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Gregory, a soldier in Vietnam and Faith, a caregiver, met on a plane trip to New York. On February 14 1966, Gregory and Faith had wed. In 1980 Gregory and Faith separated; due to their different ideas on how to raise their children. They often fought about how Gregory cheated on Faith with her cousin. The cousin had a baby by him. Gregory was a very abusive husband. He would often take his frustration out on Demitri. One night when they were fighting, Demitri was eaves dropping and found out about his father cheating on his mother and the only he reason stayed was because of all the kids and Demitri was an accident. After knowing all of this, he ran away to live on his own. A while later he had moved to Queens. He joined a gang. He was sent to Juvenile hall for picking pockets, fights and other crimes. He decided to turn his life around and go to school. By 1985 Demitri had saved some money and got a scholarship to go to Hofstra University in Uniondale. He met a beautiful girl named Amber. The two began going out. One night when he was going to pick her up, he saw her house on fire. He rushed to save her, in doing so he got hurt. Soon after leaving the hospital from back and leg injuries, Demitri proposed marriage to Amber, she said yes. Demitri thought he had found someone who loved him. One day he found out who had set the fire all those years ago. It was Amber’s jealous ex boyfriend. Now knowing this, Demitri grew angry. He went to find the ex boyfriend and when he finally did, he was with his friends. Without warning, Demitri attacked them all by himself. Eventually they got him off of them. They began to jump him. Bobby, the ex boyfriend, said he was going to get Amber back as he waved a lighter in front of Demitri. In a rage, Demitri unlocked his hidden powers. He set Bobby and his friends on fire. Escaping before someone had seen him. Demitri told Amber he was sorry but he had to go away for a while until things cooled down and he learned to get some control of his powers.