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New Black Powers Team

A militant group of Paranormals who were against being treated different for being black. From the New Universe.

List items

  • Team Leader, Indigo has the power to create solid energy constructs.

  • Bazooka had the power to project explosive blasts of force from his hands.

  • Blindspot had the power to turn invisible at will, along with any clothing he was wearing.

  • Chill had the power to generate extreme cold and to create ice.

  • Squirm had the power to stretch and constrict his body - he was able to stretch his limbs around someone and constrict in order to confine them.

  • She can mentally increase or decrease the friction of a surface, making it extremely slippery or sticky.

  • Blur was able to move at superhuman speed.

  • Frenzy is a mutant who possesses steel-hard skin and superhuman strength.