"Smallville" Season 10: Speculation and Ideas

This past Friday night, Smallville fans were on cloud nine. The long-running CW superhero drama turned in one of its finest efforts with the season finale titles "Salvation." Haven't seen it? Click the link and watch it on the CW's website. Want to read a review of it? Then this link will take you to my review of the episode.

Are you still itching for more Smallville ? Of course you are. The finale was fantastic, but the wait until September seems agonizing. We won't need to wait through the entire summer without news. Traditionally, casting news leaks in June while the show gives a trailer and some answers at San Diego Comic-Con.

Nine years & still kicking!
Nine years & still kicking!

Still, no one can help but dream of season ten and what they want to see. It's very so exciting to think of what the ever-improving Smallville has to offer. After nine seasons and interviews, there is enough precedent to piece together a rough idea of what may happen. I'm going to analyze the clues and try to put together what we may (and hope to) see come the fall.

Smallville loves to put Clark and friends in a life-endangering moment in the finales. More often than not, the following has been done: Clark's friends are alright, and he is powerless. I'm expecting that tradition to continue.

Chloe's safe (for once) as is Lois. Green Arrow was captured, but I imagine we'll see him safe with them taking one of two routes here (more on this later). Tess is dead with a visitor (more on this later as well) while Clark is falling from the sky with blue, power-stripping kryptonite jammed in his abdomen.

Will this happen in the premiere?
Will this happen in the premiere?
I would love to see the show's writers just skip the farce and have Clark throw the dagger out with the sun giving him his powers back. He stops falling with flight and flies off to make sure his people are safe. As fresh as that move is, that plays out badly on a script. It's too easy. Plus, you should devote flight to its own episode - as each new power has received.

Instead, I imagine that Martian Manhunter will come to Clark's aid and get him to Metropolis General Hospital. Clark will think that his destiny has been served and be at peace with no powers. However, he will learn of some threat that puts him on the path of getting his powers back via Jor-El and the Fortress of Solitude.

In the opener of "Salvation," Clark received a gift from his mother: The infamous red and yellow S was seen in his eyes. Everyone assumes it's the full-on Superman suit. I would advise people to slow down.

One of the most infamous quotes from interviews has to do with the idea that the show ends with Clark becoming Superman, and Smallville 's purpose is to show the journey to that iconic moment of him flying with the suit. On top of that, no superhero, Justice Society aside, has shown their traditional costume. Aside from those facts, I don't even want to see the budget-strapped Smallville attempt a costume.

What do I think will be the costume? Well, I think it's going to be a bit of a compromise of what we've seen so far. Early on, Clark wore a red jacket and blue shirt which then morphed into the black "S" shirt and Neo-esque jacket. I believe we'll see a traditional blue "S" shirt with a long red jacket. Fans may be ticked off, but this seems to be the next logical step in the costume's progression.

The next logical step?
The next logical step?

During the course of the season finale, Lois finally figured out who The Blur was after a few seasons of super-speed and convenient concussions. Quite frankly, the moment was long overdue.

Fans wide and far have already cracked the joke that the writers will quickly find some way to take these memories away from Lois. Why wouldn't they? Time after time after time the viewing audience has seen someone learn Clark's secret only to be stripped of it through some kind of shenanigan. At this point, they should let Lois keep the knowledge of The Blur.

Fans gripe about every little change the show makes to the Superman mythos, but people should know by now that this is definitely its own continuity. One change that should happen is that Lois is in on Clark's secret. In any media, Lois was always too close not to know. It's a wonder why people joke that she was always fooled by some dinky glasses. Smallville shouldn't make this mistake. Let her in on the secret and save her poor, beautiful head from getting hit some more.

They get paid to do that. Some people just have all the luck.
They get paid to do that. Some people just have all the luck.

As far as their relationship goes, with Lois knowing the dual life of Clark Kent there needs to be some bumps in the road. I would love to see General Sam Lane come back to the show and stir things up. It would also be nice to see Perry White come to The Daily Planet to help stir up the work side of the show, but that's not entirely necessary.

Luthor, Brainiac, Doomsday, and Zod, the show's improvement almost ties in with their inception of one super-villain driving a season's actions. While there are clues pointing to Lex Luthor still being alive in the Smallville universe, I don't see Michael Rosenbaum coming back to the show.

As of now, the clues from the JSA episode and the finale, the old woman possibly being Granny Goodness and Ollie being captured by parademons, are pointing at the long-awaited arrival of Darkseid.

