Who is REALLY the Fastest Man Alive?

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Wally West - The Flash. Protector of Keystone City, prominent member of the JLA, full time Jobber, and the Fastest Man Alive.

Or is he? Yes, another Flash outshines him in Speed.

You may ask, who is this Speedster?


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Bart Allen. The TRUE Fastest Man Alive.

Let's look at some evidence.

Evidence 1: The Speedforce.

As we all know, Wally had a Direct Link with Speedforce:

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Bart? He WAS the Speedforce. Rather than having a link with it, he had all of it's power.

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Evidence 2: Superboy Prime

Wait just a moment. I won't be using this as a striking feat, but rather a speed feat.

Here, Bart easily blitzes Prime.

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Previously, Prime stopped Wally from Blitzing him.

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Evidence 3: Hunter Zolomon/Zoom.

Before, Wally had to amp himself with the speed of the Flash Family to fight Zoom.

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On the other hand, Bart was stalemating Hunter during most of his fight, and eventually beat him on his own.

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Evidence 4: Straight from the Horse's... Uh, Speedster's mouth.

That's right, it's true. Wally himself admits Bart IS faster than him.

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  • Bart has a better connection to the Speedforce.
  • Bart is capable of blitzing characters who are about as fast as Wally.
  • Bart has defeated a character who stomped Wally.
  • Wally has admitted Barry is faster.