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Lichter's Arcanery (Ever-Expanding)

The Arsenal Magus

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Having completed the trials of the legendary Sorcerer Supreme tournament and emerged victorious alongside his newfound ally, Klaus used the knowledge afforded to him by this success in conjunction with his octarine-manipulating gauntlets to concoct a variety of potent incantations. Isolating the elements of energy manipulation commonly referred to as magic and calibrating his gauntlets to affect these components of reality. Whereas most telekinetics operate in conventional 3-D space, Lichter can affect energy differentials in a 4-D manner, shunting particles in and out of spatial presence through the careful alteration of quantum formulas. This enables him to directly violate the laws of conservation of mass and energy, conjuring power sources or even sheer matter from what seems to be nothing. By combining this ability to alter the conventional laws of physics with calculated formulas for specific results, Lichter can produce a variety of otherwise scientifically impossible outcomes. By one's conventional knowledge of science, these feats are impossible, yet to a "wizard," they are mundane. This intense study of the metaphysical and so-called sorcery is what makes Lichter the first artificial magus, one whose arsenal is limited only by his knowledge of chemistry and physics. Due to constant exposure to octarine energy, Klaus can solve magical formulas and cast spells without the use of his technology; however, it serves to facilitate the process.

Spells may be spoken aloud or performed silently. Studies suggest that vocalizing the intended effect or name of the invocation will improve chances of success.

Lichter's repository of potent spells is referred to as the Arcanery, a codex compiling the collection of his most powerful combinations of energy manipulation. The ability to subtract or add particles to a mass at will is his most basic magical ability, one which enables him to chemically alter virtually any substance at will by forcing a change to its atomic makeup. For more complicated enchantments, Klaus requires a set of formulas, which are commonly referred to by mages as spells. These spells create a combination of energy alterations so potent that they appear entirely to be tricks of summoning or resurrection, rather than simply imbuing elements of reality with energy or subtracting it. A list of recurring spells is readily available to Klaus, both stored within the heads-up display of his helmet as well as in the process of being memorized. The most commonly used ones follow, as well as the most interesting.

"Conflagrate [X 2H2(g) + O2(g) → 2H2O(g) + Y, where X is particles introduced and Y is additional concussive force introduced post-reaction]."

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By agitating certain particles to generate a combustion reaction and applying a degree of telekinetic force as well, Lichter can develop and blast intense constructs of heat. This pure flame can take the shape of anything Klaus envisions, from a basic ball of self-burning flame to a ray of energized thermal force. The intensity of the heat is a variable which can be determined by Lichter himself, adding or subtracting from the movement of the particles comprising the blaze to either slow the fire or amplify it. By continually managing the particles of these fires, Klaus can render them chemically inextinguishable, or convert them into chemical fires such as chlorotrifluoride infernos, represented by (3 F2 + Cl2 → 2 ClF3). Because Lichter can directly affect the level of protons of an atom, he can determine the type of element it is, enabling him to convert compounds into virtually any substance given enough time and focus. This field of magic is typically referred to as alchemy. These blazes are extraordinarily difficult to extinguish and can be used in conjunction with Lichter's telekinetic might to devastating effect.

"Rust [X 4Fe + 3O2 → 2Fe2O3, where X is particles introduced and Fe is a variable based on target]."

Rust in a traditional sense is the product of a chemical oxidation reaction, which causes an iron mass to disintegrate over time. However, due to Lichter's potential to alter the elements comprising matter via the introduction of protons to the nucleus, he can effectively develop extraneous chemical reactions based off of the original formula for rust. In short, by bombarding a target with an array of summoned protons, Lichter can cause any metal substance to become rusted, converting the very mass into orange-red dust regardless of chemical resistance or preventive measures. By doing so, he can essentially dissolve any iron-based weapon or paraphernalia on a whim, or alter the formula slightly to affect other metals. The introduction of water or steam accelerates this process, and may be generated via magic prior to the initiation of the attack.

