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Arthur Curry's fishsack, that was close! 0

I'll admit my bias right away, I'm a big fan of the Secret Six and Gail Simone. However, with recent issues I've started to lose interest and faith in the characters. I'm really glad I decided to stick around, though, because Simone really managed to collect all the frazzled pieces and stick them back together in a fun and tactful way.  Good Things:  I was really getting sick of Black Alice. I went from liking her (from when she appeared in Birds of Prey) to really finding her irritating (recent...

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Just Whelmed... 4

I really enjoy Batman Beyond and this mini series has been fantastic, but the ending was rather disappointing.  Good Things: I really liked the story, lots of twists and turns and it was really fun to read and try to figure out.  Bad Things: I really wish I didn't have so many complaints. The ending really seemed forced. Lots of expository dialogue that was jumbled and scenes that seemed almost dedicated to what the character was saying instead of their actions. Considering the nice and methodic...

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Lovely 0

I love the Power Pack. I really didn't used to, but, well, I guess they've grown on me. I especially love the newer revamped stuff. It is really awesome, with GuriHiru's artwork being my favourite. The Power Pack are explained in a fun and thoughtful way with Fred Van Lente writting scripts that are friendly for all ages, not too babyish or too old. I have always, more or less, understood the origins of the Power Pack, but the Day One story explains on a new level. With each member contributing ...

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