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Focus on the Skrulls 0

An interesting look on what happens when two high level Skrulls realize their invasion plans might go to heck in a handbasket because the Scarlett Witch has changed reality. I myself was quite surprised to find myself sympathizing with the villains but...there you go. Their terror and confusion struck a chord in me.And the art was top-notch as well. Very tight, very energetic. ...

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A fun look 0

A fun look at various aspects of the Marvel Universe. It literally starts out with a street level view of a terrible section of Detroit, with awful, yet realistic problems. The Avengers are working on these problems with established real world techniques...namely showing up. Law enforcement being seen tends to scare off criminals.Then just a few pages later the Avengers are racing off to stop a cosmic threat that is endangering innocent lives on the Canadian border.So in conclusion, a fun read a...

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I loved it 0

This was a highly entertaining read. The creators mixed 'Mars' and 'Judge Dredd' concepts together in a very original way and added a fresh new take on everything. Just when I thought certain things would happen I was highly surprised with the plot twists. ...

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Fantastic art. 0

The art is incredible. Our artist here never fails to dissapoint. Each charachter is distinct and stands outs, even the nameless minions. The storyline is great as well. Stan Lee shines here. Given a new playground, the Marvel Universe of the future, he shines and is having great fun. Great fun equals greatER writing. ...

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