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"Uncanny" by Soren Holst

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Superheroes. Metahumans. Mutants. Extranormals. New Gods. The future. Whatever you might call them, metahumans have been part of every facet of our daily lives since the dawn of mankind, whether we've known it or not. Be they colorful or shadowy, benevolent or sinister, famous or secret, extranormal entities have irrevocably shaped human history, and will continue to do so. In an effort to record and understand them, I found it prudent to author the very novel you're reading right now - be it a physical copy or a digital one - in order to, as accurately as possible, convey both the majesty and terror which accompanies these colorful characters.

The world is strange.

Let's make some sense of it.

Table of Contents

Pg. 1 - Genesis: The Origin and Definition of the Superman

Pg. 15 - Exodus: Metahumans in Antiquity

Pg. 34- Holy Cow! : The Black Bat and other Early Vigilantes

Pg. 65 - Fire in the Sky: World War II and the coming of Thee Champion

Pg. 81 - The Silver Age and "Superheroics"

Pg. 102 - "God hates mutants" : The Mutant Civil Rights Movement and Species-based Discrimination

Pg. 112 - The Dark Years: Genetic Wars and Venezuelan Holocaust

Pg. 129- Law and Order: Metahumans and Public Policy

Pg. 160 - Money Talks: How Metas have changed the Economy

Pg. 204 - Executive Power: Metahumans in Office and the Empire Crisis

Pg. 247 - Profit and Progress: Maverick Incorporated and other Megacorporations

Pg. 289 - The nGod Epidemic and other Environmental Changes

Pg. 300 - Extraterrestrials and Earth: The Center of Universal Conflict

Pg. 340 - Antibodies! : The Bulwark Theory

Pg. 412 - Epilogue

About the Author

Dr. Soren Holst is a Danish author who attended Oxford University in 1992. He earned a Ph.D in Superhuman Studies in the following year, and is now considered one of the foremost experts on the metahuman condition. He currently resides in Switzerland with his wife and two dogs. When he isn't touring the world or participating in interviews, Soren is investing in gold and financing the construction of a fully stocked bomb shelter for himself and his family. He suggests all his readers do the same.

And of course, none of that is true. Soren never went to Oxford, nor does he possess a Ph.D, a wife, or two dogs.

His real name is von Lichter.