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Ultimate Justice League

The Justice League is the ultimate superhero team and the following would be my dream team. Some may argue over the Justice League being the ultimate league but I'm not debating that here. I was inspired by a fellow contributor and I had to make my own dream team. I put no restrictions on my team except that they had to work together. I needed a leader and so on. I considered different time lines, villains and even characters who may have died. I even considered Characters from other universes like Marvel. I just chose not to use them. I chose ten members to have a nice round number.

List items

  • Guy Gardner is the ultimate foil. He keeps everyone in check or rather everyone keeps him in check

  • Booster is the man from the future. Besides being egotistical and money driven he is also a bit of a sad sack. Things just don't go well for Booster due to his personality. However the situations he gets himself into add many humerus stories.

  • I do like the new Blue Beetle but for my money Ted Kord is the best. Ted would be the Beetle I would have in my league. He is the scientific mind to my league and he has the uber-cool Bug ship for the league to get from place to place.

  • Yes, I know Harley Quinn is the Joker's sidekick but when written like her original concept in Batman: the Animated series she has an unbelievable charm. The darker comic book version wouldn't work as well. Although she is pretty cool so far in Gotham City Sirens. In my league Harley would be the reformed villain. Much like when she helped Batman in the DC Animated Universe. Think of her as a charter with an addiction to crime or the Joker and the League looks after her as she tries to kick the habit. She will however keep the charm from the cartoon that all of us love so much.

  • The show Justice League Unlimited showed how cool the Question could be. Of course I would have The original Question and not the Rene version. His over the top and usually correct paranoia adds a vast amount of levels to the heroes villains and stories.

  • Ragman is rarely written about in a way that shows how cool and interesting he really is. His rags holding the evil souls of criminals adds the dark element to the league.

  • Ice is the sweetest charter in the DC Universe. I'm guessing she it the sweetest charter ever. With the exception of maybe having a craving for seal meat (unconfirmed) she wouldn't hurt a fly. She is the soul of my league.

  • You cannot have Ice without Fire. Fire is the big sister for Ice. (Not literally) She also adds a little sultriness to the league.

  • Captain Atom is a real U.S. Military Captain unlike many heroes and villains. That is why he is my leader. He has also been a Justice League Leader and can put the hammer down when he needs too. He is also extremely powerful, rivaling even Superman. I would however change his look. Getting rid of the gloves and boots and making his containment suit all silver with the red logo.

  • Maxima is another of my power houses. A leader of a whole planet she is a strong female hero and they are rare. I like the idea that she would be one of the toughest people in my league. Wonder Woman would just make the league too busy with her adventures like a Superman or Batman. I like the league having their own stories instead of being a group of sidekicks to a "Superman" Maxima also has a short temper and will be quick to fight.