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Paradox War issue 1 campaign

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Hello, I'm Loki9876 and I'm creating a comic book named "The Paradox War" with my cousin Scorpion2501. This is mainly info about our comic and our indigogo campaign (this is an online campaign to raise funds.).

Creating a comic book has been our dream for some time now, ever since I was young I collected comic books, I started out reading Spider-Man, and introduced my cousin to comics some time later.We sat down to describe a plot, and have currently written enough script for five issues, but we don't have the money the create them.Creating a comic is expensive, 1100 Dollar goes to the artist, Gabriel Roswell. Other money goes to advertisement. If we far exceed our goal of 1300 Dollar on the other hand, we could give you so much more quality. We could hire a professional letterer,colourist or artist. If we don't raise money for coloured art, we will at least try to make it black/white art.The comic itself will be avaible to buy digitally and will be written in the English language.But you are now wondering about the story, right?

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"The White Flash was a turning point in history.

Nobody quite knows what changed, except for our great brotherhood.

We remember a timeline of a different world because time has been altered.

Time has collapsed on itself.

In this strange world five great nations has risen: Italy, Egypt, America, Great Britain and Japan.

These nations are in one constant and horrendous everlasting war. Not realizing just how frail this universe is.

We are Kronos. We protect what remains of time. We protect the very existence of this reality."

The text above is the text of the first page of our first issue.The story is about a time were all times are meshed together.It's really a steampunk, cyberpunk tale.You can expect situation like ancient Egypt but with future technology, steampunk London and many more.A lot of historical characters will also be included in the story. People such as Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ramses and more.All these characters will be moved towards a mysterious object that literally could make or break the universe.

The Perks

The Perks we can give you aren't the best, as we aren't a big company, but they are fun. You could be a character in one of our issues. We'll get your photo and make a comic version of you! Just check it out!


If you want to help us you can follow this link: campaign (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/paradox-war-issue-1/x/8508760)

Thank you very much!

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A good villain is essential as the opposite of a hero. A hero is sometimes defined by its villain. A good arch nemesis needs to push the hero to the brim of his sanity. We see this in the relationship between Batman and the Joker in comics and the movie The Dark Knight. That being said the MCU has at best mediocre villains. The only good villain is Loki (Abomination was also pretty cool). So the MCU could use some good counterparts to their heroes. Some villains that I would like to see on the screen will be in the future (like the Winter Soldier) so I won’t discuss them. I would also like to say that I’m going to focus on villains that could appear in the Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man franchises.

1. Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo is a villain of Captain America. He’s a total bad-ass (he fights with an adamantium long sword), genius, combat expert and marksman. He’s also German and an ancestor of a very important Nazi who is also called Baron Zemo.

So there are multiple Baron Zemo’s (Baron Zemoes?) in comics. So what iteration should be used in the movie? Well perhaps a few. We should absolutely use Baron Helmut Zemo, this is the Baron who is active in modern times but the movies could perhaps also use Baron Heinrich Zemo, this is the Baron who was active during WW2. The story could feature flashbacks to WW2 and Heinrich.

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Captain America needs a strong villain and Baron Zemo surely could fill the role.

2. The Leader

In The Incredible Hulk a villain was born called the Leader. He was created when The Hulk’s blood dripped on the head of Samuel Sterns. The Leader didn’t really was active for the rest of the film.

The creation of this villain was more a nod to a future movie in where the Leader would be the nemesis.

A sequel to The incredible Hulk didn’t happen because Marvel hoped the movie would earn more movie.

However the Hulk was a favorite character in The Avengers and he will probably be cool in The Avengers 2. This buzz towards The Hulk could result in a second stand-alone Hulk film if we’re lucky.

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The Leader would make a great nemesis. The Leader’s powers are telekinesis and telepathy but his greatest weapon is his mind. The Leader is one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe. In the comic he infected a entire city with some sort of gamma radiation which resulted in all the citizens transforming in some Hulk-like beings. Just imagine Hulk duking it out in a city full of hulks.

3. The Enchantress

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The MCU has a lack of good villains but also a lack of powerful women. Why don’t combine both of them? I introduce The Enchantress. The Enchantress is an enemy of Thor. She’s a sorceress, not unlike Loki. Therefore it’s very important not to make The Enchantress just a female version of Loki. She could be a scorned woman in the movie (somewhat similar to the comics). It would also be cool to have Skurge as her right-hand man. He’s basically a brute that can take on Thor in combat. Together they could be a dangerous threat to Thor.

4. The REAL Mandarin

SPOILERS. The Mandarin was in Iron Man 3 but towards the middle of the film, it was revealed that the Mandarin was actually an actor. Well, now we can never have a cool Mandarin…

Well, not really. Remember the ten rings is a real terrorist organization in the MCU, who has a real leader. Maybe we shouldn’t call this leader the Mandarin because people will get confused but I do want this Mandarin to have his alien power rings. The Mandarin has power rings which are of alien origin, most producers thought this didn’t fit in the Iron Man story but now with the Chitauri in The Avengers, Dark Elves in Thor 2 and Extremis in Iron man 3, I would say that it isn’t so far-fetched.

