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A trade worthy of Saga 0

I was all set to buy individual trades of the series instead of borrowing issues from friends but then I saw the announcement that a Hard Cover edition of the first 18 issued was coming out in late 2014 and I decided to wait and boy am I ever glad that I did. This hard cover edition is a wonderful collection for a great comic book. If you have not heard about Saga by now do yourself a favor and pick up a trade to see what the fuss is about. it is one of the most imaginative and creative comics t...

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Desire to be normal 1

First off I thought this was a good introductory issue for a new character. I like how they did not rush to have an elaborate action scene right at the beginning and just tried to establish Kamala's basic character and background. Her family seems to be fairly average facing both old and new world pressures and how they affect the family dynamic just Kamala seems to be torn between her family and her desire to be a normal American teen.As this is a new title with mostly new characters and most o...

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An Ultimate Introduction to Invincible 0

First off I know Invincible has been out for a while but I just got my first Ultimate Collection so I thought I would post my thoughts on it. For a while now several friends of mine have been gushing about how great Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead was so I checked it out. It was OK but I am not really into Zombies, then after I did a bit of research I found out he had another ongoing, a superhero title Invincible. I read my friends trade and I was hooked and ordered the first Ultimate Collection r...

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An End and New Motivation 0

I felt this was a pretty good but not great final issue, but in the wake of AvX and MarvelNow! it a fairly good send off for Cyclops' Extension team. There are some good moments here an some resolutions to some plot lines as well. Also there is just a hint of more to come in the future.   Perhaps my favorite part of this issue was Illiana finally beating the idea into Peters head that she is not the little weak and innocent little snowflake that he remembers from his childhood and that she is ca...

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An Operation, a Funeral and a Earthquake 0

First off this was a good first issue. It introduces the players in the new series and gave us a taste of what is to come. The writing and artwork are solid and the events of the issue are well paced giving the issue a good flow throughout. One thing is clear is that Rick Remender and John Cassidy have brought their A game to this title and the quality should only get better as they settle into the characters more.From the beginning this issue we know something is going on when we see someone ma...

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Doop !!?? 0

I dont want to come across as too negative but I view this as a wasted issue. We finally get a non AvX related issue and instead of maybe showing some aftermath of AvX or even a typical day in the lives of the students, we get a book about Doop and how he secretly helps Wolverine at the school. While the story and art are not bad, though I will say I not  Michael Allred's biggest fan, there is not really anything revealed here that advanced the plot along, other than Dethlock telling Logan that ...

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The Truth Hurts 0

First off this was a really good issue in a series that has been chugging along at a pretty high level for some time. Finally sheading light on Lorna's past was interesting. Her back story has been filled with a lot of rumors, half truth and lies over the years. Getting some insight into her past war interesting. I liked Longshots attempts to shield Lorna from the truth, to try to protect her.   Over the years Lorna has been a little unstable over the years and not we find out what has been the ...

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They Had The Best Intentions 1

This is an interesting issue and the first time we really see the kids in serious action. Of course beings kids they make simple conclusions from their view of the world and in a well meaning but misguided attempt to avenge the humiliations visited upon their parents by Shakurankai. The problem is due to the Armistice and the kids not being told  the truth about the world they believe what they see in the comic books really happened. So they charge off into the night to avenge their parents.    ...

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The Journey of a Lost Girl 0

To begin this is a really solid issue in this series. There is great story telling and character development from Marjorie Liu and you can see the progression of the character over time. The artwork from Sana Takeda is also quite good. I can really see the emotion on Laure and Jubilee's faces throughout the issue. I really like Takeda's take on Jubilee, in fact this is the best I have seen Jubilee drawn since she became a vampire.  This issue is the completion of, well lets call it the Paris Ar...

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Some more mutants? 0

Right off the top this is a really good issue, for me the best in this series yet. The writing is solid, Heinberg manages to tie in several story lines and groups into one great installment of this series. The art from the cover throughout this issue really bring this issue to life, really amazing work from Cheung and the color/inking team of Morales and Ponsor.  The story begins with what I thought to be another Wanda freakout but I was happily surprised to see her reign herself in with some as...

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Good Milestone Issue 0

X-Men: Legacy #250 is a good jumping point for this title as it takes a new direction, away from the Rogue the mentor to a new team with a purpose. The thing I really liked about this issue was it showed some real-world consequences from the Age of X story line. The idea that aspects of Legion's personality are loose in the world is a legitimate concern because every personality  of Legion has a different power and some personalities are very dangerous. No one really knows the consequences of th...

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An Interesting Take on the Corps 1

Once again DC has released a good quality original animated movie. This movie is clearly intended to give the uninitiated some insight into the Green Light corps in advance of the upcoming big screen feature. That being said this a great animated production. I like how if focused on the entire corps and not just anyone lantern, giving us some insight as to what is expected of a lantern. I epically enjoyed the story of Mogo and Bolphungaa the Unrelenting, pure gold. Also any additional informatio...

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Color Me Interested 0

First off just let me say this was the best issue of the New Mutants in some time. Its a good jumping point for the uninitiated and as the title says a new direction for those of us already familiar with the title and the characters.  To start with the covers and the variants were all good and eye catching.  I espically enjoyed the Marko Djurdjevic cover with all the main characters.I really liked the way the story opened with the urgency on the team send after the Nimrod fragment . With all the...

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Everybody Wants to Rule The Word 0

I must say that with so many comic's that are produced currently that are flat and unimaginative,  Gladestone's School For World Conquerors is an interesting and fun read. The cover while not spectacular does catch your eye with characters that echo some familiar heroes, at least I they did for me. The introduction was well done I thought giving the premise of the title and the back story behind the school. The tale of the Ashu Gladstone was funny and entertaining ending with the buffoon beco...

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Batman: Under The Red Hood Review 0

I just saw this and I must saw I enjoyed it very much, though it is darker and more violent that other DC animated movies. There is a good nod to the 'A Death in the Family' story at the beginning as a the opening sequence. The rest retells the Red Hood story in a compressed format, capturing your attention all the while. There is a good use of flashbacks in the movie which primarily show Bruce's memories of Jason at key points in their relationship. All the characters are depicted well and the ...

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Cable 24 Review 0

I am modifying a review I posted on another forum. I am posting this after Second Coming is completed but I will limit this review to events as of this issue. So no Spoilers.  As a big Cable fan I felt that this series was a little weak. Though I do feel that's because it was trying to be too many things at once. Cable has been hunted before by lots of different people but he was never hounded like how Bishop did. Bishop literally destroyed the world so there would be no where to hide except...

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Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age 0

This X-Men one shot shows some of the aftermath of the events of Second Coming. The story is broken up into 3 main sub-stories which allows us to see more of the X-Men in the Marvel Universe beside being targets for destruction, which has been common over the last few years.  The first story is primarily about Cyclops and how he is handling things since the events of second coming. First there is a dispute with Beast over the direction the X-Men have taken recently.  Hank is uncomfortable with t...

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