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Blew the doors in, wanted to get some attention :D hope I did OK!

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I was waiting to post, did you guys want it sooner? o_O (MR)

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They all watched, as they flow of vampires washed over the city like a wave of locusts on judgement day. One struck fast, killing an innocent with a bloody vengeance and passion, others spread towards the city racing in between the homes of people who lived on the islands, safe havens for families, their tiny homes full of warmth and love, ignorant of the horror coming at them. The vampires had been given basic commands, find and embrace, but each of them also had their own inner choices that drove them, their own dark passenger that blood lusted. As the wave of Cainites crawled over the city, the heroes would be stretched thin, battling the evil attacking what they had created.

“Lillith” hissed one of the other vampires standing near her as they watched Edward and other heroes take charge, felt the boom as he roared brandishing his sword, his power made some of them nervous, he was a born hero and that purity was something that could cut them down. She ignored the hissed demand for her attention as her keen eye site watched the surge of vampires that had been driven towards the leader begin their attacks, those that were in the first wave were young vampires, only weeks old, created by David to deflect and distract. Their own power weak against the heroes they were nothing more than cannon fodder. “LILLITH” the other vampire hissed again turning to face him her fangs out she spat a heavy whisper in return “WHAT IS IT?” the young vampire stepped back as he looked into her fierce eyes “I..” he stammered “Is it time for us to move out?” shaking her head as one of the others pulled the kid back into place, his excitement driving him to ask stupid questions. It was what David wanted, but a modicum of control was required for this second, soon she would release them for her commander and it would be on.

Watching the sky for the sign she was looking for she smiled as the light went on in the top room of Champion Tower, flicking on and off again as the signal beckoned them forward. Raising her hand she made a fist and gestured the horde of bloodthirsty vamp’s forward, dashing into the night they separated. Lillith racing towards the small box that sat on the hillside, it’s very faint green and red lights blinking in the moonlight.

Smiling as she reached the box she licked her fingers and flicked the switch. A gigantic fireball burst out of the edge of the Island as the front doors of The Hall of Champions exploded open. Once the smoke cleared and the sprinklers had done their work, the hall was flooded with the creatures David had brought forth; they began to create their standing point a place they could hold while they began to take their new army from the innocents housed at Champion Island.

Grinning she spun on her heel with a wiggle of her hips “Now my little heroes, while one of your leaders attacks over there” she raised a pale hand to point at Edward as he battled the hordes of vampires that kept coming at him “We’ll just make ourselves comfortable here” pointing at the Hall of Champions “but we really need you all to look over there” she yelled, as she slammed her hand onto the other switch, blasting the doors off of Champion Tower wide open, glass thundering everywhere, bypassing all the specialised tech that had not been updated since Mistress Redhead monitored the island. Someone had given them the coordinates to disable the entire tech, but Lillith rather liked a big boom. All of this was to get the attention they needed, it was time they needed. The vampires were like rats, once they got in you had to work damn hard to get them out again, once they began to feed, and create there was no way the heroes could remove them. David only needed a window of time to do what was needed before they would take this place and make it the island of blood.

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Am thinking of creating a team/City within CV that is for vampires.. we would set it up much like the Masquerade (have a prince, clans with leaders etc etc) and have it all based within CV as part of the canon but a world within themselves, much like they would be in the real world.

Won't bother setting it up if no one is keen! it would all be in thread interactions, no separate threads for clans etc just all within the same thread. We could play in the real CV world if interested, but it;s mostly just for those of us who love the Masquerade to have a bit of a play :D

Anyone keen? If so, we can start working out who is who and who is within what clan, then hunker out who is Prince/Princess etc.. if you're keen to play as a vamp and have no idea about the Masquerade world check here

(This is MR btw)

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“Do ya’ll know that song, that one that starts with the doobedoowap? Oh I am sure you do, it’s that one they used in that movie” the blade glinted in the light as the female vampires heavy boots danced around the tree’s “Lilly honey, you’ve got to give us more information that that, seriously” the other vampires sitting around the fire watched as the youngest member of their group alleviated her boredom slicing lengths of skin off the boy they had captured from a house inside Champion City. The tower housing the great heroes hovered high above the vast city below, it’s skyline shone in the dark night, their power and peaceful lore a lions roar that guarded their people below. Well, at least they thought it did. Hidden from the hatred that had its hold over the rest of the world, the heroes thought they had built a safe home for their families. And it had been, until now.

The blood from the youth’s wounds was being collected below in an elaborate system of vials and tubes invented by the vampire herself. Frowning dramatically she sighed as she peeled the strip of flesh down further allowing for the organs below to be exposed helping the blood flow faster “I just can’t remember more than that, why is it that the older we get the harder it is to recall memories from our human lives?” The other vamps just watched her work, there was no answer to that question.

Lillith was a throwback to her age as a human, she was turned in the 1930’s a chorus girl for Fat Sam’s she had been on the road to being a star. She was tough and a little bit off centre with the voice of an angel. Having been turned by an ancient vampire who was a fan of her singing, he had added her to his sick collection. She had been kept prisoner for the first 10 years of her life as a vampire, her sire a sadistic and twisted master. Forcing her to be one of his pets, his collection of girls who would perform their art for his pleasure, at all other times they were kept in cages suspended from the ceiling, thrown small animals to feed on. Rescued when the Authority discovered his behaviour she was rehabilitated and taught how to be a vampire by a member of the Camarilla, only to turn against her handler when she discovered the truth of their dark father Caine and connected with David and his plans.

Turning towards the sound of music coming from an event somewhere below in Champion City she crouched near the fire, bored with playing with the body. “I hate having to wait” she murmured as several of the others frowned at her, shocked at their lieutenants expression of annoyance at their leader. An upstart of a vampire stood above her quickly his movements faster than light as he grabbed her arm and hissed in her face. “We wait Lillith, David has given us our orders, you will follow them without discourse” sitting himself back down with pride the others watched as she rose, her eyes black with the blood lust that had risen, lunging for him she grabbed his hair and ripped his head from his body before he even had time to blink, holding the head close to her face she whispered “I really dislike a fella who can’t control his urges” Dropping the head on the ground she swept her eyes across the other vamps who were crouching around the fire, hissing slightly their own blood lust risen. One by one they stepped back off the edge and sat around the fire, a ghoul moved forward from the darkness of the tree’s and picked up the legs of the dead vampire, dragging him to the back of the woods.

The feint rustling of a body being disposed rose from the woods as the crackling fire began to die, the muffled sounds of the night were silenced by a piercing sound coming from inside Lilly’s pocket. With a smile that revealed the white fangs she picked up the mobile phone and looked at the screen “It’s go time boys” she cried as the vampires swiftly moved toward Champion City as weeks of planning and procedures would be finally put in place. Each vampire had their targets; each member of the Champion squad would soon meet their immortal death.

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@Olympian_Champion: PRETTY GOOD? it was awesome :P

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Bring it donor boy.

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@Mercy_ said:

@Kurrent: So would it be okay of I sent someone of the Pack after you? I'm running out of objectives for my team. lol
Whisper, please

Why not let the other children play dear ;)