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Mandarin is known to be the arch nemesis of Tony Stark in the comics, please also make him grant in the movies.

5. The return of The Red Skull

The Red Skull was in Captain America: The First Avenger but in my opinion, he was somewhat underused.

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It also looks like that red-faced villain didn’t die, he was just transported or something by the tesseract (cosmic cube). When the Nazi should return, he would need to be the most despicable, hate-inducing creature you ever saw. The Red Skull is a symbol of hate and the arch nemesis of Captain America and he should return to the silver screen.

6. Surtur

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Surtur is a demon from Muspelheim (one of the 9 realms) , he’s basically the Thor’s devil. He’s one of the greatest threats for Thor and Thor wouldn’t be able to defeat him on his own (maybe with the of Loki and Odin, he would). Surtur could look so cool on the big screen of course he would have to be CGI. Anyhow an invasion of earth or another realm by the forces of Muspelheim would look extremely cool on the big screen.

You can also follow me here: http://thecomicrealm.wordpress.com/

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What the Flash TV-show needs to do.

The Flash has been born on the small screen in the episode "Three Ghosts" of the CW's show Arrow which was aired on the 11th of August 2013. The episode had great reviewS and it has been rumored that Grant Gustin's character Barry Allen/ The Flash would receive a spin-off show of his own. Although this has not been officially confirmed, there is a great possibility that this is the case. I will list some things that I think would be great ideas to use in the show.

Holy Special Effects, Flash!

The Flash has powers which would translate into some expensive special effects. Arrow also has the need for special effects (all the arrows were actually CGI because the crew thinks real arrows on the set would be too dangerous) however the special effects for the Flash-show should be more expensive.

I think Flash's superfast movement should look pretty good and not fake at all. I don't want the cheap super speed CGI that we got in smallville. I think it would be wise to add some lighting effects, etc. So the speedforce should look like something special. The speedforce will be in (almost) every episode so we don't want it to look fake. I know this could cost a lot of money but why else make a Flash TV-show.

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Adding to that we also need the special effects for other characters.

Learning Curve

Barry shouldn't discover all his powers right of the bat. He should start off with just super speed (and not even his fastest speed.) He should learn more about his powers throughout the season (vibrating through solid matter, running on buildings) and also get faster and faster. It would also be interesting if Barry would hire some martial arts expert so Barry won't just rely on his powers and if he bumped into Professor Zoom he wouldn't get beaten to a pulp because Grant's Barry didn't really look like a fighter.

The Red Blur?

I wouldn't use another name for the show than "The Flash" or perhaps just "Flash". In the title Arrow, there isn't a "green" and it worked out. However The Flash is a name which is recognized by most people (I think Green Arrow isn't). Name-recognition is very important and could results in more money which this show needs to have because of the most likely high-budget it would have. A title like The Red Blur would result in less money than The Flash.

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CSI Central City

Arrow is a mix between a family drama and a superhero show. I think the Flash should be a mix between a CSI-like show and a superhero show. Barry could help solve murders as the "lab guy" and could stumble on interesting cases that he starts as Barry but finishes as the Flash. You could say he solves cases in a flash, OOOOOOOWWWWWW YEAAAHH. Barry has (minor spoilers) lost his mother and his father was wrongfully accused of the murder. Barry is kind of lonely but we need side-characters, don't we? Barry 's colleagues could play a major role in the story. Of course Iris West and Barry's father should also play a big role.

The Rogues

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Barry Allen's villains are known to be very colorful but also powerful. The villains that are best known are the Rogues a gang of villains with somewhat of a moral-code. These villains can shoot ice, create lighting and vanish into mirrors. In Arrow superpowers just appeared but they're still not so exotic like these powers. I would just throw these powers in there right of the bat. The audience should just accept that this is the universe the Flash lives in. Do you remember that I said that Flash's villains have wonderful powers, well I kind of lied. Most Rogues actually have gadgets(in the new 52 they do have these abilities as actual powers), captain cold for example has ice-guns (or cold guns). Maybe I'm crazy but I would change that, I think it would be easier if the Rogues received their powers (powers not gadgets) the same way Barry Allen got his. Maybe the explosion has affected other individuals (a bit like in InFamous). Professor Zoom (who was referred to in Arrow) would also be a big bad but I would use him later in the show and not right of the start.

Timey Wimey

People like time travel stuff, it's just true and The Flash show could do some time travel episodes. The Flash could go back in time, change the past which unleashes a butterfly effect which changes the universe, he then has to restore his universe or something like that. The possibilities are endless.

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Professor Zoom (mild spoiler) also comes from the future which also could result in time travel stuff. Don't overuse the time travel stuff either. The Flash shouldn't become a second Doctor Who ( although I love that show).

So these are some ideas I have. Do you agree or do you think I'm crazy.

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