"Duplicate [Ψ(x,t) = Acos(kx-ωt) = Aei(kx-ωt) + X, where X is Duplicates]."

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Lichter possesses the ability to conceive a quantum duplicate of matter with common frequency, replacing conventional space with a mass approximating the properties of that object. This ability to instantly duplicate matter runs contrary to the law of conservation of mass, as well as the law of conservation of energy; the defiance of these basic universal axioms is what separates the nature of Lichter's power from advanced science, carrying instead over into the realm of mysticism. Through the manipulation of Schrodinger's equation and the addition of malleable energy, Lichter can conventionally duplicate matter. The fortitude of these duplicates, as well as their longevity, is determined by the level of focus Lichter puts into creating new forces. Lichter can even duplicate himself in this manner, albeit impermanently.

"Hold [No equation]."

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Lichter's capability to use telekinesis has been amplified tenfold by his affiliation with the Sorcerers Supreme. By refining his concentrated energy through the use of a focus object, such as his gauntlets, Klaus can refine his telekinetic prowess on levels approaching microscopic. The ability to intersperse his non-EM influence with multitasking enables Lichter to pick up or pick apart specific targets with ease. Lichter can create a telekinetic field around a subject which specifically attracts the components of specific technology, such as screws, bolts, nuts, gears, wires, and use this field to disassemble or reassamble complicated technology. This demands focus, but is a potent method of neutralizing dangerous foes. Lichter can also suspend objects in place, neutralizing the effect of gravity on them temporarily by applying negative energy to the gravitons put off by a specific mass. This in particular is an extremely effective method of nullifying threats posed by superhumanly strong foes, who cannot resist a simple neutralization of gravity. Many a foe have found themselves simply floating helplessly in mid-air in the face of Klaus' mystic might. Lichter can also manipulate weaponry in this manner, sending specific armament after foes via sheer will alone. Lichter can use this ability on himself to simulate flight.

"Freeze [S = -k·[Pilog(Pi) - X, where X is intensity]."

Lichter can reduce the frequency of atomic resonance in order to slow matter, replicating the effects of "coldness" upon matter. In doing so he can cause frost to develop on any given surface, reducing the motion of particles to such an extent that he can almost reach absolute zero. Given enough time, theoretically, this could be achieved. The intensity of the spell can be adjusted to the point that it is merely chilling a drink, or entirely halting the movement of a fired projectile. It is essential to understand that Lichter's use of this invocation results not only in a reduction of temperature, but in the actual motion of matter.

"Doorway [ds2=−eΦ(r)dt2+11−b(r)rdr2+r2(dθ2+sin2θdϕ2) + Coordinates]."

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Through careful application of spatial energies in conjunction with a strong ring of gravitational force, Lichter can tear open rifts in space-time, generating wormholes at specific locations leading to other areas. This enables Klaus to essentially teleport matter across vast distances with little to no trouble, using only approximate knowledge of universal coordinates in conjunction with this powerful gravitational ability. These glowing portals serve as entrances to alternate locations, "pinching" space so as to nullify distance. Typically the effects of pressure, atmospheric hazard, and gravitational force are nullified prior to the opening of the portal, so as to prevent spatial collapse or depressurization of a safe room. This, however, can be nullified, enabling Lichter to force other objects through portals. These doorways take a degree of focus to generate and maintain.

The size of these portals is variable and can be determined by Lichter prior to or during their creation.

"Tumult [∂2χ∂t2=∂2χ1∂t2+∂2χ2∂t2. + / - X, where X is decibel level]."

Lichter can generate and manipulate sound waves in three-dimensional space. The intensity of these waves as well as their specific direction are variables which might be controlled specifically, ranging from basic cones of noise to solid sound-constructs which might persist in the environment they are created in. Devastating sonic booms might be used aggressively to debilitate foes and devastate Lichter's surroundings, a deafening blast of force shattering glass and rupturing organs. Lichter can also use focused soundwaves to disrupt a foe's equilibrium, a power particularly effective against enemies with superhuman senses. Finally, Lichter might reverse the process, actually reducing or even nullifying sound in a given environment.