Yeah, fans have been waiting for this.
Yeah, fans have been waiting for this.

On one hand, I'm extremely stoked. Darkseid is a big-time threat. However, I remember Doomsday. I remember the cheap looking suit, the bad special effects, and the god-awful final battle. The show has a limited budget. Not only that, but the show works better when they avoid the special effects as we saw with the Zod battle. If the choice is Darkseid then what should happen?

Well, I imagine the parademons, Granny Goodness, Darkseid, and other Apokolipitans will have leatherized costumes. I actually don't mind this because recreating Darkseid exactly may come off real cheesy plus leather can keep the budget down especially for parademons.

Another alien invasion would be dull. Been there, done that many times over on Smallville, so let's avoid the takeover Earth angle. Instead, center the Darkseid storyline around him searching for the Anti-Life Equation. Now what about the visitor and Ollie storylines? 

Granny Goodness was visiting the recently-dead Tess. If you want to keep Tess around then why not turn her into a Female Fury? Yeah, I went there. Not only do you have the resources of Luthorcorp, but you have Tess's knowledge of Clark's team giving Darkseid's army a huge advantage. It's all about giving the heroes as many obstacles to overcome as possible. Besides, Female Fury Tess (Lashina anyone?) would be great.

Tess's future?
Tess's future?

As for Ollie, either Clark can search for and rescue Oliver or Ollie can escape and serve as a messenger for the impending invasion. It's only logical that Oliver will be a big key in the not-yet Justice League discovering the new season's big bad.

What I've speculated will lay out the course for more DC heroes and villains to appear since we'll see citizens for Apokolips which naturally calls for more heroic support (Green Lantern anyone?). Fans go crazy for those moments. Not only are new characters called for, but the already introduced should make returns. It'd be nice to see some of the Justice Leaguers appear in a few episodes here and there since that will help with the next thing on my checklist.

I was going to throw up a picture of Green Lantern, but I couldn't resist putting this up.
I was going to throw up a picture of Green Lantern, but I couldn't resist putting this up.

Clark's personal lesson for the season should be his leadership skills. As much as he's grown into the hero we know he becomes, he has yet to really be the leader for this team. It's one of the last big steps he needs. Well, that and flight.

The power of flight needs to happen. Forget the "no tights, no flight" rule. As I said earlier, I'd love to see an early season episode where Clark gets this power. It's tradition that a new power equals its own episode so I expect that to continue when flight does happen.

Another Smallville tradition is an episode focused on kryptonite: blue, red, gemstone, black, and silver have all been the focus of episodes. I'm imagining that we'll see the producers create a new type of kryptonite or give an existing type (Gold? White?) a new meaning. Hopefully, we don't get another red kryptonite story.

What color is next? Gold?
What color is next? Gold?

Finally, figure out if season ten is the last season or not. I know a lot of the contracts are through this season, so if this is to be the end then end on the right note. It is important to know if there's only 22 chapters left in this story or if there will be one more season. If this is the end then go all out, but it is imperative that the writers know where this is going from the beginning of the season as opposed to finding out in March that the show's going to end a few months later.

What say you Viners? Did I nail it? Am I way off base? Did I miss anything? Sound off in the comments below about season 10 expectations and speculation.    


"Smallville" Season Finale Review

As a fan, I have to admit that it's a bit remarkable that Smallville has lasted nine seasons. It simply is the show that will not die. Since that's the case, viewers are fortunate that the latter few seasons have shown marked improvement. This ninth season has been fairly strong week in and week out, but the question I had in my mind as I sat down to watch this episode was if this season could finish on a high note and avoid the downfall of season eight - an underwhelming season finale.

One year later: Still disappointing
One year later: Still disappointing

This year's finale has Zod's forces attacking the Earth while Clark must decide if he wants to use the Book of Rau to rid the Earth of all Kryptonians, himself included, or find another way to defeat Zod and his army. Meanwhile, Lois is being manipulated to locate the Book of Rau while the not-yet-Justice League and Justice Society attempts to support Clark.

