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Top 100 Starfleet Favorites

This is not done give me some time.  I have only put Starfleet characters on this list.  In other-words they must have worn a Starfleet uniform on a Starleet mission.  This means characters like the Maquis who served aboard Voyager would count.
I would have added Vorik and characters from the Enterprise series but, they don't have character pages yet.  There is not much of an order yet either,but they are in somewhat of an order.  I have been really going thought the Star Trek Comics and entering the great ones as I notice they are missing.  I will go back and put them in better order later.
When the list is done it will be a top 100 but there is only 102 on comicvine so far.  This will change as I edit all the Star Trek books that have almost no information. 

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