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Super Name: LightBright

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 120lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Pilot

Super Power Origin: Magic

Place of Birth: Victoria, BC

Name: Katherine Patricia Belmont

Group Affiliations: Omega Justice (Space Station)

First Appearance: June 6, 2008

Family: Craig Belmont (father); Julia Belmont (mother); Kyle Belmont (brother; deceased)

The Balance

The Original Balance
The Original Balance

Long ago there was nothing but darkness and the evil that filled the shadows. There was nothing but fear and hatred in the world. Knowing that nothing could ever grow or prosper in such a world a group of ancient beings, almost as old as time itself, gathered to change the world for the better.

They called themselves the Order of the Night and vowed to hold the Balance between Dark and the newly found Light. Together the six of them held the world in a sacred peace until eventually they themselves grew too old to directly hold the tentative Balance. The time had come for them to choose a new Balance, someone pure of spirit and full of compassion.

A young woman was chosen, long before she was even born. Rya Kato's fate was decided for her before she even took her first breath. Her parents proudly gave her up to the six ancient ones. To become the true Balance she was to be kept away from everyone except the six and her personal guard. She was trained until she proved her worth to the cause and she was kept pure. That meant that Rya would forever be isolated and never allowed to love. The Balance could never show bias, which eliminated love for any one person.

Love, however, can not be controlled no matter how many shackles are chaining down the heart. Rya did eventually fall in love with a man named James, her personal guard and trainer. Meeting as secretively as possible, thinking they were floating just under the radar of the six ancient ones, the two fell more and more in love each day. For a long time they were overlooked by the six, who had more important matters to attend to. The relationship was kept completely secret until Rya became pregnant.

Though the ancient ones could be fooled, they were not stupid. They knew Rya was pregnant and she was to be punished. James was executed for his treachery right in front of his lover. It was then ordered that upon birth the baby would also be killed so that Rya might become pure once more. Full of hate and blind fury Rya managed to use all of her learned skills to escape the Order.

After the disappointment of their first attempt at finding a Balance the Order of the Night faded with time, until they became nothing more than mere legends.

Out of the Darkness

Over time Darkness would once again become a powerful force of oppression and fear. The Order, however, remained dormant, sensing that, even after thousands of years, no one worthy of becoming the Balance lived...

When Katherine Belmont was ten years old her twin brother, Kyle, fell down a set of stairs. With her brother in a coma, Kate suddenly felt very alone in the world. It felt like she'd lost a part of her soul. Little did she know that her sudden loss would shape her entire future.

Kate celebrated her fifteenth birthday at the hospital to be near her brother. Just as she blew out the candles a whirlwind swept up and catapulted her in the middle of the sacred temple of the Order of the Night. Terrified and confused Kate desperately tried to escape only to find every exit blocked off. Seeing a young girl in their presence, after thousands of years, also alarmed the six who had been under the impression that there would no Balance. Fate, it seemed, had different plans.


Once they finally managed to calm Kate down enough the Order explained why she has been chosen. She was being of pure heart and intention, able make unbiased decisions and do whatever was necessary to ensure that neither Darkness nor Light had more power than any other force. Skeptical, Kate begrudgingly agreed to let the Order train her for one day before she made her ultimate choice.

Suddenly Kate was empowered. After years of sadness and suffering she finally found that she was able to feel free again. She felt capable of anything, finding that she could fight, move faster than ever before, and had immeasurable strength.

At midnight exactly, the fun had to come to an end and Kate had to choose. Would she return to her old life of mourning and tedium or embrace her new found destiny? Thinking of Kyle brought a heaviness to her heart, but perhaps with the powers promised by the Order she would somehow be able to restore him and give him back the life he'd missed out on.

Finally she agreed and Kate was empowered by the terrific might of the Balance. The powers were, however, far too much for her too handle and Kate blacked out, remembering nothing of her time with the Order or her fate.

A New Life

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Waking up alone on a desert island Kate could remember nothing but her first name. She learned very quickly how to take care of herself. However, she was unafraid of the strange new world. It wasn't long until she came to realize that she had a very deep connection to the natural world. In the water she could swim to any depth and hold her breath for hours. She could communicate with the animals and plants around her and even the weather seemed to bend to her will at times.

After a few months a small cruise ship decided to stop at the island to give the tourists a chance to stretch their legs. It didn't take long for the crew to stumble across Kate's humble home.

Unwilling to leave it took nearly an hour to drag her onto the boat. Ultimately she was locked in the storage room to be dealt with by the Captain later.

With nothing to go on but her first name there was not much anyone could do to find Kate's home. She ended up in foster care, living with a family in Los Angeles. Her new lasted exactly one month. Kate could not resist the call of the natural world and she ran away.

