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Rogue: My favorite character, though she has lost something that made her great to me. I feel like they are trying to hard to make her interesting, let her completely grow up, not be so obsessed with love, and maybe take some time off from the X-Men or something. She also needs to regain super-strength at least. It was ridiculous to remove it, considering her DNA / physiology was changed to have Kree mixed in. After all this time, it was dumb to just say "poof its gone".

Storm: Great character, should probably retire since she isn't doing much theses days.

Jean Grey: I love the character, but sometimes she just isn't written well. When she comes back it needs to be done extremely carefully.

Psylocke: Awesome character, glad they finally started using her correctly. They need to stay away from the whole body swap thing, either combine the bodies or just avoid it all together.

Emma Frost: Great character. Hate that they retconned her being placed in a mental institution origin from Gen X. Also...she isn't going to betray the X-Men, stop talking about it, and actually have her do something instead of standing next to Cyclops and making quips all the time (even infiltrating SHIELD with Danger was boring and she didn't do much). There is a reason she is now a regular people why that is once in a while.

Kitty Pryde: Meh, I understand why people like her, was never my thing.

X-23: I feel she is only written well by certain writers, I like her, but not in every story. Also wish people would stop sexualizing her, the character seems devoid of most feelings, though she is growing, I don't think she is mature enough for that yet.

Dazzler: Great character, but writers use her as a goofball too much. Take her off the team and let her do cameos or actually do something tangible with her.

Rachel Grey: Meh. She isn't Jean, it has been her problem since day one.

Hope: Dis-Like, I hope Jean shows her whats up one day.

Jubilee: Stuck in the past as a teen, now permanently as a Vampire, when all of her other teammates have matured. It's a shame, esp since she could be awesome

Polaris: I love Polaris when she isn't written like a crazy psycho...Can't wait to see her in X-Factor and actually get some decent characterization in. I hope she gets along with Monet.

Magik: She is a great, diverse character, kinda bored with her lately though since all she does is hang with Colossus and teleport everyone.

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In issue 3, Starfire's most cherished memory (where, as a child, she killed one of the Citadel guards for showing compassion) is what caused me to continue reading. Its been since that issue that I have believed that there has always been a plan to fully delve into Starfire's history and personality. She doesn't live in the past, at all, so why would she focus on it. It was stated she doesn't even process memories the same way humans do. For people who gave up on the book, you missed out on the fact that the creative team has slowly been dropping hints about her character and past. I think the book is great and can't wait to see whats next.

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In Generation X and X-Treme X-Men, Emma has been shown to have enough combat skills to hold her own, she just prefers not to do it. I also think she has a number of skills that have not been utilized recently since she became more popular in the main X titles.

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@xerox_kitty: Totally agree, she is supposed to be capable of just about anything!

I just thought there was some connection to the letter and them listing TK in the same issue.

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@xerox_kitty: I honestly think it was put in because a letter was included about this subject in the letters page. It noted that just having the ability to fly doesn't give one precise enough prowess to be able to walk on water. So PAD ultimately concluded it was telekinesis that allowed M to do this, meaning to be so precise in the manifestation of flight, she has to have a little extra to help her.

I don't think all of her powers are psi-based, but if you read PAD's response to the question, it does make it seem that the writers went "hmmm, yea how can we realistically explain that..."

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@Baddamdog: I always thought she should have come back as a hybrid. It was magic and science that caused her to switch bodies, and when the red queen brought her back, she should used magic to combine both her original and Asian body. This way we wouldn't have had to worry about body swapping again in the future and she would have aspects of both bodies, allowing artists to depict her as either more Asian or British depending on their styles. Oh well, I think that ship has sailed lol.

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She is still uber powerful IMO, but her personality seems to prevent her from being a front-line super hero. And I kind of like it that way. She would have been lost in the background of any other x-book.

Plus, I think M was supposed to be at least 1 year older than Jubes in Gen-X. But Jubilee definitely should have aged at least a little, now that she has a vampire they have an excuse not to age her lol

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She demonstrated TK in the alternate future of X-Men: the End.

I agree though, I don't want all her powers to be based off psionics, but I would not mind her having low level Telepathy and low level TK. Her mental capacity may have expanded slightly now that she is getting older and more experienced. Also Beast has indicated before (Don't know where), that Telepathy and TK are very similar in nature, and psychics have potential to access both, but mental blocks generally prevent them from doing so. This was also used to explain why Emma has previously been noted to have Telekinetic potential

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@Thunderscream said:

The thing I liked about Psylocke was, despite the fact that she wasn't the most powerful psychic, her physical prowess made her all the more formidable. Making her an Omega is pish-posh....and what I don't get is that Remender didn't even mention the death seed amplifying her powers, he said it had to do with AoA Jean's intervention...prompting the giant butterfly which looked a helluva lot like the Phoenix symbol, to which I cry a big fat BOOOOOOOOO!

I'd rather (and I know this has already been done on numerous occasions with Betsy) that the death seed awakened a new, deadlier ability within her, like a psionic scimitar that had more damaging affects on her opponents...then she could dawn a cape reminiscent of her Australian Outback days and deal with the darkness in her for a while. I dunno, making her an Omega just seems like a bit of a cop-out.

Completely agree. QFT

Also does she have a psychic link with Brian? Remender recently stated that "Betsy could no longer tamp down her psychic link with Brian, so their connection was re-connected, and Brian ended up seeing what Betsy had been doing, and what she is doing."

I never even knew she had such a powerful psychic link with her brothers.

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@pixelized: lol I liked what this guy said about it. Even though it was awful writing, it can still technically be used, but its probably best to just ignore it.

@jcbart said:

I like to theorise that this can actually canonically hold some weight. Claremont increased Betsy's powerset a considerable amount when Jamie resurrected her, but then Matt Fraction went and bloody disregarded everything Claremont spent a good few years building up by brainwashing her and giving her telepathy again and mashing everything together to suit his storyline.

Enter Remender, who's been building Psylocke back from the ground up. You could say that her potential that Jamie granted her was blocked somehow with all the interdimensional traversing, and that the Death Seed was able to unlock this again since it allows its avatar their true potential. Then Jean defeated the Death persona and thus allowed Betsy her full power again.