How big is Los Noches

I'm tired of seeing people claim Los Noches is barely even city size and that Lanza Del Relampago isn't even mountain sized so I'm going to prove they're actually much greater.

First, Nel states it would take them 3 days to walk to the Gate of Los Noches, there is no reason to question the validity of this statement especially when you consider that Nel herself was once part of the Espada and has lived in Hueco Mundo for many years.

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So 3 days to walk to a gate makes it at MINIMUM (Again a lowball) around 6 days to travel completely around it.

Ichigo will not need to rest, he is capable of continuously riding on a bicycle for 5 days straight during Shinji's training.

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The average person walks at around 1.4 m/s, this is clearly a lowball in Ichigo's case due to him being much faster than the average human, nonetheless to silence any Bleach haters we'll assume Ichigo walks at a constant pace of 1.4 m/s.

To find out how much distance he would have traveled in those 6 days we must find out how many seconds are in 6 days so;

24*6 = 144 for hours

144 * 60 = 8,640 for minutes

8,640 * 60 = 518,400 for seconds

And to find the distance he would have traveled in this amount of seconds we would do;

1.4 * 518,400 which equates to about 725,760 meters

This is roughly the circumference of Los Noches (Again, being realistic this is a stupid lowball because Ichigo is much faster than an average person aswell as the fact that Los Noches isn't perfectly circular.)

Now what does that actually compare to?

To find that out we'd have to convert it to area

Now the smallest island that I could find a reliable source for it's area is Smyley Island with an area of an even 1,000 KM²

This converts to about 112,000 Meters as calculated here

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This means, an island with an area of 1,000KM² is roughly 1/7th the size of Los Noches, or 15% the size of Los Noches.

This may seem unbelievable at first, but once you look at the scenes below that were taken from inside Los Noches, it becomes much more plausible.

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So for comparisons sake, what would Los Noches look like as an island? The closest I could find is an island called "Melville Island" which is north of Canada. This island has a area of 42,149KM² as shown here.

And a circumference of roughly 726,490 Meters which is almost identical to the 725,760 Meters a low-balled Los Noches is estimated to have

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