Kate made it to San Francisco on what little money she had. She managed to get a job and make a new life for herself, one that felt right. She found a certain balance. In private she practiced her powers, creating solid objects from light, becoming intangible, and even flying. Still it was the water and land that made her feel the most powerful. Little did she know that soon she would have to put those powers to the test...

A Goddess Is Born

Across the world both the Dark and Light entities were growing in power, sensing the return of the Balance. Both knew that in order to be the most powerful force the equalizer had to die. The Light, however, was an entity of peace and life and therefore it's host had to be an innocent soul. All other times a newborn baby would suffice, but this time the search was on for an older, more powerful being.

The Dark entity didn't need to go through so much trouble. Finding a host instantly, the evil entity began the search for the Balance.

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Meanwhile Kate was finally becoming competent with her powers. They soon became a part of her everyday life. She started to advocate environmentalism in order to protect her home. As her story became more public it caught the attention of two very important people; the Dark entity and her brother Kyle. Both headed out to find her in San Francisco at the same time.

Kyle arrived first. Meeting his sister for the first time was a pretty amazing surprise. The last time he'd seen her Kate had been in pigtails.

Just as she had felt the connection to the earth, Kate found a connection with her brother, who she was meeting for the first time.

The happy reunion was cut short, however, by the arrival of the Dark entity. Every inch of Kate's being told her that the seemingly innocent person was evil. That she had to kill or be killed. In order to protect herself and her brother Kate decapitated the host, forcing the entity from the body.

Shocked and terrified Kyle ran away leaving Kate to wonder what she had done wrong.

The Light entity, in the meantime, had found a fairly reasonable host, and upon discovering Kate's horrendous act decided it was time to confront the Order of Six about their mistake.

Getting Schooled

Outraged by the idea that their one true Balance was running around decapitating innocent people the Order of Six decided to act immediately. This could not come at a worse time for Kate. Desperately trying to find her brother and explain her actions she was in no mood to meet the up with the nasty little men that ruined her life in the first place. The Six, however, were adamant that she accept their training, the only alternative being that she be terminated herself. Fed up with the politics, Kate agreed to train if the Six allowed her to return home with all her memories intact.

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In order to prove she was worthy of being the Balance, Kate allowed herself to be de-powered before beginning her trials. The Six promised that each trial would be more difficult than the last, but if Kate beat them all she had a chance at real freedom.

Unknown to both the Six and Kate the Light and Dark had struck a pact to ensure that the Balance would not survive the challenges. Fights were rigged, opponents empowered, but in the end Kate managed to beat them all.

For her final test Kate was sent back to earth with no explanation as to what her new task was. The Six had organized that she would have to simply stop an armed robbery, hoping that Kate would manage to show self control. Finding the trial too easy Light and Dark convinced the Six to up the ante by allowing the two of them to create a new obstacle for her to overcome.

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Back on earth Kate was starting to get a little frustrated feeling a little like the Six had lied to her. If her trials were over why couldn't she remember anything? If they were still taking place why was nothing happening?

Feeling betrayed and weak, no longer possessing any of her former powers, Kate was caught off guard by a pack of ravenous demons. Light and Dark thought for certain Kate's demise was at hand and soon they would have no Balance to stand in their way. They were so eager to see the fight they decided to watch from earth. By the time they got there, however, Kate was finishing off the last of their lethal demon troops. Overcome by rage Kate killed both the Light and Dark hosts, but not before warning them that the next time they tried to kill her, she wouldn't let them go so easily.

Having succeed in her trials and proving herself worthy, the Six agreed that Kate would be allowed to return to earth with all her past memories intact and powers.

Pure Intentions

Upon her return to earth Kate made it her mission to find Kyle and make him understand that she was not the person he thought. Now that she could remember her past this quest was much easier and it didn't take her long to find her way home. Things at home were not all that great, though, and Kate found herself at the centre of the blame. Her parents had divorced a while ago and Kyle had run away from home after he found out Kate was missing. Finding no love, or her brother, at home Kate left home again in hope of finding something to give her life meaning.

Losing herself in the city, Kate found herself soon being followed. Not easily fooled she confronted her stalker, surprised to find a business offer instead of a plea for mercy. Apparently the secret government agency known as TASK had been watching her for a while and decided they required her talents for a mission. Kate would have gladly refused if they had not promised her the location of her brother in return for her assistance.

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Paired up with two other agents, Zora and Cole, Kate led the charge on an illegal cloning facility. The mission was successful, but not without it's casualties. Kate, with her new found emotion side couldn't help but pity the thousands of lives that were lost, even if they were nothing but clones.

As promised TASK handed over all the information they had collected on Kyle, but Kate was not quite ready to leave. Part of her felt the desperate need to make up for the harm she had done, and perhaps even fight the evils of the world. Still, she would always remember her deeper nature as the Balance never being able to be either good or bad.