That's some reflection
That's some reflection

The opener was definitely a treat as we get a glimpse of 2013 Metropolis, complete with a flying red and blue blur, Lois calling for Perry White, and 'Lex Luthor running for President' being the headline on The Daily Planet's front page. Clark awakes from his dream to find a gift from his mother - the suit we all want him to wear. We don't know what happens to the suit, but it now exists even if we only saw an eye's reflection. 
What else exists after this episode? The Clark Kent we all know as Smallville Clark finally embraced his role as the "premiere" and inspirational superhero he is meant to be. While the budget got in the way of giving us a true reunion of Oliver's team and the JSA, they did manage a scene where everyone looked towards Clark for guidance and leadership. Clark finally looks comfortable in his role as Earth's protector. This was a huge moment in his heroic development, and I was glad that they made the decision to keep this episode's spotlight on Clark as opposed to cluttering it with super-guest stars.
Unlike last season, the budget doesn't ruin the battle we all wanted to see: Clark versus Zod - which is what this episode was all about. Initially, Clark had wanted to avoid fighting his people, but realized there was no other choice after his talk with Chloe and finding the hot Tess Mercer (sorry for the bad pun). Of course, Zod cemented Clark's decision by manipulating Lois into stealing the Book of Rau and nearly dissolving her relationship with Clark. Clark's reaction was great, and it was very nice (and long overdue) to see Lois realize who the real Blur is.

Tom Welling's a lucky son of a...
Tom Welling's a lucky son of a...

After Clark dealt with Zod's army, it was showtime. A lot of credit goes to the choreography, cinematography, and directing as the final fight was done about as well as any I've seen on Smallville. Tom Welling and Callum Blue also deserve a lot of praise for how much they delivered in this episode. It was intense, personal, and that's how it should be with Zod and Kal-El.

Clark to Zod:
Clark to Zod: "That's a lovely coat. Where'd you get it?"

In particular, I'm going to miss Blue next year. He played a fantastic and captivating General Zod throughout the entire season. I couldn't help but let out a cheer when he growled, "Kneel before Zod." Clark's actions near the end were definitely very in-character, and the season ends with the Kandorian storyline resolved. 
In a season finale, not only do you have to resolve some storylines, but you need to lay some foundation for the tenth season. This episode accomplished just that. Yes, we have four questions that need answering: Who was the woman who went into Tess's hospital room? What attacked Green Arrow? How will Lois react the next time she sees Clark? Finally, of course, what happens after the final scene? The early favorites for the first two are Granny Goodness and the parademons while the latter two questions are open-ended. 

I hope whoever visited her doesn't have a weak stomach.
I hope whoever visited her doesn't have a weak stomach.

I've seen every show in Smallville's nine season run, and "Salvation" is easily among its best episodes. The acting was strong, they peppered in fanboy moments, the special effects were kept to a minimum, and there were no lulls in the fast-paced hour from start to end, and what an ending it was. The ending was on an entire other level, and I wasn't the only one to think so. Twitter was hit hard by Smallville fans as #smallville, #allisonmack, and #tomwellingissuperman were trending topics prior to, during, and, especially, after the finale where they held up for 30 minutes post-show. When it was all said and done the vast majority of fans all seemed to have the same thought: "Is it September yet?" Did Smallville's season finale succeed? Emphatically yes. 
LostLantern13's rating: 5 out of 5 Red Capes


Lantern Corps Symbols

Hal Jordan just fits right in
Hal Jordan just fits right in

After "Green Lantern" v.5 #25 was released, the creative minds involved (Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Scriver) were interviewed about the other, newly-introduced corps.  
One of the questions commonly asked was about the corps symbols. They promised that the answers would be revealed one day. After "Blackest Night," readers, if they remember, still don't have this question answered. 
Yes, there has been an explanation as to what inspires these symbols... 
- The Red Lantern Corps symbol is the outline of a Manhunter's chest. That makes sense since the Manhunters killed sector 666 which left the Five Inversions, including Atrocitus, as survivors.
- The Orange Lantern symbol are lines pointed selfishly inward to resemble a little fat man. That obviously tying into avarice.  
- Despite it being retconned, the Sinestro Corps symbol comes from Hal's Parallax armor.  
- The Green Lantern symbol is well-balanced or a siren, as some people call it.  
- The Blue Lantern symbol is supposed to play off the Sinestro symbol and looks like an angel.  
- Indigo's symbol has the arrows going outwards. It plays off the Orange symbol.  
- The one that doesn't fit, the Star Sapphire Corps, is just their old symbol with a change - the circle. 
That's the tie. They all have circles. Even in that above picture (which is what got me thinking about the symbols again), you can make out the watermarked circle and a piece of each color's symbol. The circle is also prominent in 3 of those embodiments. So I guess, the point of this blog (aside from racking up quest points) is to ask what do people think that circle means? Does it have any meaning or should I keep my late night induced thoughts to myself?