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  • She has been alive since 1460. On her 19th birthday Catherine Drew was given extraordinary powers and two powerful books. The Book of Haine (Hatred) and the Book of Lost Souls. Both too dangerous in the wrong hands. She weilds the powers of Dark Force Magic and the Seven Souls of Darkness. Her incantations are all powerful and she is a force to be reckoned with. Beware the Spectora.

  • When she nearly died in a hit and run the Asgardian Gods took pity on her and granted Jen another chance at life. She came back to Earth with no memories of her previous life and with the powers of a god. She used her powers to do good in the mortal world, taking after Thor. Jen was always welcomed into Asgarde with open arms, though she never really felt at home there. As "Lady Thor" (a name given to her by the media) Jennifer fought mostly monsters, but enjoyed beating humans too.