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As a team Zora, Cole, and Kate were unstoppable. They trusted each other and became a family, with Cole and Kate getting even closer. On her nineteenth birthday Cole asked Kate to marry her. The two couldn't have been happier, but Zora was not pleased by the new dynamic. She didn't believe in distractions and refused to have the team compromised in such a way. Zora reported Cole and Kate's union to the head of TASK and they were given an ultimatum: either end the marriage or lose their lives.

Cole and Kate were not so easy to give up on their love. Leaving TASK they agreed to run as far as they had to in order to be free and never look back.

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Enraged by the insubordination TASK sent Zora after her former teammates with orders to kill.

Meanwhile, Dark and Light were watching the Balance waiting for an opportunity to destroy their enemy. Seeing their chance to strike at her heart through those Kate cared about, the entities interfered with Zora's hunt offering their assistance.

With her magical aid it didn't take long for Zora to catch up with Kate and Cole. Heroically Cole sacrificed himself in order to save his wife's life.

Kate tortured the truth out of Zora, ultimately discovering Light and Dark's role in Cole's death. Vowing revenge on both entities, Kate set out to find a way to kill what was unkillable.


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Out for blood, Kate let nothing get in her way. She hunted down every being she could find with any connection to the entities, searching for their earthly hideout.

The Order of Six demanded she stop, but Kate ignored them.

Every clue she found led to a dead end, but Kate continued her search.

Finally, when every resource was dried up, when every option was used, the Light and Dark sent out a personal invitation for Kate to join them at their humble abode.

Arriving unarmed as promised Kate knew that she was most likely not going to survive the battle, but she was more than willing to go out with a fight. Light and Dark, however, had much different plans in mind. Unlike before they did not want to kill Kate, rather they simply wanted to remove the Balance from her and destroy the entity. They believed that without the being inside her Kate would no longer be a threat. If Kate went along with their plan they would leave her alone and bring Cole back from the dead. Wary to trust her enemies so readily, Kate made the entities promise in blood to ensure they would not break their oath.

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The process was painful, but the power of the Balance was ripped from Kate and trapped in a box by the vindictive entities. With the Balance out of the way the truce between Dark and Light ended and a new fight over who would hold the captive Balance began. In the middle of the duel Kate managed to escape.

She ran only to be met by a very angry Order of Six. For giving up the Balance, the one power of keeping Light and Dark at bay, Kate was to be punished in the worst possible way. She was exiled to a plain of existence very few have ever visited, a plain where from which even fewer people have escaped. For her crimes Kate was banished to Limbo.

Queen Of The In Between

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Stranded in a world of darkness Kate was nowhere near afraid. The strength in her soul was more than the Six could have ever imagined and in the realm of eternal darkness it gave her the one ability that kept her sane: the power of light.

Even without the powers she possessed as the Balance, Kate could still hold her own against the creatures that inhabited Limbo. All the while she kept planning a way to escape, a way to get back all that she had lost.

Back in the real world the battle between Light and Dark had escalated. In the midst of the fray the box containing the Balance was badly damaged and the entity managed to escape. Desperate to return to its host the Balance killed itself in order to slip through the cracks and venture into Limbo.

Kate was pleasantly surprised to be reunited with the Balance, the entities powers giving her the abilities she required to leave Limbo behind. Both the Balance and Kate realized returning to earth would be dangerous with Light, Dark, and the Six hunting them, but being stuck in between realities was a far worse fate than death.

What Makes A Hero

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Back on earth Kate found herself constantly fighting for her life. Light and Dark sent endless streams of demons after her, the Six fought her at every turn, and TASK agent Zora continued to act out her vendetta. All the while innocents getting caught up in the crossfire. Unlike before, Kate no longer possessed an apathetic view towards the lives of others. From time to time she even caught herself going out of her way to save someone.

The Balance tried to force her to remain neutral, but Kate's humanity began to shine through. She wanted to do some good to make up for her failings, and she did manage to make the right choice on multiple occasions. Still her morality wavered when she was faced with kill or be killed situations. She still decapitated her enemies, and tortured the information she needed out of lackeys. As much as she wanted to be the hero, Kate knew she was destined to be much more. As the Balance she had to remain a guiding light, the line dividing good and evil.

Even with all the chaos in her life Kate still desired to reconnect with her brother, wanting desperately to make up for her past failings. She could no forget the look he gave her and she could not forgive herself. Kyle managed to stay off of Kate's radar for nearly two years before the Balance gave her a much needed leg-up and sent out a psychic line to connect her to Kyle. Unknown to Kate, the Balance altered Kyle's perception enough to have him disregard all of his sister's past actions. Kate eventually got the happy reunion she had long desired and the Balance got a much more focused host.

The Way Life Is and How It Should Be

Things began to slow down a bit and Kate finally seemed to be within arms reach of the normal life she'd had give up so long ago. She was able to spend more time getting to know Kyle as the attacks from the entities and Zora became fewer and far in between. Even the Order of Six came to accept her once again, finding compassion for her after all her work helping the human race.