"Delve [No Equation]."

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Lichter might use mysticism to probe the nature of his surroundings, analyzing the makeup of a subject on every level ranging from atomic to the supernatural. When technology fails, a careful analysis of an object's metaphysical nature can reveal secrets unreachable by conventional means. Requiring a direct line of sight with the examined object, Klaus can summon a refraction-producing octarine "eye" construct, adding a filter to his human vision which might be altered on a whim. Klaus can use this filter to examine his surroundings on the basis of heat intensity, light, sound, soul, and chemical makeup, as well as any other element of a perceptional spectrum he might conceive of. The key limitation is that using this power requires Lichter to remove any obstruction between his own eyes and the eyeball construct. Regardless, it proves a potent tool for investigation, or for revealing unseen foes.

The art of delving can reveal the past of an object based on its presence throughout the conceivable timeline. An object's owner might be discerned via the psionic presence imprinted upon it, an aura left behind should it have belonged to a mystic or otherwise non-normal being. Delving can be interrupted, however, and is often used non-aggressively. However, aggressive delving is an option, and can be used to read emotions, or even, theoretically, actual thoughts.

"Thrive [No Equation]."

A potent incantation which amplifies a biological organism's natural strengths, as well as empowers them temporarily, this spell bombards carbon-based tissues with a combination of life-giving nutrients and mutation-causing radiation. The ultranutrients ensure that only beneficial mutations will be accepted, rapidly evolving an organism through a means of accelerated destruction and re-healing as well as extreme nutrition. This ability can be used on nearly any living organism to amplify its physical characteristics or traits, selectively adjusting elements of an organism's biology. This can range from size to intelligence to viciousness, enabling the user to breed any possible life-form by consistent application of radio-mutation and nutrition. This can be used on plants, animals, and fungi.

"Seize [No Equation]."

Lichter can analyze and possibly replicate the mystical or even technological signature of a specific target, repossessing the spell and adding it to the Arcanery for future use. Lichter can replicate most conventional spells by focusing on the magus who previously invoked a new effect. The ability to seize a spell's signature is reliant on the ability for Lichter to have line-of-sight with the target as well as a degree of knowledge as to what took place. Using this ability in conjunction with Delve and Duplicate can enable Lichter to repossess entire methods of combat or discovery, then improve upon them over time.

"Uplift. [No Equation]."

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Lichter can imbue prepared non-living entities with souls, bringing previously inorganic objects to life. Uplifting is a highly involved process, a resource-demanding ability which creates an artificial life-force for further use. This malleable soul can then be implanted within a prepared repository, a dead entity which then takes on a life of its own. This can be used to resurrect corpses, but this despicable practice is not condoned nor used by the Arsenal Magus. Klaus has, however, imbued suits of armor and gargoyles with basic sentience, directing them to work to his ends. Lichter can also sculpt bodies for minions of this variety from rock and soil, then imbue them with pre-prepared life-forces. The use of this ability is accompanied by a magenta hue, a distinctive aura present in the uplifted target before the effects can fully become known.

"Spectrewalk [No Equation]."

Lichter vibrates his molecules at a highly specific frequency, temporarily passing from the physical realm into an ethereal one. His consciousness remains behind, translucent and intangible, a simulacrum of his previous position. Lichter's density reverts to zero, rendering him capable of passing through solid objects as if they had not been there at all. The appearance of his spectre, as he calls the remnant left behind embodying his mind, can vary, being either identical to his normal appearance or taking on a ghost-like, clear frame. Maintaining this form can prove dangerous, as there is a risk that he might de-anchor from the regular plane if he cannot maintain control over his power. As such, this powerful ability is used less frequently.