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Lichter's Journal: On Bows and Arrows

2016: Journal 7: Observations Entry 19 : On Bows and Arrows

Long have I been equal parts perplexed and impressed by the prominent resurgence of bow technology. I have encountered in my miscellaneous misadventures no less than three bow-users who proved not only competent with this archaic weapon, but highly effective, capable of neutralizing nearly any target in their path with a well-placed shot. What is it about such primitive weapons that is so appealing? Why are they more impressive than firearms? Of course, it's possible I underrate these archers, for their ammunition is beyond conventional. Indeed, many boast an entire arsenal of arrows at their disposal, each suited to a particular task.

An astonishing example of said spectacular versatility is the weapon of Shogun Ivana of Venezuela. From what I've gleaned as a result of looking at her quiver (as well as conducting general research), Ivana possesses numerous unique arrows that are capable of neutralizing opponents with a simple draw of the string. Moreover, her arms dealer exhibits equal degrees of both technical prowess and artistry, with explosive, fragmentation, and even EMP arrowheads seamlessly crafted into efficient, accurate weapons. I even spotted what appeared to be a grappling hook attached to one. And let's not forget the nuclear arrowhead, which I made startlingly exciting use of in the Colombia incident.

The Obsidian Archer is another bowman whose prowess with the weapon continues to flummox me. Also making use of such "trick" arrowheads, he was famous within the first League of Shadows for his efficiency. A great degree of stealth is indeed afforded whilst wielding such a weapon, but how clumsy it must be! To fumble with the bowstring, to conceal arrows under one's belt or in one's quiver...such frustration they must feel! The Dark Knight, of course, was a said to be a traditionalist, and perhaps his archery skills are a way of honoring those before him. Nevertheless, I was puzzled when I saw him draw his bow in conjunction with Abigail Aensland.

Oh, Abigail Aensland. Dare I say the pinnacle of grace with regards to such a weapon? On her own, she cleared a room full of automated turrets with the draw of two arrows (right after I got a bullet in the chest, but still). Her calling card will always be the bow, and like the others, she makes use of technologically-advanced arrows, but there is something so wonderful about watching the woman eliminate a threat with such an ancient weapon. In an effort to understand these artistic weapons, I've decided to take it upon myself to practice with one, and perhaps develop a new kind of bow for use in my misadventures (I've included an image of it below). Maybe Abigail and I can practice archery together! I'll pick it up in no time.

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2016: Journal 7: Observations Entry 20

Bows are stupid and useless.