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One of the best modern age stories!!! 0

This has to be one of the best modern age comics I have read in a long time!!! If your a older comic collector or know your comics you know that the modern age has took a step back or two. The stories are not as interesting and it seems like they will put anything out these days. This is the exception Batman Detective Comics 30. This is an amazing story with amazing art and it keeps you tuned in till the end!!! It shows so many new sides to Bruce Wayne and Batman you may not have seen in past i...

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Family in Termoil 0

In this issue of DC Comics: Batman Eternal it explores the crimes in Gotham and how they have effected the characters in the series. This issue also brings familiar faces to the Eternal series that have not yet appeared in past issues. Harper Row (Bluebird) and Cullen Row are among these faces. The story takes off while Tim Drake is doing some detective work in Gotham leading him to clues The Dark Knight had not come across. While speaking with Alfred, Tim expresses his frustration with Bruce an...

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