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Back in Action 0

When you first open Knight and Squire #1, you may feel a bit befuddled. For those who don’t know, Knight and Squire are the British equivalent of Batman and Robin in the DCU. Lord Cyril Sheldrake, Earl of Wordenshire, Knight is a legacy hero following in his father’s footsteps who followed in the footsteps of the Shining Knight. Cyril adopted Beryl, a street kid, as his Squire. She has communication powers which are not explained and only mildly touched upon in this first issue. Wholly si...

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An Epic newcomer? 0

  When going to a comic-con it is inevitable to find a multitude of independent writers and artists peddling their unique creations. Baltimore was no different. One of the most advertised books was the debut of Epic #0 from Tyler James Comics. Epic is the superheroic identity of college student Eric Ardor. After a lab accident, Eric gains a wide range of superpowers: super-strength, speed, flight, etc. Unfortunately, unlike kryptonite, Eric’s weakness is as common as his...

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Hunt for the Scarlet Witch begins 1

After defeating Kang the Conqueror, the superhero civil war, the secret invasion, and participating in the siege of Asgard; you would think that the Young Avengers would get some respect from the older superheroes, but to the Avengers, they are still just kids. After an attack in which Wiccan loses control of his witch-like powers, the Avengers decide to have him tested. They do not want another Scarlet Witch disaster. Having learned the truth about the Scarlet Witch’s meltdown, Wiccan ...

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An ok start 0

Following in the footsteps of “ Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog,” popular web series “ The Guild” now has its own comic book. Slated to be a three issue limited series, The Guild comic is a prequel, setting up the back story of main character Cyd “Codex” Sherman. Like the series, the comic opens up with Cyd talking to her webcam. In the show, this technique is charming in the character’s awkwardness and social ineptitude, but doesn’t translate well when using static images. It loses ...

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Booster is having a tough time 0

After the events of the last issue and “Justice League International: Generation Lost,” Booster Gold is not feeling so hot. Over the course of his series, Booster has seemed to come to terms with the fact that everyone must remember him as fame-seeking joke of a superhero so that he can travel through time with Rip Hunter (his future son) and be a true hero who makes a difference. The problem in this issue is that people believe that the short-lived Justice League International was a bunc...

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Finally some Red Hood background 0

Jason Todd was savagely beaten by the Joker. His death was one of the pivotal moments in Batman’s career. This death would haunt Bruce Wayne for years. He only begins to heal when he meets Tim Drake the third boy to wear the Robin costume. In 2004 Jason returned to the DC universe as the villainous Red Hood. Writer Judd Winick (“Pedro and me” and “Superman/Shazam: First Thunder”) attempts t tell how Jason returned from the grave in DC’s new limited series “Red Hood: The Lost Days.” Th...

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More Face time 0

Intelligent, loyal, and a ladies’ man, Templeton “Face” Peck is all of these things and more. In his issue of A-Team War Stories, Face is shown as a carefree wheeler and dealer. Having “appropriated” an engine for the colonel’s transport vehicle, Face is given a choice: Find a Ducati motorcycle or be reported for his misconducts. The writing does a wonderful job of portraying Face’s character. He charms his way through different people and uses his wits when charm is not a viable option...

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Not Young Avengers but has potential 0

With the start of the Heroic Age, it seems that Marvel has realized that it has been lacking in the young superhero teams. While “Young Allies” pulled from their stable of existing characters, “Avengers Academy” took a different approach by introducing five new super-powered kids.Penned by Christos Gage (Avengers: The Initiative), the first issue of “Avengers Academy” is told from the viewpoint of Maddy “Veil” Berry, a girl who can turn into a gaseous state. Her internal monologue gives a...

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Revisting the Past 0

Laura Kinney, the X-Man known as X-23, is one of the most popular comic book characters created in the Modern era—even though she was originally created for X-Men: Evolutions cartoon. Because of this, her character is also one of the most abused. In the new “X-23” one-shot penned by Marjorie Liu (NYX: No Way Home and Dark Wolverine), Laura reunites with Kiden and Tatiana, homeless mutants that befriended her in the series NYX. Told in media res, Liu tells the story of a mysterious ...

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Loeb did good 0

What Derek is is obvious. A mutant. To be more specific, he is a mutant with orange wings, claw-like hands and demonic, glowing orange eyes; which are all retractable to give Derek a more normal appearance whenever he wishes. This is especially desirable since after the events of Ultimatum, all mutants are considered outlaws and must be arrested on sight. After seeing newspaper articles about “a winged guardian” in Chicago, Karen and Jimmy head out to find him. Meanwhile Derek has his ...

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Series Killer 1

Roy Harper. He was the Green Arrow’s sidekick, Speedy. Then he was a heroin addict, but was able to get his live back on track and eventually become Red Arrow, a respected member of the Justice League. Roy was a flawed character but a genuinely good man who learned from his mistakes. His character really shined in the scenes with his daughter Lian. Unfortunately, someone decided that Roy Harper was going to be the Job of DC universe.  In the limited series “Cry for Justice” Roy’s life is decima...

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Review: Young Allies #1 0

After the events of Marvel’s Siege event, loads of new books are coming out of the woodwork to herald the new “Heroic Age.” One such title debuted this week Young Allies which tries to fill part of the void that began with the ending of the short-lived Young Avengers and Young X-men series. Young Allies begins with the origin of Toro, a new hero in the current Marvel universe, but a familiar face to those who read the Heroes Reborn event in 1997. The other heroes in the Young Allies’ lineup incl...

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