Little did Kate know Light and Dark were back to their shaky alliance, once again scheming up new ways to tear down the only powerful obstacle in their way. Since they had failed miserably at killing the Balance they decided to try the next best thing to destroying her. They chose to attack the people she cared about.

Setting their plan into motion Dark and Light separately attacked each of Kate's parents. Leaving Kyle to go and save her parents Kate knew something was wrong the moment she arrived at the mother's house. The Balance was convinced that everything was fine, that the threat of an attack was just a distraction to keep Kate from her duties, but she was not convinced. Instead of returning home right away, Kate kept close to her parents until she was sure they were both safe.

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Meanwhile Light and Dark continued their plans. The plot to attack Kate's parents was indeed a trick as the Balance had deduced. Light and Dark instead focused their attention on Kyle, who had more potential than the Six or even Kate had seen. Because he had been in a coma for so long, he was basically a blank slate for the two entities to work off of. Splitting in half, both Light and Dark took possession of Kyle, terribly fracturing his mental state and nearly killing him. He, however, was not their maine concern. Light and Dark wanted to bargain with Kate once again if they could, and remove the Balance from her permanently.

When Kate found out what the entities had done to her brother she was furious. Unable to fight them without hurting Kyle, Kate knew the only way to save her brother would be to sacrifice her powers once again. The Balance was not in such a giving mood and in a desperate attempt to maintain its host the entity split off a bit of itself in order to fight for possession of Kyle.

While inside the boy's mind the Balance worked with Kyle to beat out the Light and Dark, but it soon became apparent that there was no way they could overpower the ancient powers. Realizing that there was no way out, and understanding the importance of his sister's mission Kyle made the ultimate sacrifice and killed himself, sending both Light and Dark to Limbo. The Balance ensured his soul found peace, but Kate was utterly devastated.

The Fracture Factor

After the death of her brother Kate spiralled downwards drastically. Her life unravelled in ways she could never have foreseen and the world around quite literally started to fall apart. Everywhere she turned she could only see death and destruction. She eventually lost herself in wilds of a Rain Forest, hoping to forget her past and even herself.

The Balance ripped her apart inside, desperate to get her back on track with her mission. Kate refused, shutting herself down physically and mentally. As she refused to move on, the powers of Light and Dark began to reassert themselves in the world, making up for lost time. While Kate hid herself away from the world the two entities tore at each others throats, each desiring ultimate power.

As the war between Light and Dark began to climax, dragging innocent civilians into the middle of the fray, the Order became enraged by Kate's total lack of regard for her duties. But no matter how much the threatened her and begged her, she refused to have anything to do with the entities, the Order, or the magic that had been gifted to her.

Deciding upon drastic measures, the Order did the only thing they could think to, they killed her. Stabbing Kate in the heart with an ancient dagger, the Order watched as the Balance struggled to bring it's host back to life. Unfortunately Kate's spirit had no fight left in it. Unable to let the Balance die (which it would without a host) the Order inserted a lost soul into Kate's body. The new Kate, the one specifically selected by the Order was duty bound, feeling a sense of importance for her cause. She would do what the original Katherine Belmont never could. She could be the real Balance, the real neutral force between Light and Dark and a force to be reckoned with.

Powers and Abilities

Connection to the Natural World

Kate derives many of her powers from the natural world. She is able to commune with plants and animals, and even bend the elements to her will. The more pure the place (i.e. with less people or manmade things) the more powerful Kate becomes. The Balance, however, is intertwined with nature so much that the damage being done to the environment can cause Kate to feel terribly ill and give her extremely headaches.

Limited Telepathy

Kate has a limited telepathic connection to animals, which stems from her link to the natural world. She can communicate more clearly with wild animals than domesticated.

Light and Dark Abilities

As the neutral, equalizing force between Light and Dark, Kate wields the powers of both sides. Through her connection to the Light, Kate can project strong blasts of energy and see the intentions in people's souls. With the Dark abilities, Kate can disappear into the shadows and sometimes even bring a person's worst nightmare to life. The latter is extremely draining and painful.


Through the Balance entity Kate is granted a limited healing ability. She can recover from most wounds that would be considered fatal for an average person. However, she cannot regenerate limbs and her blood may not be used to heal another person.

Death Dealing

On certain occasions Kate is able to see exactly how someone will die. She has never been able to alter the set path. ~Kate prefers to use more traditional means of combat (i.e. guns, swords, hand-to-hand) instead of using her magic. If she can avoid it, she will not use her magic outside of healing herself from time to time.~Combat and Swordsmanship

Kate is a competent fighter and highly skilled with a sword.


Kate is extremely skilled with guns, bow and arrows, and generally anything that requires perfect aim.


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