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My comic collection includes

none of them are that impresive but i would still like to share:
*Captain Marvel #13:NM- signed by frank springer
*Wolverine #1 (1988):VF-
*X-men #40:F (1963 series)
*Uncanny X-men #142:VF/NM
*Daredevil #40:VF
*Uncanny X-men #140:VF+(would be NM if its Cover wasnt misrapped)
*Civil War #1 sketch varient:NM+
*Amazing Adventures #11:F/VF
Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.D.#5:F/VFsigned by steranko
X-Men#51:F/VF signed by steranko

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how i got the idea for liquade

the idea of liquade came from a comination of the t-1000 from terminator 2 and wolverine i liked the idea of "liquid metal" because it can make any shape and i liked the idea of adimantium because generaly it was laced over the skeliton ther for the subjects bones could never break however i made it so in liquades case if his skelititon came in contact with radiation or intence rays of cosmic energy he can be seriosly injured in the case of radiation his healing factor stops and cosmic energy paralizes him bt hardening over his bones and puting him in a colma that lasts 3-5 months

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