I'm moving in August. Wonder how many longboxes I'll get up the stairs before my back gives out?

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Am I the only person reading this? 1

I'll try and keep this short I've got some mini corn dogs in the oven. I dont do many reviews. There are people on this site much smarter and better at it than I. But ever so often I read something really great that may not get the attention it deserves. Halcyon is one such book. This is by far the best thing I've read by workhorse Marc Guggenheim. Teamed with wife Tara Butters and rising star artist Ryan Bodenheim, Halcyon tells the story of a world where superheros are made obselete. A Lex Lut...

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I'd trade both of my cats for a Pookie! 1

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. So I flipped though this Wednesday at the shop out of pure curiousity and was stunned by the art. Think Ryan Bodenheim only cleaner and brighter. Very nice! The story starts off in what one would assume is a fantasy realm of sorts. Our protaganist is a red headed warrior broad named Dana. Dana takes off down the mountainside on a flying cat named Pookie and starts some shit with the big cheese and his army. Violence, action, gore playout in a well paced fight...

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This one-shot Rypped me a new anus!! 1

Now that butthole is finally healing up I thought I would give a review for this wonderful PunisherMAX one-shot. Let me start off by telling you I'm a huge fan of all the previous PunisherMAX one-shots. They are always stellar done-in-one tales. My only problem with them is the price of $4.99, OUCH! This one however is pretty easy on the pockets with a cover price of only $3.99. The creative team on this story could not have been better. Peter Milligan tells the story of a down 'n out married, m...

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Officer Downe one-shot 1

So I passed this up Wednesday when I went comic book shopping. Over the weekend I went back to pick up a few things and blow a little more money and this just kept catching my eye. Lets face it $5 is alot to spend on a comic your unsure of regardless of its page girth. So I hand it over to my 9 year old son to flip through and ask him to make the call. He seemed really tickled by it, so I gave it a shot. I've gotta say I'm not sorry I bought this. This guy gives RoboCop a run for his money. Offi...

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