately trying to grab a hold of air. I was brought to the ground, landing upon it without grace, my knees crashing downward. It a fit of desperation, I felt my combat energies spike, increasing my perception of time and to keep myself from going into shock. Looking down I examined the wound, just as the butch who stabbed me removed her blade from my side. It was a deep piercing wound. It had run me straight through, a small hole right through my body. Looking up, I watched as Thunderfist prepared to follow up her attack, and I realized that this fight had gone on too long. It was likely I couldn't beat her without using significantly more force, and by then more people would get involved.

This had to end.

Thinking quick, I pull my hand back, concentrating my power into my fist, attempting to match the woman's efforts. I didn't have long though. With a loud scream I shot my hand straight, aiming right for her oncoming attack. The split-second before our fists collided, I felt several rune shards slip between the creases of the fingers. Pinching the razor sharp knives between them, I planned on not matching blow for blow on an even playing field. Our blows would connect, and I sought to drive each shard through her knuckles, burying them into her hands. The runes on the shards would protect them from the generated chi she had placed into her fist, hopefully long enough for them to serve their purpose.

If this worked, then there was no time to waste. I would lash out with my other hand and wrap it around her face. Focusing what was left of my power, I would concentrate, focusing a single image in my mind, a spot I remembered all to well. It was a place I saw in my waking dreams, in my nightmares. It was the spot where a piece of me would always remain. On the ground floor of Gothic City, among the bustling traffic of downtown she would land, surrounded by people and vehicles. Honking horns would siren out in alarm at her sudden appearance, while many people might pause to stop and stare. Others might not care that much though, they were used to weird things happening. Thunderfist would land in the place where I died.

I would slowly trudge forward, holding my side with my free hand, putting pressure on the wound. It didn't really matter though, I could already feel my healing factor kicking in, and the wound began to slowly close. I knew I couldn't waste anymore time though. It wouldn't take long for Thunderfist to track down where we had previously begun our battle. Diving for the power core, I would let my mind race again, quickly coming up with another location, and I would be gone, the power core in my grasp and far away from Gothic City.

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I let a smile spread across my features as my shard blade tore into the side of the Thunderfist, blood seeping from the wound, and staining the rigged weapon in my hand. For a brief moment the broken runes on the blade glowed, absorbing the strength given from the masked woman's life force, but quickly waning away. I may not have dealt nearly as much pain as I had intended given the mercenary's skill, but that was of no concern. Any wound dealt the enemy was its own small victory.

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The blow didn't seem to slow her down however, as she attempted to retaliate. Her free hand swung towards my face, the back of her hand closing the distance with her surprising speed. My adrenaline still pumping, and the activation of my Lazarus granted powers, my body glowed a dim red hue, and my own free arm raced to meet hers. Her hand slammed across my raised arm, a surprising strength lying behind it. She batted my arm aside, leaving me uncomfortably open for a strike. In my state, I felt myself suddenly disarmed of my shard, the weapon tossed behind me. I looked back to retaliate, but already she was in motion.A smoke pellet appeared, quickly covering the alley in a bog of mist. Normally this would be detrimental, but my clairvoyance allowed me to see what was happening.

Thunderfist had grabbed what appeared to be a grappling hook, and sure enough with a squeeze of the trigger, she shot upward, racing towards the power core above.No, I couldn't let her get it. My hand shot forward, grabbing her ankle. I hoped to keep her to the ground, but I was unprepared for the forces of the grappling gun. Holding onto her tight, we both shot up towards the roof, my grip slipping as we neared the top. I grit my teeth, digging my fingers into the woman's ankle to keep hold. Meanwhile, I had summoned my shard from below, the weapon racing behind us.

Using her athletics, Thunderfist simply rolled onto the top with finesse. I had no luxury though. Do to my awkward positioning, I knew that getting onto the roof in the normal capacity would put me at a disadvantage. So I went with the unconventional.

Letting the force from the grappling hook take hold, I let go of Thunderfist's ankle right before she ascended the roof. My momentum shot my upward, my body rising high above the rooftops. It was like the cracking of a whip, even followed by a slight sonic boom. Looking downward I saw the mercenary preparing to grab the power core. Thinking fast, I raised my hand and commanded a powerful telekinetic blast, hoping to launch the power core even further out of reach. Meanwhile, my shard finally caught up, slipping into my grip. I began my descent, gravity finally taking hold, and changed my trajectory so that I could crash atop Thunderfist where we would continue the fight. I twisted my form, hoping to lop off the woman's head with one fell swoop...

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I had been correct in my assumption that she'd give chase, the sound of her boots smacking the ground mirroring my own movements. I turned, so did she, I ducked, she followed. Obviously I wasn't going to lose her in a foot race, at least not yet. I felt an itching feeling, a hunger to just draw my blade and confront this nuisance. Surely I could dispatch her without haste, and leave her dead where she stood. Then I could be on my merry way. But I knew better. Gothic City was a place crawling with heroes and vigilantes alike (whether or not there was a difference didn't matter). If I made a show of force, the conflict would escalate, and the power I would need to use, my full might, would easily draw the attention of far more powerful forces.

No, this was going to have to be handled with..."subtlety".

Suddenly, before my eyes there appeared shimmering images. What appeared to be a wall of police cars flickered into existence, and overhead I saw helicopters. But there was something wrong with them. They were hollow, out of sync with reality. I could see past them, through the veil that was associated with illusions. My vacant face gave way as pale lips curled into a sneer. The mercenary was unaware that illusions had no control over me, her parlor tricks nothing more than that; tricks. My medallion tugged underneath my breastplate to confirm what I already knew to be true. I could just as simply walk through them as if they were but mist. There was no fear of them impeding my movement.

But where was the fun in that?

My heels dug into the asphalt road, my foot carving a straight line following behind me. I stopped 20 feet short of the "police cars", my sneer turning into a snarl. Not wishing to stay still for too long, I my halted momentum was used to shoot me off to the side, diving down an alleyway to escape the illusion of threat. Thunderfist didn't know that I could see through them, and that meant I had a card up my sleeve. It was best to wait and use it when it would be become most advantageous. And besides, what harm was there in humoring the merc?

Apparently, a boot.

Two shots were fired behind me, and the shard that I had used earlier came into play. I had it stashed to my belt, so that I would not lose it. Quickly reacting, I took the shard and swung it, its blade deflecting the gunfire. However, I was not fast enough to intercept the followup kick that Thunderfist delivered. I sailed across the alleyway, my footing lost, and along with it, in my other hand the power core flew off. I unintentionally had thrown it upwards, where it seemed to spiral in the air for a second. I still had the sense to realize that in this state it was an easy target. My shard shot forward, hitting the power core hilt first and lifting it higher into the air, out of both of our reaches. I lost line of sight with it, but it presumably landed onto the roof top of the buildings beside us.

I rolled into a bracing stance, ready for any followup attack Thunderfist might deliver. My right arm shot to my back, drawing forth another shard, this one in particular long. It was practically a dagger. I shot forward, ready to meet this mercenary in combat. I would not give her the opportunity to counter attack. My first lunge was a feint, aiming for her center of mass. At the last second I twisted my hand, changing its trajectory and hoping to drive it into her side.

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Don't say I didn't give you a chance.
Don't say I didn't give you a chance.

Hidden within my armor, I felt the tug of my medallion, the vibrations alerting me of a forthcoming event. My hazel eyes shimmered a bright yellow as my sight was enhanced, the heart of the warrior allowing her to see the flow of spiritual and life based energies. Around the taller woman, a shield began to form around her. Upon closer inspection, it was one made out of her own chi. Clearly, she was expecting this to go south pretty quickly. I let a low sigh escape at this knowledge, realizing that diplomacy wasn't going to work today. I never had high hopes, but it would've saved me a lot of time. Precious, precious time.

Drawing in more breath, my fingers curled into a balled fist, realizing what this was going to come to. "I have changed Thunderfist," I began, "I'm not saying I haven't. Look at me," I pulled my hood back, revealing my pale white, sickly skin. My faded yellow hair dropped to shoulder length, and my equally faded yellow eyes met the gaze of Thunderfist's singular vision. I couldn't quite read her face yet, the mask blinding the upper half, but mine was in full view, and it showed determination, and underlying anger, "I'm not the same as I once was."

"I don't care about the praise," I continued, my voice still steady and calm. "I don't care that I wasn't thanked. I care that no one did anything. This city stood by, its people and watched as not just myself, but other heroes as well, continually die for them, and they don't try to change? A few half-ass attempts here and there don't make up for the blood that was shed on their behalf. I will not let their death's, MY death, be in vain. This city will change, I'll make it happen.

"And no, mercenary. It will not burn. Fire can not cleanse filth. No, I will drown it. Don't say I didn't give you a chance."

I foresaw a blur of movement, Ronin suddenly dissapearing, and most importantly the power core erupting in flames and exploding. All of my plans, the whole reason I had come to this rotten city, ruined in the one-off future that I saw take place. The images played through my head in a near instant, the input quickly stored within me and processed. I knew what I had to do to stop this.

"NO!" All pretense of diplomacy vanished, my voice came out with the force grenade, a shout amplified by the mystical energies coursing through my body. In a flash of movement I had torn my cloak from my body, letting if be cast off to the side. In doing so I revealed my true visage to the mercenary. Darkened armor covered my form, metal gauntlets clanking from the burst of speed. Red veins were scattered throughout my form, reaching up to my face, as if the armor itself was my skin.

From two miles away, my plan came to fruition. A single run shard, the remains of my old blade, zoomed to our location. I had had it slowly drifting towards our location, so that the needle like tool would pose no immediate threat, and therefore hopefully not alert anyone to their presence. As soon as danger had shown itself however, the green rune immediately showed up to help. Within a second it arrived coming in at hypersonic speeds (mach 5). At this time, I saw Ronin disappear entirely, Thunderfist coming in to swiftly rid him from the battlefield. At nearly the same time, the mercenary had taken out a firearm, turning it towards the power core and planning on firing. With the gift of foresight, I was able to enact ahead of time in a situation that otherwise would have Thunderfist's speed take me by surprise.

As was I could narrowly compensate. The rune shard came in to block the bullet from the air, slicing through it and keeping the power core intact. Quickly enacting I would reach forward and grab it, ensuring that I would be the one in possession. If this worked, I would activate the godly magic of my sheathed sword, extending my arm forward. From my palm fire would begin to spew, and an explosion appeared between Thunderfist and I, hopefully separating us and giving me distance. With that said, I would have the power core in my hand, and thus I no longer had a reason to battle this fool spouting ideologies. I would bolt off, preparing my next move. For there was no doubt in my mind that she wasn't just going to give up on this chase that easily.

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I'm am totally in to this. Never played Pathfinder, but I have played DnD...once.

Still would be excited.

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Sure. Are they the ones who make up the CoE?

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Do you think it'd be okay if I revamped this place then, or incorporate its ideas?

I'm trying to revitalize the Mare del forte location, but it has a lot of chunks missing out of it, and I've noticed that all the old underwater sea empires have stopped being posted at. I don't mean to steal any ideas, but I felt it would be nice to have a nice, unified and singular location without wasting the previous water kingdoms.